A Presentation on Taoism

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This is a presentation I made for my Asian Humanities class. All of the artwork was %100 done by me in Photoshop CS3.This presentation covers some my favorite verses in the translated Tao, differences in the left and right brain, and the Three Epochs of humanity.


Tao means way or path Taoism is the way to follow this path to everything

One way to describe the Tao Te Ching is as: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of the Great Integrity. However, there is no one way to describe the Tao Te Ching.

Left Brain Dominance Science Knowledge Logic Individual Rationalize Control Predictable Doing, Accomplishing

Right Brain Dominance Magic, mystic Knowing Paradox Social Feel Love Spontaneous Being

Past (3+ million years) Tribal Natural Harmony Intuitive Natural Left Brain

Modern (5000 years) Civilized Disharmony Philosophical Unnatural Right Brain

Future (years to come) Holistic Pure Harmony Synergistic Integral The Brain

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