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<ul><li><p>ASIF LATHIF </p><p>S/O Lathif, DG79, Ground Floor, Ittina Neela Apartment, Electronic City, Bangalore-560 100. </p><p>Please Call me: +91-99164-27872,Kindly mail me @ </p><p>OBJECTIVE: </p><p>My Primary goal is to be a driver of organizational change/development initiatives and utilize my expertise to offer value to Customers. I carry with myself a 10 years diverse exposure which has given me the opportunity to partner &amp; engage the Business Leadership Teams in Service sector with varied Experience in Administration, Engineering, Human Resources, Training, Finance, Client Relationship Management and to put forward of my skills and knowledge along with the continuous up gradation of the Organization, Improvement of Self Knowledge in uplifting of ethical values and encouraging the social responsibility. </p><p>SUMMARY: </p><p>I am a Real Estate/Facility Management Professional with diverse experience in delivering outsourced Solutions to Customers having Proven ability to build and lead a strong team through collaboration and effective communication with a high priority on customer service with different sectors of the industry such as Pharma, Software, BPO, Infrastructure, Telecom, Banking etc., </p><p> Dynamic leadership qualities, well organized with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity &amp; initiative to achieve both personal &amp; corporate goals. Directly contributed in initiating &amp; implementing strategies to add value to the clients interest, while supporting the Commercial objectives of the Account. </p><p>WORK ASSIGNMENTS: Working with M/s CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd as COUNTRY KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER INDIA from </p><p>05th Dec 2014. I have been assigned with the Indias TOP Ecommerce Company M/s Flipkart India </p><p>Pvt ltd and its affiliates to manage the Operations of Facilities and Infrastructure across all India </p><p>Sites. Managing 20 Lakhs sq.ft of built up area with a team of 320 members including Regional </p><p>Managers, Site Managers, Facility Executives, Technical Senior Supervisors, Electro Mechanical staffs, </p><p>Housekeeping staffs, Office staffs forms my operational teams. </p><p>My key Role is to develop Strategic Relationships for business and account growth ,drive Revenue </p><p>initiatives &amp; be accountable for the In Country Account Governance. The role in addition includes </p><p>managing Client Service delivery, SLA, Enterprise Solutions &amp; reporting for all offices with active </p><p>participation in organization wide initiatives. </p></li><li><p>Multi-geography/cultural experience to remotely manage the FM Operations and be responsible for </p><p>operational &amp; financial success of Account. </p><p>Worked with M/s ISS Facility Services India Pvt Ltd as SENIOR FACILITY MANAGER/CLUSTER </p><p>MANAGER KARNATAKA REGION from 10th Sept 2013 to 4th Dec 2014. I was stationed at M/s Citi </p><p>Group, MG Road,Bangalore and the portfolio assigned includes all the sites of Citi group including its </p><p>affiliates of overall Karnataka. A team of 120 members including Site Managers, Facility Executives, </p><p>Technical Senior Supervisors, Electro Mechanical staffs, Housekeeping staffs, Office staffs forms my </p><p>operational teams. The assignments includes </p><p> Administrative Functions </p><p>1. Managing Five Sites of Citi and 9 ATM Centers including two Citi Owned properties. </p><p>2. Parking Management at client premises. </p><p>3. Government bodies liasoning such as KSPCB,BESCOM,BWSSB,BBMP,ARO,WLO etc., </p><p>4. Vendor Management Operational Functions </p><p>1. Overall Operation and Maintenance of 4,00,000 sq.ft of Client Locations </p><p>2. Decision making </p><p> 3. According approval for R &amp; M and soft services budgetary requirement after detailed </p><p>cost study </p><p>4. Being a control point of contract governance between ISS and Citi </p><p>5. Innovative Solution to the client other than the routine problem solving techniques </p><p>6. Allocation of portfolio to Site Managers and Facility Site Lead and getting the desired results as per the company requirement </p><p> 7. Creating of Revenue generation platform to ISS at client premises. </p><p> 8. Planning,co ordination of Annual Power Shutdowns </p><p> 9. Planning the movement of client premises from one to other </p><p> 10. Policy upgradation </p><p> 11. Tracking the Energy Consumption and developing new mechanism to trace the same </p><p>and implement </p><p>12. Churn Project Management including drawing planner of layout, BOQ, Proposal,Approvals etc., </p><p>Working with M/s Bharat Vikas Group India Ltd as SITE MANAGER from 04th June 2010. I am </p><p>stationed at The Himalaya Drug Company Ltd,Makali,Bangalore handling a team of 43 members </p><p>including Electro Mechanical staffs,Housekeeping staffs,Office staffs and Environmental staffs. The assignments includes </p><p> Administrative Functions </p><p> Operational Functions </p><p>13. Operation and Maintenance of 1000KVA x 4 nos of Diesel Generator </p><p>14. Operation and Maintenance of 200 Tr x 4 nos of Air cooled Chillers </p><p>15. Operation and Maintenance of 600 KG/Hr x 4 nos evaporation boilers </p></li><li><p>EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:- </p><p> 16. Maintenance of Splite Air conditioners </p><p> 17. Maintenance of Air Handling Units(AHU) </p><p> 18. Operation and Maintenance of Fire Hydrant System including Fire Engine, </p><p>Sprinklers,Main Hydrant Pump and Jockey pump </p><p>19. Carrying out carpentry works, Modification, repair etc., </p><p>20. Carrying out Plumbing works, Modification, renovation etc., </p><p>21. Tracking the Energy Consumption </p><p>22. Liasoning with Government Authorities Such as Police, BESCOM, Fire, Statutory, KSPCB </p><p> Human Resource