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<ul><li><p>Case Studies </p></li><li><p>Slingshot Power </p><p>Dieren1ate brand In a highly compe11ve Field of solar panel providers </p><p>Express company principles and values Through eec1ve design </p><p>Build a las1ng rela1onship with consumer and convey value proposi1on to prospects </p><p>Website redesign New branding look and feel </p><p>Target prospects with video, anima1on, Print collateral, sales enablement materials </p><p>- Customer case studies </p><p>- Explainer anima1on - Innova1ve copy and concepts for direct mail and online marke1ng campaigns - Brochures, posters, signage, car design - New company slogan, new look and feel </p><p>- Drama1c increase in click through and direct mail response - Sales close faster because prospects are beHer informed - Improved lead gen and prospect conversion online </p></li><li><p>Chartwells Higher Ed </p><p>Develop content to support clients na1onal rebrand and relaunch </p><p>Convey brand essence, values and vision to a diverse audience of students, educators, and college administrators as well Chartwells workforce </p><p>Target audiences online, in print, at trade shows, and on campus presenta1ons </p><p>Educa1onal lms, commercials, explainer anima1on </p><p>Extensive brand photography development </p><p>Support marke1ng and PR ac1vi1es With rich media content </p><p>- Campaign gains na1onal visibility and - coverage </p><p>- Client colleges embrace new approach and - Extend business rela1onship with Chartwells </p></li><li><p>Vidyo Inc </p><p>Establish presence and communicate The vision for a disrup1ve start up in The video conference space </p><p>Develop a full suite of marke1ng content and materials to Support PR, sales, marke1ng, training, and partner management </p><p>Move beyond technology to communicate business and human impact Of switching to Vidyo Develop messaging strategy for educa1on, healthcare, legal And enterprise ver1cals </p><p>Create branding photography and over 100 promo1onal lms Design and run SEO, SEM and social Media campaigns </p><p>Develop trade show content and internal training tools </p><p>200% increase in lead genera1on </p><p>Improved prospect engagement on web and social media - 400,000 video views </p><p>Assets help sales team beat revenue projec1ons for 11 quarters </p></li><li><p>Ac1an Inc. </p><p>Create an iden1ty For a newly formed Big data company </p><p>Develop new content and channels To explain Ac1an technology and Communicate value across key ver1cals </p><p>Develop a mul1-channels marke1ng And messaging strategy youtube, web, Facebook, Linkedin, Trade show </p><p>- Worked with execu1ve leadership to build Content and strategy using video, podcasts, blogs, Slideshare, market automa1on, trade and event signage, and web tv episodes - Develop and implement sales force training strategy </p><p>Improved Lead gen, prospect Engagement, and prospect conversion Via market automa1on tools, social media, And on client website </p></li><li><p>Cravepal Inc. </p><p>Create full brand iden1ty For a marketplace app for Home cooked food </p><p>Brand launch </p><p>Develop brand iden1ty color, Style Copy, website design </p><p>Website design, app design, Logo design, full copy, User interac1on design </p><p>In Progress </p></li></ul>