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An introduction to Korean

An introduction to Korean

An introduction to Korean Children's Book

An introduction t


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to Korean Children's Book

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The Art Gallery Is Alive-Cartoon Bible through Masterpiece Paintings

Based on the main charactersfantastic adventure, this cartoon bible unfolds biblical talesthrough masterpiece paintings. On their various adventures, Eunyul, his sister Seonyul and hisgirlfriend Daseul, enter the masterpiece paintings that depict biblical scenes and explore theworld of the Bible. Eunyul loves his sister but finds her bothersome from time to time. Oneday when his sister upsets him yet again, he wishes she would disappear. When he finds outthat she has indeed disappeared, he sets out with his girlfriend to find her. After they are pulledinto a painting hanging at an art gallery, they encounter biblical stories and figures, as theytravel through the masterpieces that depict scenes from the Bible. Volume One deals with theCreation and the Great Flood, Volume Two, with Abraham, the ancestor of religion, andVolume Three, with Jacob who wrestled with an angel. Though he has never enjoyed going tothe church, Eunyul begins to develop his faith as he meets various biblical figures and finallylets God deep into his heart. This is a color cartoon with detailed descriptions of biblicalmasterpieces such as Michelangelos Creation of Adam.

By Choi Hyunmee

Copyright Agent : Bang +82 2 522 5148

The Art Gallery Is Alive-Cartoon Bible through Masterpiece Paintings(Misulgwani Saraitda-Myeonghwawa Hamkkehaneun SeonggyeongManhwa)MouseionAgape2009, 224 pagesISBN 978-89-93524-23-9



7An introduction to Korean Children's Book

Where Did She Fly Without Any Wings?

This book tells the stories of two girls based on the epic poems by Jeong Yak-yong (1762-1836), a leading Silhak scholar of the Joseon Dynasty, and Kim Ryeo (1766-1821), a poetfrom the late Joseon era. A Bride Who Was Sold is based on Jeongs poemDoganggogabusa and unfolds the unfortunate life of a woman who wasmarried to a blind old man at the age of 18. Deceived by the matchmaker, the father of the girlmarries his daughter off to the old man. The old man, who has already been married twice andhas three children, abuses his young wife verbally and physically. Unable to endure suchcruelty, the young wife runs away to the mountain, shaves her head and becomes a Buddhistnun but is soon caught and returned home. The Song of Bangju is based on Kim Ryeospoem Bangjuga , which sings of a beautiful and smart girl named Bangju, whosefamily belongs to the lowest class. One summer, a man of high status stops on his way andasks Bangju for a bowl of water. Immediately taken by Bangju, the man asks Bangjus fatherto give her away as his daughter-in-law. However, in the Joseon period when yangban andlower-class families did not marry across class lines, the father is shocked and refuses theoffer. This book portrays the sufferings of women and lower-class people who lived through atime of strict gender and status discrimination.

By Choi Hyunmee

Copyright Agent : Jeon +82 31 955

Where Did She Fly Without Any Wings?(Nalgaedo Eopsi Eodiro Naraganna)Jeong Yak-yong & Kim RyeoAlma(Munhakdongne Publishing Corp.)2009, 144 pagesISBN 978-89-9252-567-1

Good Kid

When do parents say good girl! or good boy! to their children? When they get up in themorning and wash their faces, when they get dressed by themselves, when they share theirfood with friends, when they clean up after playing with toys, when they greet politely, whenthey get along well with friends without fighting, when they brush their teeth and when theygo to bed early. All of these situations can be found in this pop-up book. Eight differentbehaviors of children such as washing face, getting dressed and greeting politely unfoldcharmingly on each page. Upon turning the page, a pop-up attracts the readers attention andlarge-font text describes the childrens behavior. Good girl! or Good boy! is added next tothe pop-up image of the child. Parents can tell the story using the guidelines on each page.Compliments exert a very powerful effect on children. When the parents encourage them withpositive reinforcements, they are more likely to grow up to be confident leaders. They alsohelp turn desirable behaviors into regular habits. This book is ideal for parents whocompliment their children regularly and children who behave themselves.

By Kim Jung-mi

Cpyright Agent : Cristine Yi (Yu Ri Jang Literature Agency) +82 2 735

Good Kid (Ai Chakhae)Choi JiwonIllustrator : Kim JaewonApplebee Publishing Co.2008, 12 pagesISBN 978-89-2620016-2

8 LTI Korea




9An introduction to Korean Children's Book

No Way, No Way in the World!

No Way, No Way in the World! (Cheonmanui Malsseum Manmanui Kongtteok) is a story ofcartoonist Yi Samil who thinks it is more natural not to bathe or clean. He is second to nonewhen it comes to laziness. One day, he witnesses the miracle of a chick hatching from hisboiled egg. The chick grows quickly and becomes a hen in just two days. Yi hopes that thismiraculous hen will lay golden eggs but soon finds out that all the eggs are ordinary. Stilluncertain, he cracks tens of eggs to make sure but they are, in fact, all ordinary. The next day,the hen suddenly dies. After he buries the hen, Yi conceives the idea to draw an interestingcartoon about a chick that hatched from a boiled egg.

The author has modified and incorporated some famous fairy tales such as Heungbu andNolbu, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Golden Goose into his story. Such familiar tales, whichare entwined with Yis story told in a colloquial style, make this book much more fun to read.In particular, the chatty narration that incorporates various proverbs, maxims and detailedexplanations is the finest aspect of this book. The main character who constantly daydreams isdisgraceful and farcical yet pitiful. Though there is no child character in the story, No Way, NoWay in the World! is a book children will be able to enjoy very much.

By Choi Seongkyu

Cpyright Agent : Nam +82 2 3142

No Way, No Way in the World!(Cheonmanui Malsseum Manmanui Kongtteok)Yang Ji-anIllustrator : Kim Jung-seokBaram Public2008, 187 pagesISBN 978-89-9087-870-0



The Last Event

This is a novel for children by childrens story writer Yoo Eun-sil, who has been well receivedby both literary critics and readers for her sensitive and affectionate look at aspects ofchildrens lives. It is a story of a boy who expands his understanding of life and death throughhis experience of the death and the funeral of his grandfather, his favorite person in the world.The father of the main character Yeonguk always calls his son useless. He also ignores hisfather, who is very close to Yeonguk. However, the relationship between Yeonguk and hisgrandfather ends abruptly because of the latters sudden death. The scenes of the funeralunfold through the eyes of a child. Even though the funeral is characterized by a strictformality and burdensome traditions, strange and funny incidents also take place, as rathers