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<ul><li><p>UNDER THE HIGH PATRONAGE OF THE SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE LEAGUE OF ARAB STATES</p><p>HE. DR. NABIL EL ARABY</p><p>MEDHEALTHCAIRO</p><p>2013</p><p>SUPPORTED BY</p><p>Council of Arab Health Ministers </p><p>League of Arab States Executive Board ofthe Health Ministers'</p><p>Council for GCC States</p><p>CO-SPONSORSTRATEGIC PARTNER &amp; MAIN SPONSOR</p><p>MEDIA PARTNERS ORGANIZED BY</p><p>GROUP</p><p>13-14 MARCH 2013Cairo Marriott Hotel THE ARAB </p><p>HEALTHCARE SECTORTOWARDS THE FUTURE</p></li><li><p>FROM THE PRESIDENTMESSAGE</p><p>Dear Colleagues,</p><p>When we had the idea to establish an Arab Federation for Hospitals, it was a very big Challenge... </p><p>Today after 11 Years of Success , we understand that with you, we can always reach our targets and we can push the Healthcare sector towards Excellence...</p><p>The theme of this year The Arab Healthcare Sector towards the Future has been carefully chosen to discover new technologies, following the international trends and keep up the pace of the development to have a better healthcare future.</p><p>With you, Hand by hand we will be strong and well informed to face any challenge and step rmly towards the future by having a clear vision for a better hospital in the Arab World . Leadership, Quality, Risk Management, Talent Management, Safety and more are some of the points to be discussed in order to spread the culture of our continuity.</p><p>We invite you to be present in all activities and opportunities that this umbrella oers.</p><p>Welcome to MedHealth Cairo 2013.DR. FAOUZI ADAIMI</p><p>PresidentArab Hospitals Federation</p><p>SUPPORTED BY</p><p>STRATEGIC PARTNER &amp; MAIN SPONSOR</p><p>Council of Arab Health Ministers </p><p>League of Arab States Executive Board ofthe Health Ministers'</p><p>Council for GCC States</p><p>Dr. Faouzi Adaimi - Congress ChairmanProf. Tawk Khoja - Director General - Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for Cooperation Council StatesMrs. Laila Negm - Director of Health and Humanitarian Aid - League of Arab StatesMr. Hatem El Rouby - Member of Technical Secretariat of the Council of ArabHealth Ministers - League of Arab StatesMr. Mohamad Al Noimi - Chief of Communication &amp; Chief of Sta in MD Oce - Hamad Medical Corporation Dr. Safa El Qsoos - Managing Director Assistant for Planing - MOH - JordanDr. Ahmad Al Shatti - Consultant Occupational &amp; Environmental Medicine - MOH - Kuwait Dr. Ashraf Ismail - Managing Director - Middle East Oce - JCIMr. Edmond Yammine - Chairman - MCE GroupDr. Ali Abou Grain - Secretary General of Arab League for Quality Healthcare Services Mr. Naji El Hani - Legal Advisor - Arab Hospitals FederationMrs. Alice Boueiz - Head of Organizing &amp; PR Committee - Arab Hospitals FederationDr. Mireille Khalil- Project Manager - MCE Group</p><p>ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS</p><p>MEDIA PARTNERS</p></li><li><p>The strategy and science behind successfully </p><p>guiding Arab hospitals towards better future ...Medhealth Cairo 2013 is set to provide the Arab Hospitals with the scientic and strategic knowledge to help them face the healthcare system changes that will impact them in the coming years and plan well this transitional period and be ready before this happens. The scientic agenda will discuss the future of the healthcare sector and the development needed on various levels to guide the hospitals safely towards a better future.The meeting unites local, Regional and International experts in the eld of Health management who will share their expertise with the attendees. Register now to discover the changes that will impact the Arab healthcare system in the near future and learn what you should do to navigate these challenges securely.</p><p>WHO SHOULDATTEND?