Checklist for Doctoral Degree Requirements Clinical ... for Doctoral Degree Requirements Clinical Psychology Program ... format INTERNSHIP ___ Completion of ... Certificate of Internship Completion

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<ul><li><p>Checklist for Doctoral Degree Requirements Clinical Psychology Program </p><p>Department of Psychology Marquette University </p><p> COURSEWORK ___ Coursework: 81 total credits completed (including credits transferred from a Masters </p><p>program), including: ___ Masters degree credits (6 credits) ___ Doctoral dissertation credits (12 credits) ___ Practicum credits (6 credits) </p><p> MASTERS THESIS ___ Masters thesis completed and submitted to the Graduate School </p><p>or ___ Masters thesis granted from a previous university DOCTORAL DISSERTATION ___ Successful completion of Doctoral Qualifying Examination ___ Doctoral dissertation defended ___ Revisions submitted and approved by committee (if necessary) ___ Submitted to the Graduate School and received approval of dissertation format INTERNSHIP ___ Completion of an approved internship FORMS ___ Completed and submitted application to graduate to Graduate School (students must apply </p><p>for graduation by the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar) ___ Completed and submitted Certificate of Internship Completion to Program (to be signed and </p><p>forwarded to Registrar) </p></li></ul>


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