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<ul><li><p>6First Person</p><p>Susie Cucina A taste of The Riviera and Beyond</p><p>9CuLTurE AND LiFE STyLE</p><p> 2</p><p>10Features</p><p>DREAMLAND </p><p>16BuSiNESS iNSiGhT</p><p> 10,000 </p><p>17 GooD FooD AND GooD hEALTh</p><p>20men Talk</p><p>21urban Life</p><p>House of slide</p><p>22Eat out</p><p>25EXPLorEr</p><p> 2</p><p>26rating</p><p>Top 25 Cities to visit 2012</p><p>27New Property review</p><p>The Okura Prestige Bangkok</p><p>CONTENTS</p><p>JULY 2012issue 02</p><p>6</p><p>10</p><p>22</p><p>21</p><p>Contributor .. .. </p><p> . </p><p> . </p><p> / </p><p> Michael McDonold Nauyuki Yamada Misaki Tominaga Sun-Young Hong</p><p> 5/130 10250 (02) 183 6000 (02) 183 6096 </p><p> 6/1 1 50200 (089) 554 9948 (053) 814 137</p><p>All right reserves. No part of this publication covered by the copyright hereon may be </p><p>reproduced in any form or by any means graphic, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, </p><p>recording, or otherwise without the written consent of the publishers. </p><p>Chiang Mai Chronicle Magazine welcomes letters, faxes and e-mail to the editor </p><p>( regarding press releases, specific articles and </p><p>issues. All correspondence may be edited for reason of clarify or space. </p><p>CMCC Magazine</p><p> - C M C C M a g a z i n e 6/1 1 </p><p> 50200 e-mail : e d i t o r @ c m c c m a g a z i n e . c o m </p><p> CC </p><p> CC Issue 2 Features </p><p> ColumnUrban L i fe </p><p></p><p>Editor Note</p><p>E-Bookavailable</p><p>CCMG E-Book Download</p><p>ChiangMaiChronicleMagazine</p></li><li><p>- P 4 2012.07 -</p><p>RECENT ACTIVITY</p><p>Doomm Series by Sabina 9 June 2012Doomm Series by Sabina 4 Doomm Doomm / </p><p>Doomm 7way / Soft Doomm / Doomm Why Wire 4 </p><p> Olives </p><p> () </p><p> 9 1 </p><p> Thank you party 3 June 2012 </p><p> Thank you party 5 </p><p> iPhone 4s FINO Nissan </p><p>March 3 </p><p> 8-10 June 2012 </p><p> D-MAX </p><p>8-10 2555 G </p><p>137 PILLARS HOUSE An Evening with Celebrated Soloist Tenor of the Hungatian State Opera</p><p>4 June 2012 </p><p>137 PILLARS HOUSE </p><p> An Evening with Celebrated </p><p>Soloist Tenor of the Hungatian State </p><p>Opera Xavier Rivadeneira </p><p> . </p><p> 4 2555</p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 5 -</p><p>European Union Film Festival 2012 15-24 June 2012 </p><p>European Union Film Festival 2012 </p><p> 23 17 </p><p> 15-24 2555 VISTA </p><p>F.B. Medical Clinic Grand Opening 30 June 2012 </p><p>F.B. Medical Clinic Grand Opening </p><p> F.B. GUY MEMBER </p><p>AWARD 2012 </p><p> 30 G </p><p> 6 10 June 2012 </p><p> 6 CM ALL STAR, Yes We </p><p>Can, WoW, , CNX DANCE CREW, </p><p> 10 </p><p>Pilates Class - </p><p>- Pilates Class </p><p>Slim up Sparking 40th</p><p>23 June 2012 </p><p>Slim up Center </p><p> Slim up Sparking 40th </p><p> VIP </p><p> 23 </p><p> G </p></li><li><p>- P 6 2012.07 -</p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 7 -</p><p>OPPO Find 3 29 May 2012 </p><p>OPPO OPPO Find 3 </p><p> 29 </p><p>2555 3 </p><p> 3,000 4 May 2012 </p><p> 3 3,000 </p><p> Toyota 3,000 Club 2555 Siam </p><p>Kempinski Chadra Ballroom 30 </p><p> 30 </p><p> CallCenter 053-202009</p><p> 6-10 June 2012 </p><p>6 10 2555 18.00 22.00 . </p></li><li><p>- P 8 2012.07 -</p><p>FIRST PERSON</p><p> 18 Dusit Thani College Four Season International </p><p>Susie Cucina Riviera Riviera Riviera A taste of