</p><p>Private &amp; Public Hospitals</p><p>Nursi</p><p>ng Di</p><p>recto</p><p>rsGovernm</p><p>ent</p><p>Ocials</p><p>Healt</p><p>hcare</p><p> Advis</p><p>ors</p><p>Med</p><p>ical</p><p> Dir</p><p>ecto</p><p>rs </p><p>C level Executives in Hospitals ( CEO, CFO, CNO) </p><p>Man</p><p>agin</p><p>g D</p><p>irec</p><p>tors</p><p>Accrediting &amp; </p><p>Auditing Bodies</p><p>MAIN SPONSOR :</p></li><li><p>AWARDS</p><p>His Royal HighnessPrince Turki Bin Talal</p><p>Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Arab Open </p><p>University in Riyadh</p><p>H.E.Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al Sa'eediMinister of Health in </p><p>the Sultanate of Oman</p><p>Children Cancer Hospital 57357 - Egypt </p><p>WITH THE ARAB HEALTH MINISTERSOPEN DISCUSSION</p><p>Over the past years, the Arab Hospitals Federation has initiated a new feature to its forum, the Interactive panel discussion with the Arab Health Ministerswhich distinguished it from all other Health events in the Arab world.In this panel, the Ministers of Health will expose their plans, share their experience and suggest their strategies and ideas to move forward to a better healthcare system. Many points were discussed in the previous editions and left their mark on the Arab health sector.This year The Investment in the Adolescent Health is the Future of Healthcare is the Subject that will be highlighted in the panel because we believe that preserving the health of our Adolescents will guarantee the future of our community and will impact the economical side and limit the diseases in our Arab world. The Arab Ministers of Health will participate in this panel during the Opening Ceremony of MedHealth Cairo and it will be managed by Professor Tawk Khoja - Director General of Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for Cooperation Council States </p><p>MAIN SPONSOR :</p><p>Distinguished Arab Personality Award </p><p>in relief work</p><p>Pioneer Leadership </p><p>Award in healthcare</p><p>Arab Pioneer Institution Award for </p><p>Humanitarian Aid</p><p>Ministry of Health in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia</p><p>Leading Initiative Award for E-Health</p><p>Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon</p><p>Leading Initiatives Award against Non </p><p>Communicable Diseases</p></li><li><p>Meet the Expertsin MedHealth Cairo</p><p>DR. NAGWA ELHOSSEINYChairman - Quality consultant and Prof in </p><p>Cairo University- Egypt</p><p>DR. ALI ABOUGRAINGeneral Secretary - ALQHS</p><p>DR. HESHAM ELKHOLYChairman of Chamber of Private Sector Healthcare </p><p>Providers - Egypt</p><p>DR. ASHRAF ISMAILManaging Director - JCI Middle East Oce</p><p>DR.ALI ELHAJManaging Director - Healthcare Management</p><p>PROF. REFAT ABDELHALIM ALFAOURIDirector General of ARADO</p><p>PROF. TAWFIK KHOJADirector General - Executive Board of the Health </p><p>Ministers Council for Cooperation Council States</p><p>DR. NABIL EL ARABYSecreatry General - League of Arab States</p><p>ENG. SLEIMAN HAROUNPresident - Syndicate of Hospitals - Lebanon</p><p>DR. HASSIB JABERConsulting Technology Partner - Deloitte ME</p><p>DR. MAHI ELTEHEWYProfessor of Public Health - Ain Shames UniversityChief of Planning and Performance - HMC</p><p>GARY NEEDLE</p><p>PROF. SALMAN RAWAFDirector of WHO Collaborating Centre</p><p>Imperial College - London</p><p>MR. JAD BITAR Principal, Booz &amp; Company </p><p>DR. SAFA ELQSOOSManaging Director Assistant for Planning - MOH - Jordan</p></li><li><p>WorkshopWorkshop</p><p>AGENDA</p><p>13.30</p><p>12.00 Lunch</p><p>17.00</p><p>ARAB MINISTERS OF HEALTH PANEL DISCUSSION</p><p>Panelists : Arab Ministers of HealthModerated by: PROF. TAWFIK KHOJA - Director General of Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for Cooperation Council States </p><p>19.00</p><p>Distribution of Awards</p><p>Opening of Exhibition</p><p>20.00 