Abra SQL Competitive Update Tom Tillman January 27, 2009

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  • Abra SQL Competitive Update Tom Tillman January 27, 2009
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  • 2 Topics Ultipro competitive update (Tom Tillman) Bonus sneak peak of Abra SQL partner incentive program (Nancy Tillman)
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  • 3 Ultipro Product Update CONFIDENTIAL & PRIVILEGED-Not for Distribution
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  • 4 Ultipro Intersourcing Offerings Ultipro Enterprise Targeted at >1000ee companies Purchase and deployment options: License/support software purchase; deployed on-premise (managed hosting service option available) SaaS deployed over Internet with PEPM pricing Sold by the Ultipro Enterprise direct sales team Ultipro Workplace Targeted at
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  • 5 How Ultimate Differentiates itself HR/Payroll is all they do - the HR/payroll vendor that dedicates all of its resources to HR/Payroll research and development -- A total business solution 1-stop workplace portal Single integrated database and single sign-on Integration among all functions (HR, payroll, benefits, etc) Enter data once, available immediately Reporting and analysis Standard and custom Point in time; historical Customer service 99% retention rate
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  • 6 Ultipro Functionality Module/FunctionWorkplace SaaS Enterprise SaaS Enterprise License Core HR & compliance Included Payroll & e-Time entry Included Benefits admin Included Applicant tracking (basic) Included Training admin Included Employee self service Included Reporting (Cognos) Included Carrier connections (limited # of carriers supported; relies on customization ) Included Tax filing service (limited to simple requirements: few states; few EINs; no locals) IncludedException Manager self serviceOptional Included Benefits enrollmentOptional Included Recruitment (PEPM only)Optional Performance review (PEPM only)Optional Salary plans/budgeting (PEPM only)Optional Time and AttendanceOptional Time ClocksOptional
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  • 7 Ultipro Pricing Module/FunctionWorkplace SaaSEnterprise SaaSEnterprise License Core$10-$110 PEPM 1000ee discounted $120,000 1000ee discounted Carrier connections (limited) 2 included Additional $2000/ea 2 included Additional $2000/ea 2 included Additional $2000/ea Tax filing service (limited)IncludedLimited Manager self service$1 PEPM Included Benefits enrollment$1 PEPM Included Recruitment$1 PEPM Performance review$1 PEPM Salary plans/budgeting$1 PEPM Time and Attendance$4 PEPM $85,000 1000ee Time ClocksPurchase Software supportIncluded 20% of license Managed hosting serviceNA $2.50 PEPM $25/EE set-up Implementation service$50/ee $10,000 min $165/hr out of scope $50/ee $165/hr out of scope $165/hour
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  • UltiPro SaaS and Abra SQL Comparison
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  • 9 UltiPro Workplace Core Package Comparison UltiPro Workplace Core SolutionSage Abra SQL Human Resources and ComplianceAbra HR + Abra Attendance PayrollAbra Payroll eTimesheetsSage Timesheet Abra Edition (v9.8 March) BenefitsAbra HR ESS/Employee PortalAbra ESS Applicant Tracking (basic) Tax Filing & Wage GarnishmentSage Compliance Services (Future) Benefits & Third Party Data ExchangesAbra Benefits Messenger, Abra Link Configuration & AutomationAbra ToolKit, Abra Alerts Cognos ReportsCrystal Reports HR/Payroll UsersAbra Network Seats (5) Hosted DeliverynGenX Managed Hosting Service
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  • 10 Abra vs. UltiPro Workplace Pricing Comparison Assumptions Abra Assumptions: Abra SQL BYOB pricing HR, Attendance, Payroll ESS, Alerts, ToolKit, Link 5 network seats TimeSheet Abra Edition 5 nGenX seats No Implementations ABM 4 carriers No tax filing UltiPro Assumptions Pricing Core $11 PEPM 500ee No Set-up/Implement
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  • 11 ULTI 2-Year Total Price Comparison (no implementation shown) 200-700ee Focus
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  • 12 Abra SQL BYOB vs. UltiPro Workplace (no implementation shown) 300ee 300 employees Example YR 1YR 22 YR TOTYR 33 YR TOT Abra SQL Abra/TimeSheet License$35,425$0$35,425$0$35,425 Abra/TimeSheet Annual Support$7,220$8,205$15,425$7,885$23,310 nGenX Annual Service$4,050 $8,100$4,050$12,150 ABM Annual Service$3,000 $6,000$3,000$9,000 TFS Annual Service$0 Total Abra Solution with nGenX$52,220$15,255$67,475$15,255$82,730 Ultipro Workplace SaaS Annual Fees$39,600 $79,200$39,600$118,800 Total Ultipro Solution$39,600 $79,200$39,600$118,800
