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<ul><li><p>OVERVIEW OF CAREER MANAGEMENT AT 10EIGHTY </p><p>For further information visit </p></li><li><p>WHY IS CAREER MANAGEMENT IMPORTANT? </p><p> Career management drives engagement If you want to retain your best people, you need to </p><p>provide them with career management </p><p> Career management allows you to align organisa:onal needs with employee competencies </p><p> Career management enables you to build a pipeline of talented and engaged employees </p><p>For further information visit </p><p>Have a look at the tools 10Eighty use in their bespoke career management programmes in the next few slides. </p></li><li><p>CAREER APP 10EIGHTY CAREERS LADDER </p><p>Download our FREE iPhone/iPad App 10Eighty Careers Ladder from the iTunes Store. "How well are you managing your career? Are you going up the career ladder or falling foul of the snakes? </p><p>If you like what you see, please rate our app on iTunes. </p><p>For further information visit </p></li><li><p>THE GUIDE TO EVERLASTING EMPLOYABILITY by Michael Moran and Linda Jackson </p><p>If you enjoy the book, please review it on Amazon. </p><p>For further information visit </p><p>What's the secret of everlas:ng employability? How do you ensure that you will always have an income? This book is for those who are giving serious thought about their career. Sadly most people don't. The trick to everlas:ng employability in the words of Wayne Gretsky is to skate to where the puck is going. How do you predict what skills, experience, and qualica:ons will be required by the marketplace 18 months from today? How do you ensure that those with a requirement for your skill set know about you? What does the smart candidate do to stand out from the crowd? This book is a pragma:c guide to managing your career to ensure everlas:ng employability. </p></li><li><p>VIRTUAL LEARNING PROGRAMME EVERLASTING EMPLOYABILITY Our innova:ve career management e-learning programme designed in partnership with Marshall ACM. It combines interac:vity and video delivery and covers career MOT, career op:ons, personal branding, employability and much much more. </p><p>For further information visit </p></li><li><p>careerCENTRE - diagnosVc tools </p><p>The careerCENTRE is an interac:ve career management journey delivering career clarity and engagement at work. It will help to create a career engaged workforce through employee-owned engagement. The tools will help to support managers have great career conversa:ons. </p><p>For further information visit </p><p>Benets to the organisaVon Track career engagement across the </p><p>organisa:on Understand the key drivers and </p><p>mo:vators of key target groups Track the career progress in key </p><p>demographics Ensure you have an agile/career-</p><p>engaged talent pipeline Align any talent ini:a:ves with your </p><p>branding </p></li><li><p>EVERLASTING EMPLOYABILITY WEBSITE </p><p>For further information visit or </p></li><li><p>CONTACT US </p><p>Michael Moran Mobile: 07970 701 620 LinkedIn: Http:// Twitter: mdmoran10eighty </p><p>Twitter for career advice: 10Eightycareers Career Blog: Career and Talent Management Daily: </p><p>Linda Jackson Mobile: 07870 758 236 LinkedIn: Twitter: lindaj_10Eighty </p><p>Dave Harrison Mobile: 07876 024 555 LinkedIn: Twitter: DaveSHarrison </p><p>Liz Sebag-Montefiore Mobile: 07932 785 538 LinkedIn: Twitter: LizSM10Eighty </p><p>For further information visit </p></li></ul>