VIP Dinner in the honor of the Arab Ministers of Health(by invitation only)</p><p>08.30 Registration</p><p>09.30</p><p>10.00 Workshop 1: SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP</p><p>Address of DR. FAOUZI ADAIMI President of the Arab Hospitals FederationAddress of PROF. REFAT ABDELHALIM ALFAOURI Director General of ARADOAddress of PROF. SALMAN RAWAF - Director of WHO Collaborating Center - Imperial College - LondonAddress of PROF. TAWFIK KHOJA - Director General of Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for Cooperation Council States </p><p>PROFESSOR SALMAN RAWAF - Director of WHO Collaborating Center - Imperial College - London</p><p>Workshop 2: HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT EXERCISEPROFESSOR SALMAN RAWAF - Director of WHO Collaborating Center - Imperial College - London</p><p>15.00</p><p>WORKSHOPBREAKSSESSION</p><p>Networking Coee Break</p><p>16.30 Networking Coee Break &amp; Lottery in the Exhibition Area</p><p>Distinguished Arab Personality Award in relief work given to: His Royal Highness Prince Turki Bin Talal Bin AbdulAziz - Chairman of the Advisory Board in the Arab Open University in Riyadh</p><p>Pioneer Leadership Award in healthcaregiven to: His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohamed Bin Obaid AlSaidi - Minister of Health in the Sultanate of Oman</p><p>Leading Initiatives Award against Non Communicable Diseasesgiven to: Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon</p><p>Leading Initiative Award for E-Healthgiven to: Ministry of Public Health in KSA</p><p>Arab Pioneer Institution Award for Humanitarian Aidgiven to: Children Cancer Hospital 57357 - Egypt </p><p>THIS PROGRAM IS IN PARTNERSHIP AND IN COLLABORATION WITH:</p><p>Executive Board ofthe Health Ministers'</p><p>Council for GCC States</p><p>17.30</p><p>17.45</p><p>18.30</p><p>. Welcome Speech from ARAB HOSPITALS FEDERATION</p><p>. Address of HE. Dr. ABDULLAH AL-RABIAH - President of the Executive board of the Arab Health Ministers Council </p><p>. Address of the Patronage HE. DR. NABIL EL ARABY Secretary General of League of Arab States</p><p>. Address of the Honor Guest HRH. PRINCE TURKI BIN TALAL BIN ABDULAZIZ</p><p>Opening Ceremony </p><p>Day One: Wednesday 13 March 2013</p><p>Presentation will be given by the Honor Guest HRH. PRINCE TURKI BIN TALAL BIN ABDULAZIZ on Relief Work in Arab World </p><p>Panel Discussion : THE INVESTMENT OF THE ADOLESCENT HEALTH IS THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE</p><p>Session 1: IT SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER HEALTHCARE FUTURE (TBC)Chaired by : ENG. HISHAM MOHAMED ANES - Chairman of Information Technology &amp; Communication Chamber </p><p>Sponsored by Chamber of Information Technology &amp; Communication </p></li><li><p>AGENDA Day Two: Thursday 14 March 2013</p><p>12.45</p><p>13.00</p><p>11.30</p><p>Networking Coee Break</p><p>09.40</p><p>11.00 Networking Breakfast</p><p>14.30 Closing &amp; Distribution of Certicates</p><p>WORKSHOPBREAKSSESSION</p><p>Session 1: ADVANCING QUALITY AND SAFETY FOR ALL: NOW AND IN THE FUTURE</p><p>Accreditation: A necessity to continue?DR. ASHRAF ISMAIL - Managing Director - Middle East Oce - JCI</p><p>Quality , Safety culture &amp; Change Management approches : It is time for a revolutionDR. NAGWA ELHOSSEINY - Quality Consultant and Prof in Cairo University - Egypt </p><p>Patient Safety in Healthcare Service: An Important level that attracts organisations attentionDR. SAFA ELQSOOS - Managing Director Assistant for Planning- Ministry of Health - Jordan</p><p>Discussion</p><p>Forecasting the Future of Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders in Risk ManagementMR. GARY NEEDLE - Chief of Planning &amp; Performance - Hamad Medical Corporation </p><p>Getting to Zero: reducing Preventable Serious Safety Events in our Healthcare