7A Unit4 My day ------Study skills By Li Xiaoling

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  • 7A Unit4 My day ------Study skillsBy Li Xiaoling

  • weather/e/

  • Tounge twisters Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not. Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot. Well weather the weather whether we like it or not.


  • *go outdoordo sportball games/:/

  • Small ball,Small ball, Its warm outdoor.Let us do sport.Walk, walk, like the horse.Neednt walk along the hall./://t:k/talk

  • Shirley is a nurseNurse, nurse, nurseLikes wearing a skirtSkirt , skirt, skirtLives in a beautiful worldWorld ,world, world./://t:n/turn

  • Teacher, teacherWorks in a school.Singer, singerSings in a hall.Swimmer , swimmerSwims in a swimming pool.


  • zoocar/u://a:/

  • *I can read books.

    I can have lunch and enjoy delicious food.

    I can see many animals.Would you like to join me?

    / //u:// //wd /wood/nu:n/noon

  • sheeppeacock/i://ti:m/team

  • Clean water, clean sea,Under a big green tree,Three sheep running free.I say drink the tea , eat the meat!


  • Read aloud./a://://i://e//u:// //:///

  • Pratice 1 Find the homes for words.// cook/u://i://://e//://:/// cool first foot free hall healthy never park player ready noodle start sport world team

  • ( ) 1. A. B. C. D. ( ) 2.A. horse B. nurse C. walk D. all ( ) 3.A. book B. look C. food D.could ( ) 4.A. girl B. bird C. dinner D.world( ) 5.A. head B. tea C. heavy D.breadCBCCBCan you find out the different one?Pratice 2Which word is in the wrong line?kneegreenheadsee

  • Pratice 3Listen and find the right word.A arm B at C am D parkA word B world C work D birdA read B red C lead D rainA could B book C cool D cottonA dime B dinner C dining D dirty Who has sharp ears?

  • Game 1 Cross the river

  • lateappleartascaketheydadgladbarkday

  • dutydirtyafterturnteacherbedfirstdrewdrawerherdancer

  • gateleadbreadhealthyreadyfeelherheadeasymeetegg

  • moongoodboxcooltalklooknoodlewouldtortoisezoocould

  • artsadorparkallstopnoonhardchalkbartalk

  • Game 2 Stand up Each group gets 6 cards and each member gets 1 card.Stand up when you hear the word that has the same sound and say it out.

  • Thank you!

  • Lets enjoy Do-re-mi together!(When we read, we begin with ABC. When we sing, we begin with Do-re-mi.The first three notes() just happen to be Do-re-mi.

    Doe, a deer, a female deerRay, a drop of golden sunMe, a name I call myselfFar, a long long way to runSew, a needle pulling threadLa, a note to follow sewTea, a drink of jam and breadThat will bring us back to Do-oh-oh-oh!/i://://://u //u:/ /e // //:/