2010 fall semester, mon4 elective course for freshmen in humanities, education, or law E315 English III introductory 1 Helping people 2010-10-04 course

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<ul><li><p>English III introductory 1Helping people2010-10-04 course overview2010 fall semester, mon4 elective course for freshmen in humanities, education, or law E315</p></li><li><p>informed consentgoh: distribute formsyour speech and actions may be recorded, archived and, without revealing your identity, used and made public for research and education purposes</p></li><li><p>welcome to goh's gymgoh kawainoriko kawainobuyasu obatayuka wakatsukichifumi gotocall everybody by their first name</p></li><li><p>instructorGoh Kawai ( )born in Tokyo, raised in Torontocame to Sapporo in 2003-04contact infomailto:mon4@kawai.com http://goh.kawai.com/http://goh.cll.hokudai.ac.jp/</p></li><li><p>class and office hour schedulecheck web for latest info!</p></li><li><p>gohs academic backgroundUniversity of TokyoBA linguistics, 1984ICU (International Christian University)MA educational technology, 1986Stanford Universitylinguistics (dropout)University of TokyoPhD information and communication engineering, 1999</p></li><li><p>gohs vocational backgroundXerox Palo Alto Research Center Palo Alto, CASRI International Menlo Park, CAUniv of Tokyo Tokyo, JapanUniversity of California Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CAOregon Graduate Institute Beaverton, ORUniversity of Antwerp Antwerp, Belgium</p></li><li><p>gohs interestsresearcheducational engineeringspeaking and writing activities in computer-aided language learningpersonal interestsflying, boating, kayaking, cycling, running, snowshoeing</p></li><li><p>all-English classwe talk mostly in Englishno Japanese!you may ask questions in Japanesefor starters:shake handssay hellointroduce yourself</p></li><li><p>find a partnertake turns being Mark and June</p></li><li><p>American formal handshakestandsmileoffer right handgrip firmlyshake twicerelease griplower arm</p></li><li><p>say helloMark(SMILES AT JUNE) (OFFERS RIGHT HAND) Hi, I'm Mark.June(SMILES AT MARK) Hello, I'm June. (GRIPS MARK'S HAND)Mark(SHAKE) Nice to meet you, June.June(SHAKE) Nice to meet you, Mark. (RELEASE GRIP) (LOWER ARMS)say the other person's name</p></li><li><p>introduce yourselfMark(SMILES AT JUNE) Where are you from, June?June(SMILES AT MARK) I'm from Thailand. I'm here on vacation.Mark (SMILES AT JUNE) That sounds wonderful! I'm a student here at Hokudai.June(SMILES AT MARK) What does Hokudai mean, Mark? Mark (SMILES AT JUNE) It's short for Hokkaido University.say the other person's name</p></li><li><p>ask questionsJune(SMILES AT MARK) What are you studying?Mark(SMILES AT JUNE) I'm an undeclaredhumanities major. educationlawJune (SMILES AT MARK) What does that mean?Mark(SMILES AT JUNE) It means that I'm a humanities major but haven't chosen a specific area of study.June (SMILES AT MARK) It must be exciting deciding what to do!match!</p></li><li><p>a few words and phrasesWhat year are you in?I'm afreshmanfirst-year master studentsophomoresecond-year master studentjuniorfirst-year PhD studentseniorpostdoc</p><p>What's your major?I'm undeclared.I'm an undeclared humanities major.I'm inlinguisticsGerman literatureschool administrationcourseware designcriminal lawconstitutional law </p></li><li><p>work in threesfind two partnerstwo actors + one directordirector can saySmile more!Look at your partner!Talk and shake hands at the same time!take turns being the director</p></li><li><p>next weekfind different partnersmake up your names and storiesmemorize!</p></li><li><p>slideshowif there's time</p></li><li><p>what our course is aboutyou will learn to help peopleask questionsgive helpread the course offeringhttp://goh.kawai.com/undergraduate_program/courses/mon4/mon4.html</p></li><li><p>prepare - talk - reviewprepare by learning, creating, and memorizing phrasestalk with classmates and conversation partnersyou will grade them, and they will grade youreview your performance</p></li><li><p>explain sites on or near campusexamples of local tourism infohttp://www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp/english/index.htmlhttp://www.plaza-sapporo.or.jp/periodicals/whatson/whatson.html</p></li><li><p>important datesno class on2010-11-22final (last class) mandatory2011-01-24</p></li><li><p>schedulered means attendance mandatoryassignment points are given to assignments due on that day (i.e., for assignments given in the previous class)</p><p>wkdateactivityclass ptasnmtpt12010-10-04intro22010-10-11holiday22010-10-18class4232010-10-25class4242010-11-01class10652010-11-08class4262010-11-15class422010-11-22no class72010-11-29class10682010-12-06class42</p><p>wkdateactivityclass ptasnmtpt92010-12-13class42102010-12-20class1062010-12-27holiday2011-01-03holiday2011-01-10holiday112011-01-17class4122011-01-24final10</p></li><li><p>point gradesin class 60%some classes worth more pointsassignments 30% final exam 10%mandatorybonus points up to 20%volunteer, extra work</p></li><li><p>letter gradesp: your point gradeshuu (outstanding) p &gt;= 87yuu (excellent) 86 &gt;= p &gt;=74ryou (good) 73 &gt;= p &gt;= 61ka (fair) 60 &gt;= p &gt;= 48fuka (fail) 47 &gt;= pyou fail if you miss the finalregardless of your point grade</p></li><li><p>study globallysapporo-portland speech contest2010-09-27 deadlineusa (fullbright)2010-10-01 at the US consulatehokudai exchange student program 2010-10-27 deadlinehttp://www.isc.hokudai.ac.jp/ 2010 in 2010-11-06http://www.jasso.go.jp/study_a/seminar.html</p></li><li><p>pronunciation practiceif there's time</p></li><li><p>assignmentread the course offeringi might give you a quizprepare and memorize questions and answers for today's conversationwe will practice again</p></li><li><p>see you next week!mailto:mon4@kawai.com http://goh.kawai.com/http://goh.cll.hokudai.ac.jp/</p></li></ul>