SystemsENG. SAMIA ABDEL LATIF - Owner - Business Excellence Center - Six Sigma Master Black Belt - Egypt</p><p>Risk Management, Quality Improvement and Patient SafetyDR. MAHI ALTEHEWY - Professor of Public Health - Healthcare Quality Unit - Ain Shams University - Egypt</p><p>Discussion</p><p>Session 2: RISK &amp; CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN HEALTH CARE SECTOR: A STRATEGIC APPROACH FOR THE FUTURE</p><p>Chaired by : DR. ALI ABOU GRAIN - Secretary General - Arab League for Quality Healthcare Services</p><p>Positioning Accreditation for the future : Change or Re- Invented status Quo?DR. ALI ELHAJ - Managing Director - Healthcare Management</p><p>Becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO): Operational advice for Hospital LeadersDR. HESHAM ELKHOLY - Chairman of the Chamber of Private Sector Healthcare Providers</p><p>Process Automation for Healthcare OrganizationsDR. HASSIB JABER - Consulting Technology Partner - Deloitte ME</p><p>Talent Management: New Trend in Guiding your Institution to a better FutureTBC </p><p>Discussion</p><p>Session 3: KEEPING UP THE PACE OF DEVELOPMENT IN THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEMChaired by : MR. SLEIMAN HAROUN - President of Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon</p><p>Chaired by : DR. HESHAM ELKHOLY - Chairman of the Chamber of Private Sector Healthcare Providers</p><p>09.00 Keynote Speech: THE HEALTHCARE SECTOR OF TOMORROW IS THE FUTURE OF TODAY MR. JAD BITAR - Principal - Booz &amp; Co</p><p>09.20 Keynote Speech: THE FUTURE OF THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY: OPERATIONAL IMPACTDR. ALI ELHAJ - Managing Director - Healthcare Management</p></li><li><p>BECOMING A SPONSOR OR EXHIBITORMedhealth Cairo 2013 is where the Arab healthcare industry from Ministries of health, hospitals, third party payers, solution providers, Auditing, consulting &amp; training rms and medical companies meet, to build , expand their network and promote their services and benet from this highly targeted business platform.</p><p>Medhealth Cairo 2013 provides the perfect opportunity to identify and approach new business prospects.</p><p>It is a place where international trends are showcased, learning is done and new business contacts are made.</p><p>PROMOTE YOUR COMPANYS EXPERTISE &amp; SERVICES At no other conference will you be able to meet with such a high number and calibre of industry decision makers who are coming together to discover the latest in this eld.</p><p>Fax the registration formto +961 (9 ) 900111</p><p>CONTACT MRS. ALICE BOUEIZ OR DR. MIREILLE KHALIL</p><p>ON +961 9 900110 - +961 9 900111 +961 3 986950</p><p>QUESTIONS TO DETERMINE YOUR INVOLVEMENTDo you oer services, solutions and products that support the challenges faced in the healthcare industry?</p><p>Could you benet from introductions to and time spent with decision makers?</p><p>Is it cost &amp; time eective to meet multiple prospects &amp; clients in one setting?</p><p>IF YOUR ANSWER IS YES TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS, YOU SHOULD BE PARTICIPATING AT THIS EVENT!</p><p>TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE MULTIPLE NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES including welcome reception, refreshment breaks, networking lunch. </p><p>If you provide services &amp; support in this area and you want to increase brand awareness and market share, then Medhealth Cairo 2013 is an event you cant aord to miss.</p><p>TO TALK TO US ABOUT SPONSOR &amp; EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES CHECK THE FORM AND </p><p>MAIN SPONSOR :</p></li><li><p>Among premier Cairo hotels, Marriott Cairo Hotel &amp; Omar Khayyam Casino in the Zamalek area is the perfect destination for weekend getaways, vacations and business travel. 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