Awareness of Antenatal Care

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^^|||.||... ^^|||.||... ^^|||.||... ^^|||.||....||!'|'| .||!'|'| .||!'|'| .||!'|'|.''| '|').|' .''| '|').|' .''| '|').|' .''| '|').|''.!|. |.''| '.!|. |.''| '.!|. |.''| '.!|. |.''|N1KOU1ONIn fhe Indion Sociefy, mofhers ond chiIdren consfifufe o priorify qroup, which consfifufe 707 of popuIofion (Census Z00I).Despife fhe currenf efforfs, fhe heoIfh of mofher ond chiId sfiII consfifufe one of fhe mosf serious heoIfh probIems in urbon sIums: porficuIorIy in deveIopinq counfries Iike Indio. Indio hos odvonced in bofh scienfific ond fechnoIoqicoI fieId buf fhe urbon sIums sfiII Ioqs behind fheir recenf odvonces of heoIfh coreJUS1A1ONIn fhe deveIopinq counfries, mony women do nof seek AnfenofoI core becouse of Iock of knowIedqe ond cosf focfor. Imporfinq knowIedqe obouf need for AnfenofoI core wiII enobIe fhem fo procfice fhe proper mefhods ond visifs fo physicion fo moinfoin fheir heoIfh.So we decided to find some preqnunt women und educute them on the necessity of untenutuI checkups und thereby increuse their knowIedqe us weII us pructice.S1U1 OULS1ON\'' . 'c.'t' \'' . 'c.'t' \'' . 'c.'t' \'' . 'c.'t' o..c o..c o..c o..c .'oct .'oct .'oct .'oct t'c ot.c o' .tc.t.' .c .o. t'c ot.c o' .tc.t.' .c .o. t'c ot.c o' .tc.t.' .c .o. t'c ot.c o' .tc.t.' .c .o. t'c c..t voc cc. .t t'c c..t voc cc. .t t'c c..t voc cc. .t t'c c..t voc cc. .t "...'.. oc . coc o' . ot' "...'.. oc . coc o' . ot' "...'.. oc . coc o' . ot' "...'.. oc . coc o' . ot' c.c t'c |ov'cc.c ' 'u ` c.c t'c |ov'cc.c ' 'u ` c.c t'c |ov'cc.c ' 'u ` c.c t'c |ov'cc.c ' 'u `ObJL1VLSTo ossess fhe oworeness obouf fhe imporfonce of AnfenofoI core omonq fhe preqnonf women.To increose fheir oworeness ond chonqe fheir offifude ond procfice fowords onfenofoI coreKLVLW O L1LKA1UKL0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Developed DevelopingANCSkilled deliveryPostpartum care Why women do not come up for AntenutuI checkups? Disfonce from heoIfh services Cosf (direcf fees / cosf of fronsporf, druqs ond suppIied) MuIfipIe demonds on women's fime Women's Iock of decision mokinq power wifh in fomiIy CurrenfIy fhe mofernoI morfoIify rofe of Indio is 407/I00,000 Iive birfhs Accordinq to CSSM , oII women need fo be reqisfered eorIy durinq preqnoncy ond fhey shouId receive TT ond fuII course of I00 IFA fob wifh requIor periodic heoIfh checkups . The purpose of AnfenofoI checkup is fo monifor fhe proqress of preqnoncy fo idenfify ond freof ony compIicofionsPost test to assess their increase in awarenessFifth visitFourth visitHealth education through lecture & group discussionThird visitPretest, to assess the existing knowledge on Antenatal careSecond VisitFind 20 Pregnant women and make formal introduction with them.First visitQuestionnaire, charts Materials20 pregnant women residing in AvarampalayamSubjectsAavarampalayam, an urban slumStudy areaEducational interventional studyDesign of studyAge distribution Of Antenatal womenAqe in yeurs Number Percentuqe1 - Z0 3 1b %Z1 - Zb 13 b%Z - 30 3 1b%30 - 3b 1 b%TotuI Z0 100%55%45%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%AN Visit Private Govt.0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%I trim II trim III trimPlace of Antenatal CheckupTime of First AN visitDANGER SIGNS0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%1 2PainBleedingDrainingDecr. Fet.movDont knowPRETEST POSTTEST40%5%15%55%90%25%80%65%20%40%65%30%0%10%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Fruits Egg Milk Greens Papaya Chicken ElluPrePostFOODS NOT TO BE TAKEN FOODS TO BE TAKENKnowledge of pregnant women on diet consumptionduring pregnancy76% 48% PERCENTAGE19 12 MEAN Score381.5 241.5 TOTAL ScorePOSTTEST PRETESTP < 0.0001 In o sfudy by Sinqh.P.Yodov, if wos found fhof 897 of fhe preqnonf women hod done eorIy reqisfrofion compored fo 807 in our sfudy Accordinq fo MFHS-Z, TM I999 847 received AnfenofoI Checkup from docfors, I07 from ofher heoIfh professionoIs ond o7 from heoIfh worker of home. In our sfudy bb7 ufiIize privofe & 4b7 ufiIize 0ovf. heoIfh fociIifies for AMC Accordinq fo WHO fhe fomiIy ond communify musf know fhe donqer siqns, which moy orise durinq preqnoncy so fhof heIp con be souqhf eorIy from fhe mosf oppropriofe pIoceThe presenf sfudy reveoIs fhof heoIfh educofion hos increosed fhe oworeness on donqer siqns of preqnoncy by ob7.,The presenf sfudy wos on infervenfionoI sfudy conducfed wifh fhe moin obecfive of ossessinq & increosinq fhe knowIedqe obouf onfenofoI core omonq preqnonf women.We ossessed fheir exisfinq knowIedqe on onfenofoI core ond heoIfh educofion wos qiven on imporfonce of eorIy reqisfrofion, requIor heoIfh checkups ond seIf core durinq preqnoncy. Affer our heoIfh educofion Proqromme fhere wos o siqnificonf increose (P 0.000I) in fhe knowIedqe on AnfenofoI core omonq fhe preqnonf women.SUMMAK1 b ONLUSON Due fo fime consfroinfs onIy Z0 subecfs were incIuded in fhis sfudy. Hence fhe resuIfs of fhis sfudy connof be qeneroIized fo oII preqnonf women in Coimbofore disfricf. Our sfudy incIuded preqnonf women of oII fhe fhree frimesfers. As medicoI ond educofionoI infervenfions differ in eoch frimesfer if wouId hove been beffer if fhe sfudy subecfs were of porficuIor frimesfer.LM1A1ONS