The Riviera and Beyond beyond Riviera </p><p>Susie Cucina : A taste of The riviera and Beyond</p><p> Riviera 2-3 Riviera </p><p> local business </p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 9 -</p><p> Duck Leg con-fee 2 12 </p><p>Feedback </p><p> Riviera </p><p> 16 2 6 cc</p><p> Susie Cucina </p><p> Susie </p><p> Susie </p><p>Susie Cucina </p><p> Susie </p><p> Mediterinian </p><p>Susie Cucina Riviera </p><p> Riviera </p><p> A taste of The Riviera and Beyond beyond Riviera </p></li><li><p>- P 10 2012.07 -</p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 11 -</p><p> . email :</p><p>CULTURE AND LIFE STYLE</p><p>( )</p><p> 2-3 121 84,000 </p><p> 8 16 </p><p> 7 4 () 2 () () </p><p> ( =) </p><p> .. 2552 ? cc</p></li><li><p>- P 12 2012.07 -</p><p>FEATURES</p><p>Location : </p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 13 -</p></li><li><p>- P 14 2012.07 -</p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 15 -</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>Better environment condition, clean air and less polluted water. Use the nature resources efficiently and effectively.</p><p>1. . Dr.Wattana Chartapisak Doctor</p><p>2. Sarawut Chaipokanon</p><p> Guitar Artist, After Blue Moon Band </p><p>3. Prakaypruek Maimamoon </p><p> .6 </p><p> Hight School Student, Sathree Wattano Thai Payap School</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : Garden city </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>I would like to see an integration of the urban living and life in the outskirts, i.e. giving and caring. Garden city is my dream, we still have a lot of space to go green. For culture issue, local government must support the original language and ceremonies.</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>... </p><p>Safety should come first. I am expecting authorized person to strictly enforce the regulations and laws. Regular monitor in risk areas must be consider. We need more permanent museum and gallery.</p><p>4. Supap Tidlungka</p><p> Leader, Central Restaurant Group</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>Younger generation should learn our distinctive language and culture. Everyone need to have job that suitable to their knowledge and skill. I expecting people to recog-nized global warming problem, and therefore reduce waste and carbon dioxide from their transportation.</p></li><li><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>I am looking for all aspect of development, but that development must integrate well with our distinct culture and lifestyle.</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> ...</p><p>Developing of city is incomparable to internal development of people who live in the city. For better environment condition, we should have safety space to walk or ride a bicycle for short distance traveling.</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>Sincerely and safety society. We need to draw more tourists.</p><p>6. Niwet Thongkamfoo</p><p> Integrating Farming Specialist</p><p>7. Dussadee Aunmaung . </p><p> Speciaist, Sanameng Local Government</p><p>5. Jurapan Thongkhun</p><p> Graduate Student, Thammasat University</p><p> . </p></li><li><p> Chiang Mai Chronicle Magazine</p><p> CMCC </p><p></p><p>8. Pattranan Phasuk ..