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<p> 1. Advert Research 2. Style: Dramatic Humorous Parodic Surreal 3. Humorous Humour is used in adverts so that they stick in peoples minds. Humour makes people enjoy the advertisement which may then persuade the audience to then buy it; which is the whole point of the advert. Adverts with comedy in them leave a long lasting impression on a person which may mean theyll be spoken about a lot more than a boring advert. When an advert is spoken about, more people find out about the product which causes them to then tell other people which then carries on like a domino effect with person and person telling and buying the product. Sometimes the comedy in an adverts distracts those watching and makes them forget what is actually being advertised. Different countries have different types of humour and so comedy adverts will not be able to be used world wide as not everybody will find it funny. 4. Video Aldi Advert CaVQT0 5. Effect This advert uses humour very effectively. Its being used to advertise Jaffa Cakes which children enjoy eating. Because the advertiser knows that theyre aiming this at children, they used puppets. This is effective because this is what children play with and possibly think is real. If the children do think these puppets are real then theyd want to buy some Jaffa Cakes because the puppet told them that theyre nice. The bigger puppet eating the smaller puppet is effective because it evokes sympathy from the viewer and almost makes you want to buy some Jaffa Cakes even more just because the main advertiser in this video got eaten. The advert is repetitive and says the line theyve got orange inside three times in this short 30 second period. This could be used as comedy as the last time its said is clearly ridiculous and sort of makes you laugh at the pure stupidity of the advertisement. In my opinion, I do find this type of advertisement effective even though its in a questionable way. After watching it, I almost sat back and questioned what I even watched and made me laugh but it did do well at advertising as now I do want some Jaffa Cakes. I find that this advert sticks in my mind and isnt very forgettable with the puppets and high pitched, child-like voices that go with them and therefore, this advert, to me, does sell the product well. 6. Dramatic Drama is used to promote something or sell a product. Drama really gets through to a person and captures their attention which may provoke sympathy from them. Dramatic adverts engage a viewer if its promoting something by saying you and using first person words. Dramatic adverts are sometimes very harrowing and make people want to donate to a charity being promoted because they feel sympathy towards what is being shown on the advertisement. Others are used to disgust the viewer in a very dramatic way so that the point is clearly put across to the viewer. Drama is used as its almost surprising for something so heart-wrenching to be on television when you least expect it, like in the middle of a television programme. Some adverts using drama are used for the shock value and want to make certain things memorable so that the viewer does whatever the advertiser wants them to do, such as stop smoking, call the NSPCC or give charity to the starving. 7. Video NHS Smoke Free Advert MwtHwUo 8. Effect In my opinion, this advert is very disgusting. The dramatic effect in it is used very well though, and very clearly gets the point across and repulses the audience almost to the point of making them nauseous. Dramatic adverts stay in the mind of those watching. I feel that this particular advert will constantly remind smokers what is happening inside their body each time they have just one cigarette. This video is particularly effective as its real life and even though the sticky tumours are edited into it, its still real life as its literally what is happening inside a smokers body. This advertisement is effective as its so disgusting that its off putting to a smoker, deterring them from cigarettes. This advertisement will always be true no matter how the world changes and, so, I find that its effective because there will be no change to a smokers insides unless they actually stop smoking. This advertisement cannot be argued against as its scientifically proven that smoking can cause tumours inside your body and the only way to stop the cigarette related tumours is just to stop smoking altogether and I feel that this advert portrays this fact very well. When the smoker opens his pouch of tobacco, its stuck all along the plastic and his fingers. I think this part is effective because it almost symbolises how these tumours, if they carry on smoking, will be sticking to their lungs and all of their insides. I also feel that it has an impact on non-smokers because they can see this advert logically as they arent addicted to what could kill them. The gruesome advert is effective to teenagers and above as they are the ones that could purchase cigarettes. 9. Surreal Surreal advertisements tend to be remembered more than most as they constantly stick in the forefront of peoples minds. Theyre like a fantasy something you wish would be you or could happen to you. Adverts like these engage the audience because its not something you see in every day life. Advertising like this captures the audience because theyre not like typical advertisements which just show the product being promoted, they do it in a way in which you wouldnt typically see. Surrealism is almost like an art-form, where not everyone can think of such quirky adverts like these and so this makes them even more unique. Surreal adverts sometimes have absolutely nothing to do with the product, yet because theyre so unusual everybody seems to be talking about it which just promotes the advert even more through word of mouth. If something is strange or peculiar then a person is more likely to remember it than something straight forward and boring and so surrealism will stick in peoples minds and make them even question what is happening. Its almost like youre being taken into a fantasy world where what we see as normal doesnt happen and its like youre a child again in your imagination. Its less common than the average advert and so we, as viewers, want to see more of it happening. 10. Video Skittles Advertisement hjZFUcM 11. Effect To me, this advert does make you want skittles but only because there are so many right in front of your eyes. In my opinion, the surrealism of this advert doesnt make the audience want the skittles but the way theyre placed in front of the audience does. The surrealism in this advert makes it stick in the forefront of the viewers minds although I dont think that this is the reason they would want skittles, its just the reason they remember the advertisement. I dont feel that the product being advertised has been advertised well and could have been better without the surrealism which has been used. Touching something and having it turn into skittles is not realistic at all and although I understand that this is the whole point of surrealism, I dont feel as though the surrealism used was necessary. It could have been advertised a lot better if realism was used. 12. Parodic Parody is used in advertisements to either ridicule another advert or draw negative attention towards it, further enhancing attention onto the parody advert. These advertisements stick in the forefront of the viewers mind and is almost humorous. Parodic adverts poke fun at those in the advert and are making fun of themselves which puts the viewer at ease. This encourages a viewer to buy the product being advertised. Parodic advertisements are more memorable for the viewer than a boring advert. The parody in the advertisement is humorous for the viewer because it is referencing another advert that has been viewed a lot. Its almost as though theyre on the same level as the viewer and want to laugh at an advert just as much as the next person. 