functions </p><p>1. Recruitment of Manpower such as Technicians, Supervisors, Housekeepers, </p><p>Pantry/Stewards, Office boys, Cook, Electricians, HVAC Technicians, Plumbers, Carpenters </p><p>etc., </p><p>2. Employee welfare associations/Programmes etc., </p><p>3. Statutory compliance related to employee welfare. </p><p>4. New joinee Induction. </p><p> Training Functions </p><p>1. Providing the team members with on job training </p><p>2. Class room training </p><p> Financial Functions </p><p>1. Budgetary preparation </p><p>2. Preparation of bills, submission of bill towards providing the services </p><p>3. Credit/Debit bill </p><p> Business Development Functions </p><p>1. Visiting new sites </p><p>2. Meeting new clients, increasing my company business </p><p>EDUCATION UNIVERSITY/BOARD INSTITUTION </p><p>(MBA) Industrial Engineering Karnataka State Open University S.S.College,Bangalore </p><p>B.Com Kuvempu University </p><p>Karnataka S.S.College,Bangalore </p><p>ITI Electrician Board of Technical </p><p>Education,Karnataka </p><p>Government Industrial Training </p><p>Institute,Mysore </p><p>S.S.L.C Karnataka State Secondary Education </p><p>Board, Karnataka St.Philomenas High </p><p>School,N.R.Moholla, Mysore </p></li><li><p>AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS: </p><p>Has been recognized by CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd by awarding Performance award towards recognition of hardwork and stratergic efforts towards regional management of Administration and Facilities Been awarded GO GETTER award at ISS Facility Services India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore for performing good at Client Locations in managing the client, Operations and in entirity </p><p> Have been instrumental in reducing the Energy consumption contract demand by 37% at Citi Bank NA,Jayanagar which in turn has saved Rs.4 L to the company </p><p> Have been appreciated by Client M/s The Himalaya Drug Co. Ltd for overall outstanding performance of BVG India at site headed by me. </p><p> Awarded as the BEST PERFORMER OF THE YEAR 2012 at BVG India Ltd, Bangalore </p><p> Successful completion of Installation of 100KW Solar Panel for the generation of Power, the cost of Project was 1 Crore 10 Lakhs in 2013 </p><p> Certified from NIIT for successful completion of Graduate Employability Test </p><p> Have saved 17.71 Lakhs rupees as a Energy saving initiative at IBM Daksh and received appreciations from the client in 2009 Hence, reducing the Electricity Bills by 30%. </p><p> Awarded as The Best Student of the year in the year 1999-00 from St Philomenas High School,Mysore (Thanks for the recognizing committee). </p><p> Have received appreciation certificates for participating in English Essay competition from St.Philomenas High School,Mysore in the year 2002-2003. </p><p> Have received certificates for actively participating in Kannada Recitation from St.Philomenas High </p><p>School, Mysore in the year 2003-2004. </p><p>Received luerels from Nehru Youth Clubs for actively paticipating in Paragliding conducted at Mandakalli Airport,Mysore in the year 2005-2006. </p><p> Received luerels from Nehru Youth Club,Mysore for participating in Trekking competition conducted at Chamundi Hills in the year 2005-2006. </p><p>PERSONAL DETAILS: </p><p>Fathers Name: Mr.Lathif. </p><p>Height/ Weight: 5 feet 8 inches / 74kgs </p><p>Hobbies: Reading books, Making Friends, Cycling and Attending Technical </p><p>seminars. Languages Known: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telegu </p><p>Passport No: K9831104 </p><p>Issue Date:04/03/2013 </p><p>ExpiryDate:03/03/2023 </p></li><li><p>Worked with M/s Jones Lang LaSalle(JLL) Meghraj Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd(Randstad), Bangalore from 01st Nov 08 to 03rd June 2010 as a Facility Executive Engineer. I was stationed at IBM Daksh Business Process Pvt ltd, Bangalore. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: </p><p> Preparation of MIS (Monthly Information Sheet) report and submission of the same to the client with SLA (Service Level Agreement) Review for approval. </p><p> Preparation of the WR &amp; CR to carry out the PPM activities as per CEM(Critical Environment Management) process and tracking the same enabling the smooth operation of equipment with low maintenance and less break down time. </p><p> Tracking the assets present in the facility and auditing the same on a qty basis and assuring under control.Working with Maximo software </p><p> Preparing the RCA (Route Cause Analysis) if break down happens and initiating necessary steps to avoid such occurrences. </p><p> Due Deligence of the site </p><p> Statutory compliance coordination with LL </p><p> CEM induction to the contractor, Coordination with the contractor </p><p> Preparation of Business proposal for Energy Saving Initiative </p><p> Preparation of checklist for Electro Mechanical services </p><p> Subcontractor maintenance </p><p> Audit coordination </p><p> Annual Shut down planning and execution </p><p> EHS coordination </p><p> CIWG Savings initiative </p><p> Planning the Emergency Response Plan </p><p> Organizing the Business continuity Plan Worked with M/s Maclellan Integrated Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd. </p><p>Bangalore from Nov 12th 2007 to 31st Oct 08 as a Technical Supervisor in Apotex Research and Pharmaceutical pvt Ltd.,Sigma Aldrich Chemicals and GMR Skip House,Bangalore </p><p>Worked with M/s Hornstone Property and Facility Management Services Pvt ltd., Bangalore from 16th Oct 2006 to 31st Oct 2007 as a Technician in Divyashree Towers-Airtel, Bangalore which is the corporate office of Bharti Airtel. </p><p>DECLARATION: </p><p> I do hereby declare that all the statements made in the above application are correct to the </p><p>best of my knowledge and belief. </p><p>Yours Sincerely, </p><p>Asif Lathif </p></li></ul>