Airbus 00 A300 A310 Airframe System Introduction

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Airbus A300/A310 Systems Introduction.


<ul><li><p>AirbusAirbusA300-600/A310-200A300-600/A310-200</p><p>Airframe SystemsAirframe Systems11</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-22</p><p>Book 1 - Table of Contents</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00 IntroductionIntroductionATA 00ATA 00 Airframe MeasurementAirframe Measurement</p><p>ConversionConversionATA 00ATA 00 Circuit Electrical IdentificationCircuit Electrical IdentificationATA 06ATA 06 Dimensions and AreasDimensions and AreasATA 07ATA 07 Lifting and ShoringLifting and ShoringATA 08ATA 08 LevelingLevelingATA 24ATA 24 Electrical PowerElectrical PowerATA 31ATA 31 Electronic Centralized AircraftElectronic Centralized Aircraft</p><p>Monitoring (ECAM) SystemMonitoring (ECAM) SystemATA 29ATA 29 Hydraulic PowerHydraulic PowerATA 27ATA 27 Flight ControlsFlight Controls</p><p>Table of ContentsTable of Contents</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-33</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00IntroductionIntroduction</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-44</p><p>FedEx Airbus Aircraft - IntroductionThe AIRBUS A300F4-605R and A310-Series is a large body cargo carrying aircraft. It is manufactured by AIRBUS INDUSTRIES that consist of numerous European Aerospace Companies and assembled in Toulouse, France. The aircraft is a Short-To-Medium Range Aircraft that carries large volumes of packaged and loose freight for the FedEx Corporation. The first A300F4-605R entered FedEx revenue service on 24 May 1994, Manufacturers Serial Number (MSN) 726 (FedEx Registration: N650FE). Initial Delivery Date was 28 April 1994 to the FedEx Corporation. The A300F4-605R manufactured for the FedEx Corporation was the first manufactured A300600Series to carry a full load of freight instead of a mix of Passengers (PAXs) and Baggage/Cargo. The A310-Series ((DASH) 200F / -300F Series) were manufactured for carrying Revenue PAXs and Baggage, and some freight in the Lower Deck and Bulk Cargo Compartments. Due to the large volume of space on the previous PAX Upper Deck (Main Deck), the conversion or re-configuration of this space with Cargo Handling and Cargo Restraint Equipment provided FedEx Corporation with a viable Cargo Freighter. The Upper Deck is referred to as Main Deck Cargo Compartment (MDCC) that carries mainly containerized and palletized package cargo. The A310-200F Series aircraft after freight conversion in Europe, provided FedEx with a Freight Revenue Aircraft to provide Short-To-Medium Range Aircraft with various routing options. The A310-Series aircraft after freighter configuration conversion was delivered to FedEx on 19 July 1994. This cargo conversion aircraft entered Revenue Service on 20 July 1994 with FedEx Registration: N497FE from the AIRBUS INDUSTRIES MSN: 254. The Cargo Compartments for the FedEx A300 and A310 aircraft are comprised of four main areas: </p><p> 1. Main Deck Cargo Compartment (MDCC), the upper deck of the </p><p>Aircraft Fuselage begins from the aft end of the Courier Compartment to the rear section of the MDCC (A300/A310). </p><p>2. FORWARD (FWD) Cargo Compartment is located on the Fuselage Lower Deck aft of the Avionics Compartment or Bay to Fuselage Frame (FR) 38 (A300/A310). </p><p> 3. AFT (AFT) Cargo Compartment, also located on the Fuselage Lower </p><p>Deck aft of the Main Landing Gear Wheel Well or Hydraulic Compartment (Bay) at FR54 (A300/A310). </p><p> 4. BULK (BULK) Cargo Compartment is located aft of the AFT Cargo </p><p>Compartment that interconnects with this compartment. A