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<ul><li> 1. Meet your awesome panel!<br />Ria Sharon <br />@RiaSharon<br />Katherine Stone <br />@Postpartumprogr<br />Karen Walrond <br />@Chookooloonks<br />Holly Hamann <br />@HollyHamann<br />Julie Cole <br />@JulieCole<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Everything I know about core values, I learned from 80s sitcoms<br />@ 20th century Fox<br /> 3. Be honest<br />@ 20th century Fox<br /> 4. Be resourceful<br /> 5. Have a good support team<br /> 6. Everyone has a story<br /> 7. Be friendly<br /> 8. Some may look it, but nobodys perfect<br /> 9. Find your tribe<br /> 10. But choose it carefully<br /> 11. Be nice to the new kid<br /> 12. Change is your friend<br /> 13. 14. Know your audience<br /> 15. Embrace diversity<br /> 16. Be true to yourself<br /> 17. Dont hoard your audience<br /> 18. Think strategically<br /> 19. Have a mission <br /> 20. Everyone has a niche<br /> 21. Its never too late to start<br /> 22. Theres always room for one more<br /> 23. When in doubt.<br />What would Fonzie do?<br /> 24. What if?<br /> 25. Negative Comments<br /> 26. Opportunity<br /> 27. Choices<br /> 28. Miscommunication<br /> 29. Credits<br />Facts of Life, Sony Pictures Entertainment<br />M*A*S*H , 20th century Fox<br />The A Team, NBC<br />The Brady Bunch, Paramount Television and ABC<br />Cheers, Paramount Television, CBS<br />Designing Women, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures<br />Family Ties, Paramount Television<br />Growing Pains, Warner Brothers Entertainment<br />Back To The Future, Universal Pictures<br />Fresh Prince of BelAir, Quincy Jones Entertainment, NBC Productions<br />Men In Black, Columbia Pictures<br />Magnum PI, Tom Greene, CBS<br />Little House on The Prairie, Worldwide Enterprises, CBS Television<br />McGyver, Paramount Pictures<br />Whos The Boss, Columbia Pictures<br />Full House, Warner Brothers Entertainment<br />Mork and Mindy, Paramount Television, CBS<br />Love Boat, CBS Television<br />Fantasy Island, Sony Pictures Television<br />Golden Girls, Touchstone Television, Disney<br />Eight is Enough, Warner Brothers Television<br />Happy Days, Paramount Television, CBS<br />Family Matters, Warner Brothers Television<br />Taylor Swift, Big Machine<br /> Simon Cowell, Sony Music Entertainment<br /></p>