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Sample Resumes CV

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SUMMARY 5 + years of experience in analysis, design and development of client/server, web based and ntier application. Expert in developing windows applications, web applications, windows services and web services in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net IDE using C#.Net 1.1, C#.Net 2.0, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server. Proficient in Web Services, SOAP, XML, XSL, XSLT, Xpath, XSL-FO, XPointer, DTD, XML Schema, CSS, DOM, HTML, AJAX and JavaScript. Created deployment packages for Applications using Visual studio.Net Startup Project, which involves creating native image of an assembly, installing an assembly in Global assembly cache (GAC) Worked extensively with Data Adapter, Dataset, Data reader as a part of ADO.NET to access and update database. Extensive experience in SQL Server Database design, Database maintenance, developing T-SQL queries, stored procedures, and triggers using SQL Server 2000. Good working knowledge with designer tools such as Microsoft Visio, Rational Rose Good working knowledge in designing Use Case, Class, Sequence, Collaboration, State, Component, Deployment, Activity diagrams using UML Expertise in designing UML design patterns such as Adapter, Proxy, Bridge, Facade and so on Expert in dealing with Private, Shared satellite and resource assemblies, configuring them with strong names, deploying them in GAC. Expert in debugging an application using the debugging tools provided by the Visual Studio.Net IDE. Functional domain experience involves Financial, Telecom and Hospital management. Effective in working independently and collaboratively in teams. TECHNICAL SKILLS Microsoft Technologies: Programming Languages: Scripting Languages: RDBMS: XMLRelated Technologies: Operating Systems: Development Tools: Design Tools: Application Servers: xcVersion Control: Unit Testing and Code Analysis: ASP.NET 1.1, ASP.NET2.0, VB.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, ADO, ASP C, C++, C#, VB 6.0, T-SQL and JAVA Java Script , VB Script SQL Server 2000, MySQL, Oracle 8i/9i XML, XSL, XSLT, XPath, XPointer, SOAP, WSDL Windows 95/98/2000/NT, XP, UNIX, Linux VisualStudio.NET 2003, Visual Web Developer 2005, Visual Studio.NET, Dream Weaver UML (Rational Rose), MS Visio IIS, Apache Visual SourceSafe, Vault. NUnit, FXCop

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Client Name: Date Present Role: .Net Developer Project: Speech Analysis, Debit Account Management System and Keefe Commissary Integration Debit Account Management, Keefe Commissary and Speech Analysis are three different software packages developed for SECURUS tech. The Debit Account Management system is used to manage debit calling card accounts belonging to families of Inmates. With this application the user accounts, their balances, their call details, summary and reports can be managed. Keefe Commissary is a commissary provider for SECURUS. Debit Account Management has to be integrated with Keefe Commissarys Database so that SECURUS receives up to date data when ever a Debit phone call purchase is made by Inmate through Keefe Commissary Menu. The Speech Analysis software provides a search engine to find records containing telephonic conversation of Jail inmates. Two main functionalities of the Speech analysis application are Administration and Forensic Search. Administration is used to configure and monitor ingest sessions. Forensic search is used to search process and analyze media records stored in the database. Responsibilities: Used N-tier architecture for presentation layer, the Business and Data Access Layers and were coded using C#.

Sample Resumes CV


Written stored procedures, triggers using SQL in SQL SERVER 2000. Developed Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for User Interface uniformity throughout the application. Developed and consumed Web Services for Speech Analysis and Integration with Keefe Commissary. Used HTML, JavaScript and AJAX for developing Controls and web forms in Debit Accounting Software. Extensively used GridViews with sorting and paging Implemented Template Columns for Custom Nested GridViews. Developed XSL, XSD files for Media Metadata XML files. Developed User Documents for the users. Provided Production support. Environment: ASP.NET2.0, ADO.NET, Microsoft Visual Stuidio.NET 2005, IIS V5.1, SQL , HTML, SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler,.NET Framework 2.0, and Windows 2003 server Client: Date - Date Role: .Net Developer Project: Rent-A-Toll -Toll Solutions for Car Renters Rent-A-Toll provides solution for car renters to violate toll lanes through out their journey and pay for it at once. This solution saves lot of time for the renters and with different products provided by the company, they end up saving money too. Three Web portals are under development and enhancement for this solution, they are RTL portal used by Employees of Rent A Toll, Toll Authorities and Rental Car Agencies. Rent-A-Toll Employees can log in and set up Toll Authorities and Rental Car Agency they are going to work with. They can send Invoices to Rental Car Agencies and Deposits to the Toll Authorities. The Toll Authorities can log in and view deposits sent Rent-A-Toll, the Violations made by customers. The Rental Car Agency employees can log in and view Invoice, enter Customer Payments and Dispute the invoice. The Other portal is Customer Portal which provides Customer Service. The Customer can check the violations they made, where and when they exactly made the violation. The third portal is Reports portal showing sales and Revenue reports. Responsibilities: Used N-tier architecture for presentation layer, the Business and Data Access Layers and were coded using C#. Developed application logic using C#. Written stored procedures, triggers using SQL in SQL SERVER 2005. Worked intensely on the User Interface. Developed WebForms using C# and ASP.NET. Used AJAX in some webforms. Worked on Cascading Style Sheets and XML-Schemas. Developed Web Services for user authentication and file ransfer Used Xpath , XmlNode to access files and XMLDataDocument to synchronize with Datasets. Compared the XML files sent by the Toll Authorities with XML Schemas. Ensured Security to all the portals by creating Tampered proofed URLs. Wrote triggers for sending Emails after to clients after any kind of transaction has been made Extensively used GridViews sorting and paging Implemented Template Columns for Custom Nested GridViews Worked with Infragistic Controls extensively. Worked on exporting reports to Excel from Gridviews and Ultrawebgrids. Deployment of Application on Test and Production Server. Handled many production issues and enhancement to the existing live portals Environment: ASP.NET2.0, C#.NET, ADO.NET, Microsoft Visual Stuidio.NET 2005, IIS 5.0, SQL, XML, XSL, HTML, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager, SQL Server 2005 Query Analyzer, .NET Framework 2.0, and Windows 2003 server EDUCATION Degree from Ozmania University - 1996