Cargo Curtain and Netting Assemblies divides the two compartments. The BULK Compartment ends aft of the BULK Cargo Door aft frame area at the lower deck aft pressurized equipment area. </p><p> The Aircraft Models A300-600 and A310-200 / various High Thrust Turbofan Engines power -300 Series aircraft: A300-600 General Electric (GE) CF6-80C2A5F with the FADEC </p><p>Model Engine Fuel System controls and schedules engine thrust for all ranges of flight conditions. FADEC is defined as Full Authority Digital Electronic Control System. Each engine produces approximately 61,300 Pounds of thrust at Sea Level Conditions. </p><p> A310-200 Series General Electric (GE) CF6-80A3 Engines with the Power Management Control (PMC) System is designed to sense throttle position and other parameters for calculation purposes to produce desired thrust settings. Each engine produces approximately 48,970 Pounds of thrust at Sea Level conditions. </p><p> A310-200 Series Pratt &amp; Whitney (PW) JT9D-7R4 Engines with the Electronic Engine Control (EEC) System is designed to provide Supervisory Control of the Hydro Mechanical Control (HMC) unit in the Engine Fuel System. The EEC System provides control of the engine for a wide range of thrust settings. </p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-55</p><p> A300/A310 Doors and Compartments</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-66</p><p>FedEx Airbus Aircraft - Introduction</p><p> Each engine produces approximately 50,000 Pounds of thrust at Sea Levelconditions.</p><p> A310-300 Series Pratt &amp; Whitney (PW) 4000 Series installed on FedExNew Acquisition Aircraft entering the Airbus Fleets during the Fiscal Year2001 will have FADEC Control Systems. Each engine producesapproximately 52,000 Pounds of thrust at Sea Level conditions.</p><p>Future acquisition of the A310-300 Series Aircraft may have some Non-FADECSystem(s) installed on the Engine Power Plants. These engines could be the GECF6-80C2A2 or CF6-80C2A8 types models.</p><p>A Cold Stream Thrust Reverser System is provided for aircraft decelerationpurposes on the ground that is powering the A300 and A310 FedEx Aircraft.</p><p>The General Electric (GE) (Formerly Garrett/Honeywell) Gas TurbineCompressor Power Unit (GTCP) GTCP 331-250H located in the Fuselage TailSection provides Electrical and Pneumatic Power sources. It is normally calledAPU (Auxiliary Power Unit).</p><p>The Electrical Power System consists of 115 VAC/400 Hz/Three Phases (A-B-C)and 28 VDC. The AC System is powered by two Integrated Drive Generators(IDGs) on the Main Engines Number 1 and 2, and AC Generator on the APU.Three Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) convert AC Power into DC Power.Three DC Aircraft Batteries provide Emergency Power. A Static Inverter providesAC Emergency Power. AC External Power is also available for use.</p><p>Structural Station Numbering for locations is in Centimeters (CM). EachFuselage Frame (FR), Wing Rib, Vertical Stabilizer of Fin Ribs and HorizontalStabilizer or Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer (THS) Ribs are marked withIdentification Numbers. The aircraft is divided into Major and Minor Zone Areas.</p><p>The Fuselage is divided into two areas, Upper and Lower Decks. The UpperDeck contains the Flight Deck or Flight Compartment, Courier and Main DeckCargo Compartment (MDCC) areas. The Lower Deck provides compartments forCargo and Equipment. The Fuselage is pressurized except for the Radome, AirConditioning and Tail Areas, and the Nose/Main Landing Gear Wheel Wells. TheMain Gear Wheel Wells are also called Hydraulic Compartment or Bay.