13. Video Specsavers Advertisement AXHd2l8 14. Effect I feel that this parodic advert uses parody well. I feel that the parody in the advert will attract customers as they see that the company do have a humorous side and glasses dont always have to be a negative feature, as they are seen by many. The advertisement is a parody of the Lynx Axe advert which is well recognised. The way they used a well recognised company to advertise themselves, another well known company, works in Specsavers favour. This almost shows me that Specsavers are on the customers level and want to make the customers laugh rather than a serious advert showing something negative about eyes when needing glasses. At the end of the advert, the lines Shouldve gone to Specsavers and the Lynx Effect are merged together to create The shouldve gone to Specsavers Effect. The humour in this attracts possible customers to their glasses stores and therefore, the aim of their advertisement has been reached. I feel that this advertisement is done perfectly. It is effective on its audience and will attract a lot of potential customers. 15. Form: Animation Talking Heads Documentary Stand Alone / Series 16. Animation Animation is used in adverts to particularly attract and engage children. Animated adverts grab the attention of their target audience, persuading the potential viewer to watch the advert. This is important when the advert is aimed at children as they have a short attention spam. Children feel more engaged by animation and so would want to sit and watch this more so than a real life non- animated advertisement. Its interesting to watch, easy to consume and different to a usual advertisement. Animated advertisements make a lasting impression on the viewer, its more likely for a child or young person to remember a cartoon advert than any other type as its not something normal that you can see when youre living your life and so it sticks in the viewers minds. Animation keeps the audience engaged because its presenting information in a fun way which captures the viewers attention. 17. Video Dumb Ways To Die Advertisement 2EpS0jw 18. The narrative of this advert is advising children not to play around train platforms. It is an animated advert and so gets the idea stuck in people's minds and gets them singing it all day. The advert initially begins with all different 'dumb' ways to die and then the last verse of the song is all centred around trains and ways you could possibly die around trains. It is a visual and audio advertisement and the lyrics show the visuals in a literal sense. This is particularly effective on children. Some children and young listen prefer to listen rather than watch and some prefer to watch rather than listen, and so to have both makes it available for most child audiences. Even if you're not paying attention and watching the video, you can hear the song and get the main point across. I find that the animation is an effective way to get the point across which it is trying to show. Children and even adults watching this advertisement will find these animations cute and will sympathise when they all die for reasons that they have brought upon themselves. The animation used in this will engage people of all ages. I think that the narrator at the end telling the audience to be safe around trains is effective as it makes a jokey, not so serious advert into a real and serious advert. The narrator is showing the audience that although these may seem silly and a bit of a joke, they're not and should be taken seriously. I think that the real voice heard at the end is an effective way to get the point across rather than carry on singing the song. This is because even though a person may be listening to the song, they may not be taking in each and every word of it. When it becomes serious, its almost a shock to the system and its as though a person listening would respond in a way in which they would want to listen as they would want to know why the tone of the advert has suddenly changed. Effect 19. Documentary A documentary advertisement is sometimes called narrative. In a narrative advert, there is always an equilibrium, disruption and a resolution. This was formed by Todorovs Theory of Narrative structure. This means basically that the advert has a beginning, middle and end just like a story. An advert using this form tells a story from beginning to end which makes the viewer almost bond with the person or product in the advertisement. This persuades people to buy the product or thing as they create a mental or emotional bond with the person or thing in the advertisement. Its as though a person wants to find out the end of the story line of the advertisement after watching the beginning and middle. This persuades them to watch the end where the point of the whole advertisement comes together and makes the whole advertisement more understandable for the viewer. 20. Video NHS Smoke Free Advert DK1qxn4 21. The story line of this advertisement is a man smoking a cigarette, which is obviously harmful to his insides. The cigarette he is smoking begins to turn into a tumor with each inhale he takes, which is what's actually happening inside his body when he inhales. The narrator in this advert is telling the viewers what's happening, while the visuals are showing it. I feel that this advert comes across incredibly well and is greatly effective to an audience that smokes, persuading them to stop, and also to those that don't smoke as it's persuading them to keep it that way. At the beginning, the cigarette is completely tumor-free. This is the equilibrium of the story. This is the time where everything is fair and relaxed. This shows the audience that you're healthy when you are not smoking and inhaling the harmful chemicals in the cigarette. As he starts smoking it, the tumor on the cigarette begins to grow, this is the disruption of the story. This prevents non-smoking viewers to begin smoking as you can see what's actually happening on this advert, where as in real life you can't actually see what's happening inside your body. To a smoking audience, this may possibly repulse them and make them re-think what they're doing to themselves. The narrator of this advert is also making the point clear when he says that every 15 cigarettes cause a mutation and mutations are what cause cancer. You can see the tumor growing on the cigarette which just emphasises the 'cancer, cancer, cancer' point the advert is trying to push at you. To someone that is struggling to quit smoking, this is an effective advert because it shows how disgusting it is and how it's ruining your insides, as well...</p>