Asset Integrity Management – a risk based - Roy_van_ Integrity Management – a risk based approach ... Pipeline Integrity Management Forum 2014 ... First get Asset Integrity procedures in place

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<ul><li><p>DNV GL 2013 SAFER, SMARTER, GREENERDNV GL 2013</p><p>Asset Integrity Management a risk based approachTurning Policy into operational practice</p><p>5th February 2014Pipeline Integrity Management Forum 2014</p><p>Roy van ElterenHead of Section Gas Infrastructure &amp; Transport</p><p>DNV GL Oil &amp; Gas</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Outline</p><p> Introduction to DNV GL Oil &amp; Gas;</p><p> Asset Management Policy</p><p> Operational practice</p><p> threat Identification</p><p> Risk prioritization</p><p> Inspection planning</p><p> Respond &amp; process improvement</p><p> Questions</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>3</p><p>DNV GL Group</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>DNVGL: A new company with 150 years of experience </p><p>DNV and GL Noble Denton joined forces in September 2013. Weve drawn </p><p>upon our proud heritages to create:</p><p>4</p><p> Greater technical expertise</p><p> Enhanced innovation capabilities</p><p> Extended global reach</p><p> An integrated service portfolio</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>An integrated approach across the asset lifecycle</p><p>Our common way of working and global sales model delivers industry </p><p>best practice across the asset lifecycle. Core service areas include:</p><p> Risk management advisory</p><p> Technical advisory</p><p> Noble Denton marine assurance &amp; </p><p>advisory</p><p> Technical assurance</p><p> Certification and verification</p><p> Inspection and quality assurance</p><p> Offshore classification</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Serving the diverse needs of the entire oil &amp; gas value chain</p><p>Exploration &amp; Production</p><p>Transport &amp; </p><p>DistributionDelivery &amp; </p><p>Use</p><p>Enabling Operational Excellence</p><p>Verification &amp; Certification Services</p><p>Technology Innovation Services</p><p>Energy Business Decision Support</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>7</p><p>Asset Management Policy </p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Asset Management Policy</p><p> Challenges for Asset owners/pipeline Operators;</p><p> Prolong lifetime of Assets in operation</p><p> Public awareness</p><p> Pressure from authorities</p><p> Accidents v.s near misses</p><p> Accommodate Renewables &amp; Unconventionals?</p><p> Compliance to new standards and regulation</p><p> Operators are in the spotlight: Show me you are in control.</p><p> Creating an umbrella for all the (inter)national- and company standards</p><p> Example; PAS55/ISO55000</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>ISO55000 : 2014Assets</p><p>PAS55/ISO55000 overview</p><p>9</p><p>PAS55 : 2004Physical Infrastructure Assets</p><p>PAS55 : 2008Physical Assets</p><p>The IAM Tool</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>PAS 55 Improvements with ISO 55000</p><p> Worldwide recognition in comparison to U.K. </p><p>based PAS55</p><p> Structure of Asset Management is better </p><p>acknowledging what large companies do and </p><p>want (ownership; asset management; service </p><p>provider)</p><p> It puts emphasis on involvement of top </p><p>management and leadership</p><p> Includes finance and accounting requirements</p><p> Risk based decision has a prominent place in the </p><p>overall asset management system</p><p>10</p><p>PC 251 Structure</p><p>ISO 550000</p><p>ISO 9001 </p><p>quality</p><p>ISO 14001 environment</p><p>ISO 31000 risk</p><p>ISO 27000</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Structured approach</p><p>Links to roles in the organization</p><p>11</p><p>Operational areas</p><p>Asset Strategy</p><p>Asset Lifecycle Management</p><p>Asset Owner</p><p>Asset Manager</p><p>Service Provider</p><p>Performance indicators Business performance Asset performance Benchmarking</p><p>Decision support data Probability, impact, risk Cost data Scenarios, alternatives</p><p>High quality asset data Fixed asset data Condition / health Assessment knowledge</p><p>BusinessStrategy</p><p>Asset Management Policy</p><p>Strategic Asset Management </p><p>Plan</p><p>Asset Management Plans</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Practical build up: from asset details to company criticality</p><p>12</p><p>Networks</p><p>Facilities /Pipelines</p><p>Components</p><p>Parts</p><p>Criticality</p><p>Failure modes</p><p>Asset Health</p><p>Station configuration</p><p>Netwerkconfiguration</p><p>Maintenance/Performance</p><p>Data</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>PAS55/ISO55000 in practice</p><p> Benchmark of company procedures vs standards</p><p> Establishing Asset Register</p><p> Asset Condition Assessment</p><p> Threat Identification</p><p> Risk prioritization </p><p> Selection of Inspection methods</p><p> Maintenance planning/re-inspection</p><p> Constructing Asset Management plans</p><p> Risk evaluation cycle</p><p> Integrity Management Systems software support</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>14</p><p>Asset Integrity in Operation</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Risk based Asset Integrity in Operation</p><p>15</p><p>Identify</p><p>Prioritize</p><p>Plan &amp; Select</p><p>Respond</p><p>Improve</p><p> Threats Failure Mechanisms</p><p> Risk Assessment Prioritize risks</p><p> Plan Inspections Appropriate Methods</p><p> Quality Management Integration of Data</p><p> Continuous improvement Efficient processes</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Identify threats</p><p> All threats to pipeline/asset integrity shall be considered</p><p> Consider future changes in operating conditions that</p><p>may introduce new degradation mechanisms</p><p>(e.g. pressure fluctuations, gas quality)</p><p> Guidance given by for example ASME B31.8S Managing System</p><p>Integrity of Gas Pipelines:</p><p> Time-dependent (e.g. external corrosion, internal corrosion, stress corrosioncracking)</p><p> Stable (e.g. manufacturing, welding, equipment related defects)</p><p> Time-independent (e.g. third party damage, incorrect operational procedure,weather related and outside force)</p><p>16</p><p>Identify</p><p>Prioritize</p><p>Plan &amp; Select</p><p>Respond</p><p>Improve</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Inspection planning and selection</p><p> Inspection methods can be divided mainly into inline </p><p>inspection (ILI) methods and aboveground surveys to be </p><p>used in assessment methodologies.</p><p> About 40% of the gas pipelines worldwide cannot be </p><p>inspected inline.</p><p> Assessment methods:</p><p> External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)</p><p> Dry Gas Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (DG-ICDA)</p><p> New developments in ILI technology </p><p> Combining inspection results to increase accuracy of </p><p>defect growth prediction-&gt; leading to effective </p><p>re-inspection</p><p>17</p><p>Identify</p><p>Prioritize</p><p>Plan &amp; Select</p><p>Respond</p><p>Improve</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Prioritize; risks</p><p> Scope: Rank pipelines based on probability of</p><p>failure and failure mode for external corrosion</p><p> Build a failure model to determine the failure frequency of a defect</p><p>based on the:</p><p> leak vs. rupture (ASME B31G)</p><p> Time to fail for a single defect</p><p> Failure frequency of a defect (Monte Carlo simulation)</p><p> Based on data from ILI-runs, the ECDA program, PIMS, internationaldatabases and from expert judgment</p><p> Leading to a ranking tool to prioritize inspections based on risk:</p><p> Incorporate consequence factors (e.g. population density, environmentaldamage, security of supply etc.)</p><p>18</p><p>Identify</p><p>Prioritize</p><p>Plan &amp; Select</p><p>Respond</p><p>Improve</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Respond; Inspect and repair</p><p>Identify</p><p>Prioritize</p><p>Plan &amp; Select</p><p>Respond</p><p>Improve</p><p>External corrosion (MIC)</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>Process Improvement; (P)IMS</p><p> Scope: Development and Implementation of </p><p>a (Pipeline) Integrity Management System</p><p> Our contributions: Getting a company ready to use PIM software</p><p> Asset Management Policy development (Gap)</p><p> Implementing company procedures</p><p> Training company experts</p><p> Functional specification customer requirements</p><p> Integrity Management support (Risk, inspection)</p><p> Supported by a unique Software package</p><p> Data Quality &amp; data management is key!</p><p> First get Asset Integrity procedures in place. </p><p>Identify</p><p>Prioritize</p><p>Plan &amp; Select</p><p>Respond</p><p>Improve</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p></li><li><p>DNV GL 2013</p><p>SAFER, SMARTER, GREENER</p><p></p><p>Thank you for your attention!</p><p>22</p></li></ul>