</p><p>There are two Crew/Courier Doors (L1 and R1) on each side of the fuselage.Each Door is equipped with an Emergency Assisted Opening System and anEscape Slide Unit. Both of the Slide Units on the L1 and R1 Doors are also usedas Rafts in the event of an emergency water landing.</p><p>The Hydraulic Compartment or Bay (Main Gear Wheel Wells) provides aninstallation area for Hydraulic Systems and Components. Air ConditioningCompartment or Bay is located below the Center Wing Section.</p><p>The Flight Control Systems have various control surfaces installed formaneuvering the about the Lateral, Vertical and Longitundial Axes. Primary andSecondary Flight Controls are hydraulically powered and no Manual Reversion isprovided.</p><p>The Pneumatic System provides an air source for Air Conditioning Packs, WingAnti-Ice, Main Engine Starting, Thrust Reversers and to pressurize the HydraulicReservoirs, and Fresh Water (Potable) Water Systems. External High PressurePneumatic Ground Connectors are provided as an air source to the aircraftsystems.</p><p>Two Air Conditioning Packs provide a source of ventilation for Heating andCooling purposes. Avionics Equipment is cooled by the Air Conditioning Systemto control equipment temperatures.</p><p>The Pressurization System is automatically controlled to maintain a 6000 to 8000Feet Cabin Altitude at various aircraft flight altitudes. Safety Valves provideMaximum Differential Pressure protection.</p><p>A conventional Tricycle Landing Gear System supports the aircraft on theground, Air-Oil Type Shock Absorbers or Main Struts are used and Landing GearDoors are hydraulically and mechanically operated. Multiple-Disc Brakes withAnti-Skid features provide braking actions. Automatic Brake System providesdeceleration of the aircraft, if selected. A Fixed Tail Skid provides protection ofthe Aft Fuselage area during Take Off and Landing conditions. The Nose Gear issteerable with the Nose Wheel Steering (NWS) System during emergencies withDifferential Braking using Main Gear Braking System.</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-77</p><p>FedEx Airbus Aircraft - A300-600 View</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-88</p><p>FedEx Airbus Aircraft - A310-200 Series View</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-99</p><p>AIRBUS ATA 00 INTRODUCTION QUICK QUIZ</p><p>The following quiz covers training areas to further increase your knowledge and skills of theAirbus A300 / A310 aircraft and other areas of importance to you...</p><p>1. WHERE ARE THE FLIGHT CONTROL</p><p> SURFACES MANUAL REVERSION UNITS</p><p> LOCATED ON THE A300 / A310 AIRCRAFT?</p><p>2. HOW IS 28 VDC GENERATED FOR THE</p><p> TWO DC BUSSES USED IN THE DC</p><p> ELECTRICAL POWERED SYSTEMS?</p><p>3. WHERE IS THE AIR CONDITIONING BAY</p><p> LOCATED ON THE AIRCRAFT?</p><p>4. WHICH COMPARTMENT AREA PROVIDES</p><p> A LARGE INSTALLATION AREA FOR THE</p><p> HYDRAULIC SYSTEM EQUIPMENT?</p><p>5. WHICH UNIT PROVIDES AC EMERGENCY</p><p> POWER IN THE EVENT OF AC SYSTEM</p><p> POWER MALFUNCTIONS?</p><p>6. WHICH COMPONENT UNIT CAN BE USED</p><p> FOR ELECTRICAL POWER GENERATION</p><p> AND PROVIDE PNEUMATIC POWER ?</p><p>7. WHAT UNIT OF MEASUREMENT IS USED</p><p> FOR STRUCTURAL STATION NUMBERING?</p><p>8. WHICH AIRBUS (A300 / A310) MAIN ENGINE</p><p> USES THE POWER MANAGEMENT CONTROL</p><p> SYSTEM FOR ENGINE OPERATIONS?</p></li><li><p>MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01MTT M540000/R3.4 16AUG01For Training Purposes OnlyFor Training Purposes Only</p><p>ATA 00ATA 00A300/A310A300/A310</p><p>00-00-1010</p><p>THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY</p><p>LEFT BLANK</p><p>ATA 00 INTRO - END</p><p>COURSE CODE: M540000</p><p>COVERTOCINTROQUIZ</p></li></ul>