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<p>Scegli la certezza. </p> <p>Aggiungi valore. </p> <p>TV Italia srl - Sede - I-20099 Sesto S. Giovanni (MI) via Giosu Carducci 125 </p> <p>TV ITALIA S.R.L. TV SD Group Direzione e Sede Amministrativa: Via Giosu Carducci, 125 edificio 23 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Sede legale: Via Mauro Macchi, 27 20124 Milano Societ soggetta al controllo e al coordinamento di TV SD AG </p> <p>Telefono: +39 02 24130.1 Telefax: +39 02 24130.399 </p> <p>Amministratore Delegato: </p> <p>Andrea Vivi Registro delle imprese di Milano </p> <p>n. iscrizione e Cod. Fisc. 08922920155 </p> <p>R.E.A. 1255140 - P. IVA 02055510966 </p> <p>Capitale sociale : Euro 500.000 int. vers. </p> <p>Coord. Bancarie: INTESA BCI - CIN J </p> <p>c/c 000018978166 - ABI 03069 - CAB 32934 </p> <p>IBAN: IT34 J030 6932 9340 0001 8978 166 </p> <p>Annex to the type examination certificate </p> <p> No. DCI 019/1 1. Scope </p> <p>1.1 The example of the control board mod. STK1 subject to the type examination has turned out to comply with what is provided for in paragraphs 9.11.7 and 9.11.8 of EN 81-1: 1998+A3:2009 standard and in paragraphs 9.13.7 and 9.13.8 of EN 81-2:1998+A3:2009, with reference to the devices provided for the identification of the uncontrolled movement of the cabin with open doors and for the interruption of the electrical power source of a suitable mechanical or hydraulic block device. </p> <p> ID Amount Description Brand Model </p> <p>C, D 2 Monostable sensors SAIET FM.A1/S1 </p> <p>CS4 1 Switch device SEA Systems CS4 (ED907, ED908, ED 909) </p> <p>KS, KM, KD, KD1, KA, KA1 </p> <p>2 Power switch GENERAL ELECTRIC CL04D310M CL25D310M </p> <p>SCHNEIDER LC1D50ED LC1D32ED LC1D25ED LC1D18ED </p> <p> Table 1 </p> <p> The list of the elements constituting the device object of this certificate is included in Table 1. The modalities of connection of said elements among them and the related wiring diagram are included in the technical file referring to this certificate. For each model produced, the Manufacturer must declare the conformity to this certificate. </p> <p>1.2 Maximum response time of the identification/switch circuit: 75 ms </p> <p>Maximum distance of the detector from the floor: 200 mm Test speed: (*) Temperature limits: 0 65 C Humidity limits: 0 95 % </p> <p>(*) see paragraph 2.4 </p> <p> 1.3 The STK1 controller is arranged to: </p> <p>1. check the proper opening and closing of two hydraulic electrically driven valves working in a series by means of a test routine or, 2. automatically check the proper opening and closing of the brake through micro-switches, or, 3. check the proper operation of a further lowering valve equipped with its own circuit board. </p> <p>1.4 The monitoring driven by the control board must always interface with the mechanical or hydraulic block device following the modalities provided for in the related instructions. The tests carried out on the example of the control board subject to the type examination have demonstrated the conformity of the above described modes of monitoring to the prescriptions of the regulation of reference in the hypothesis of connection to the mechanical or hydraulic block device according to the interfacing instructions arranged by the Manufacturers of the devices connected among them. In particular, for the devices referred to, at the first and second point of paragraph 1.3, the conformity </p> <p>Pagina 2 di 2 </p> <p>to the prescriptions of the last paragraph of 9.11.3 of EN 81-1 or 9.13.3 of EN 81-2 is achieved by joining opportunely (according to the interfacing instructions) the devices used to monitor the mechanical or hydraulic block (that must be equipped with their own type certificate) with STK1. </p> <p> 2. Conditions </p> <p> 2.1 The STK1 device is only a part of a device of protection against the uncontrolled movement of the cabin from the non-blocked floor door or with the cabin door not in the closing position. The combination of the STK1 board with the mechanical/hydraulic block device, driven and possibly monitored by it, is not included in this certificate. </p> <p> 2.2 The control board must be connected and used according to the instructions of the Manufacturer </p> <p> 2.3 Any mechanical or hydraulic block device driven from the control board must be accompanied by its own type certificate issued by a competent body. </p> <p> 2.4 During the final inspection of the lift, the functioning of the device against the uncontrolled movement of the cabin must be controlled by applying the procedures indicated in EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009,annex D, point p or EN 81-2:1998+A3:2009, annex D, point zc. The control board subject to the type examination is equipped with devices and instructions to carry out the test safely. The test speed must comply with the indications, included in the interfacing instructions, of the Manufacturer of the mechanical stop device. The verification procedure, arranged by the Manufacturer, referred to what has been mentioned above, is included in the document STK1-UCM1. </p> <p> 2.5 The monitoring of the proper operation of the stop device, if provided for, must be verified before the commissioning. The tests to check the monitoring must be carried out in compliance with the verification procedure, in the version: </p> <p> STK1-SMA1 for 1.3.1; </p> <p> STK1-SMA2 for 1.3.2; </p> <p> STK1-SMA3 for 1.3.3. </p> <p>3. Notes </p> <p>3.1 Any changes to the safety device compared to the device under the type examination must be promptly reported in writing to the Notified Body which has to decide if and which additional tests are needed. </p> <p>3.2 The number assigned to the certificate cannot be used for products other than the one under examination. </p> <p>3.3 In order to allow the identification of the product and to supply some information about the plan on the whole and the operation, the wiring diagram called at the beginning STK1-UCM rev. 1.0 of 27/03/2012 is integrated in this document. </p> <p>3.4 Even if the device is not specifically mentioned in the Annex IV of D/A 95/16/CE, a prerequisite for the validity of this certificate is that the requirements set out in the Lift Directive 95/16/CE, Annex XI (random control of production) for the marketing of safety components are respected. </p> <p>3.5 This certificate No. DCI 019/1 cancels and supersedes the previous No. DCI 019. </p> <p>Sesto San Giovanni, 27/03/2012 </p> <p>The original version is in Italian. In the event of any conflict of translation is the Italian version. </p>