</p><p> A Teacher at Chongfah Sinsueng School</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>Do you know your neighborhood? People were more familiar with each other in the past. Besides friendly society, I want to live in land where my life and properties are secure. My dreamland is full of big trees and green walking space.</p><p>9. Monchai Srida </p><p> A Developer in Real estate</p><p> : </p><p> : </p><p>: </p><p>Strong relationship in each family is initial component of my dreamland. I want to see tourist-friendly city for both local and foreign people. Better transportation system is a must in Chiang mai. cc</p><p> CMCC !6 1,000 500 12 1,600 900 </p><p> :</p><p> 6 1,000 </p><p> 12 1,500 </p><p> ( +668-3761-1655)</p><p>Special Subscription offer!Huge reduction on domestic subscription to Chiang Mai </p><p>Chronicle Magazine!</p><p> 6 months from 1,000 Bath 500 Baht 12 months from 1,600 Bath 900 Baht</p><p>International subscription rates :</p><p> 6 months 1,000 Baht 12 months 1,500 Baht</p><p>Free postage for international subscribers</p><p>To subscribe, call Miss Mail +668-3761-1655</p><p>or email</p><p>Where to pick up Chiang Mai Chronicle Magazine FOR FREE :</p><p>137 pillars</p><p>94 coffee</p><p>acer </p><p>city nail</p><p>coffee lover</p><p>fabulous</p><p>Happy Hut</p><p>Health Lanna Spa</p><p>I Berry</p><p>Kantary hotel</p><p>Kantary terrace</p><p>Librarista</p><p>Mikes </p><p>MIX bar and restuarant</p><p>music lover</p><p>NES Junior</p><p>NES </p><p>NIS</p><p>oasis spa</p><p>play caf</p><p>Ristr8to </p><p>sira boutique hotel</p><p>smile milk</p><p>tiger kingdom</p><p>True Shop .</p><p>.</p><p>-</p><p> .</p><p> (</p><p>.)</p><p>. </p><p>-</p><p> ()</p><p>. </p><p> why not</p><p> 1985</p><p> All season</p><p> The Rim</p><p> VIP</p><p> .</p></li><li><p>- P 18 2012.07 -</p><p> : .0-2208-3598 .</p><p>( )</p><p>bUSINESS INSIGHT</p><p> 10,000 </p><p> / / </p><p> /</p><p> ( ) </p><p> 100 </p><p> 3 </p><p> 20 3.5 2 (-) </p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 19 -</p><p> . </p><p> 3 </p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p> 1 </p><p> 2 3 20-30 30</p><p> cc</p><p>GOOD FOOD AND GOOD HEALTH. 9 . </p><p> 2 1 1 2:1:1 </p><p> ... F.M. 99 Active Radio </p><p> . - 06.00-07.00 . </p><p> . MCOT 1 PSI </p><p>98 11.00-12.00 . Rerun 20.00-21.00 . </p><p></p></li><li><p>- P 20 2012.07 -</p><p>IN TREND</p><p>Asus EeePad S l ider Slider 273 x 180.3 x 17.3 </p><p> 960 </p><p> 10.1 LED Backlight WXGA </p><p>(1280 x 800 )</p><p> 1.2 </p><p> 5 </p><p> 3.1 ( 3.2 </p><p>)</p><p> NVIDIA Tegra 2 1 GHz RAM 1 GB</p><p> 16 GB ()</p><p> Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.1 </p><p>( 3G)</p><p> 17,900 </p><p>Samsung Galaxy S I I I </p><p> Samsung Galaxy S III</p><p> 4.8 HD Super AMOLED Display </p><p> 1280 x 720 </p><p> Quad-core (Exynos 4 Quad) Proc-</p><p>essor 1.4GHz</p><p> 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich</p><p> RAM 1 GB</p><p> 16GB, 32GB </p><p>64GB</p><p> 1.9 </p><p> 8 LED Flash </p><p> 3.3 </p><p> User Interface TouchWiz Nature UX</p><p> 3G 4G LTE , Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi </p><p>Direct, DLNA, MHL microUSB port</p><p> NFC</p><p>Apple hDTV LED 42 </p><p> iOS , </p><p> App Store </p><p> iCloud () , </p><p> iTunes Store () </p><p> Apple HDTV</p><p> iPhone iPad </p><p> Skype </p><p> Net ix, YouTube, Flickr</p><p> $1,499 ( 45,000 )</p><p> microSIM</p><p> 8.6 133 </p><p> 2100 mAh</p><p> 2 Marble white Pebble blue</p><p> S Voice : SIRIiPhone </p><p>4S 8 </p><p> S Beam </p><p> Wi-Fi Di