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  • 13 Positioning The Abra SQL Solution CONFIDENTIAL & PRIVILEGED-Not for Distribution
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  • 14 Abra SQL Proposal Tuning vs. Ultipro SaaS
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  • 15 Sage Abra HRMS Positioning Recognized leadership Leader Quadrant Gartner 2006 Mid-market HRMS MQ Strong Performer Forrester 2006 Mid-market HRMS Wave The on-premise HR solution of choice for theSMB company segment Forrester 2006 Mid-market HRMS Wave Capabilities Single system automates & reduces the costs of HR, Benefits & Payroll administration Software support and services (Sage and Partner) Grows & changes as business needs evolve Modular software and services Multiple database platform support On-premise and hosted deployment options Fits the requirements of any budget Pay for only the capabilities needed now and add-on later Easy to adopt and use technologies (Win, IE, SQL,.Net) Hosting options minimize/eliminate IT impact Market Leader Designed for Mid-Size Organizations Comprehensive Capabilities Flexible & Scalable Low Total Cost of Ownership
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  • 16 Sage Abra + nGenX Positioning Sage Abra HRMS + nGenX Sage Abra HRMS leadership; backed by Sage Software PLC nGenX world class data center operations; backed by Q-Comm Complete package Abra software license, implementation, training & support Hardware, system software, facilities, network IT server maintenance, monitoring, data back-up, software upgrades, disaster recovery and business continuity Flexibility of software ownership with convenience of IT outsourcing Sage Abra can be fully customized in the hosted environment Quickly & easily add Abra Modules; add/remove user access Bring Abra on-premise should business needs change Ability to host additional applications along with Abra Can meet the requirements of any business budget Own the Abra license not perpetual rental payments Spread license & other up-front costs over time with financing option Enjoy economies of scale with virtual hosting technology Low, fixed monthly hosting costs do not increase as Abra grows (adding employee records, adding modules) Leading & World Class Solution for Mid-Size organizations Comprehensive Solution Flexibility & Convenience Low Total Cost of Ownership
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  • 17 Additional Competitive Resources Ultipro competitive report to be posted abrasqlhrms.com and PRO Nancy Tillman, product marketing manager Nancy.tillman@sage.comNancy.tillman@sage.com 727-579-1111 x3406 Tom Tillman, product marketing director Tom.tillman@sage.comTom.tillman@sage.com 727-579-1111 x3304
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  • Questions?
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  • Abra SQL Partner Incentive Program Nancy Tillman, Product Marketing Manager
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  • 20 Why an Incentive Program & Partner Qualifications To reinforce the importance of Abra SQL to our mutual business success To offer a fun and rewarding incentive in recognition of your valuable time and effort Qualifications: Any partner in the gold tier or higher
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  • 21 How it Works & Whats in it for you? Earn points for completing certain Abra SQL related activities in two main categories: Education and training activities Sales cycle activities Accumulate your points and redeem them online! Over 1,000 merchandise items Approx. 80 gift cards Partner employees can pool points for a team reward
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  • 22 Whats in it For You? Points can be redeemed for: Approx. 1,200 merchandise items that change monthly Approx. 80 gift cards
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  • 23 Incentive Program Timeline Program starts 3/01/09! Get a head start: Any Abra SQL educational webcasts or certifications from Jan. 1, 09 will be eligible for points Program ends 8/31/09 (6 months) Point redemption period ends 9/30/09 Watch for an invitation to join a webcast in late February for all the details
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  • 24 Questions? Thank You!