rect </p><p>1GB3</p><p> Buddy Photo Share: </p><p> Gallery </p><p>Profi le</p><p> Music Hub: </p><p>Cloud 17 </p><p> iTunes MatchApple</p><p> 549.98 ( 550 ) </p><p> 22,400 16GB</p><p> 29 ..2555</p><p>S Voice : SIRIiPhone </p><p>4S 8 </p><p>S Voice : SIRIiPhone </p><p>4S 8 </p><p>S Voice : SIRIiPhone </p><p>S Beam </p><p> Wi-Fi Di rect </p><p>S Beam </p><p> Wi-Fi Di rect </p><p>S Beam </p><p>1GB3</p><p>Buddy Photo Share: </p><p> Gallery </p><p> Gallery </p><p>Profi le</p><p> Gallery </p><p>Profi le</p><p> Gallery </p><p>Music Hub: </p><p>Cloud 17 </p><p>Music Hub: </p><p>Cloud 17 </p><p>Music Hub: </p><p> iTunes MatchApple</p><p> 549.98 ( 550 ) </p><p>Lexus LS600h </p><p> V8 5.0 165 </p><p> 439 520 </p><p> 0-100 ./. 6.3 </p><p> 219 ./. </p><p> 10.86 </p><p> Mark Levinson 19 </p><p> (DAB) </p><p> USB </p><p> ECO </p><p> 12.8 </p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 21 -</p><p>Canon EOS 5D Mark I I I</p><p> CMOS full-frame 36X24mm </p><p> 22.3 </p><p> 6 </p><p> (fps)</p><p> DIGIC 5+</p><p> ISO 100-25600 ( 102400)</p><p> 61-point High Density Reticular </p><p> 22.3 </p><p>megapixel Full-frame CMOS sensor</p><p>Fer rar i F12 Ber l ine t ta 599 </p><p> NA 6300 </p><p> ( 6262 )</p><p> 730 HP 740 </p><p> PS 8,500 / 599GTB 118 </p><p> 4,618 1,942 1,273 </p><p> 5.9 /</p><p> 350 1 </p><p> 3.1 0-100 / </p><p> 8.5 200 / 340 </p><p>/</p><p>iNuke Boom</p><p> CMOS full-frame 36X24mm </p><p> 22.3 </p><p> 6 </p><p> (fps)</p><p> DIGIC 5+</p><p> ISO 100-25600 ( 102400)</p><p> 61-point High Density Reticular </p><p> 22.3 </p><p>megapixel Full-frame CMOS sensor</p></li><li><p>- P 22 2012.07 -</p><p>MEN TALK</p><p> (actinic keratosis) </p><p> () </p><p>...</p><p> 2 5 </p><p> 6 2 </p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 23 -</p><p>URbAN LIFE</p><p> 3 </p><p> Level Architecs</p><p> 3 </p><p>1 </p><p> living areas </p><p> ( ) </p><p> (Japanese-style room) </p><p> home office </p><p>SLIDE</p><p> 1 3 </p><p> 3 1 SLIDE </p><p> cc</p><p>House witH sLiDe</p><p> 3 </p></li><li><p>EAT OUT</p><p></p><p> 34 340 </p><p> ..2515 </p><p> 15 </p><p> 2 </p><p> 35 320 </p><p>GettiNG tHeRe</p><p> 1 </p><p>GettiNG tHeRe</p><p>1 2</p></li><li><p> 30 300 </p><p> 2 </p><p> 7 4 </p><p> (), , ,</p><p> 30 280 </p><p>GettiNG tHeRe 50 </p><p>GettiNG tHeRe </p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>Refers to a grilled pork sausage from </p><p>Chiang Mai which contains herbs, spices </p><p>and red curry paste. In English, it is known as Chiang Mai sausage. </p><p>1. sai-Aour Kaow Ma Kharm</p><p>smell: Strong smell of Herbs and Spices</p><p>Herbs: Varieties of herbs</p><p>taste: Slightly spicy from Herbs and Spices</p><p>Meat: Minced pork belly </p><p>outside: Grill till crispy</p><p>Price: 30 baht/Gram. 300/Kilogram</p><p>2. sai-Aour Ja Nai</p><p>smell: Herbs and Spices</p><p>Herbs: Suitable amount </p><p>taste: There are level of HOT for selection</p><p>Meat: Pork and minced pork </p><p>outside: Grill till crispy</p><p>Price: 30 baht/gram. 280/Kilogram</p><p>3. sai-Aour Damrong</p><p>smell: Slightly smell of Herbs and Spices</p><p>Herbs: Suitable amount</p><p>taste: Not too spicy, suitable for kids and </p><p> anyone who do not like spicy</p><p>Meat: Pork and minced pork </p><p>Price: 34 baht/gram. 340 baht/Kilogram</p><p>outside: Grill till crispy</p><p>Dont miss: Variety of fried and northern style </p><p> curry paste.</p><p>4. sai-Aour Aumporn-Mengrai</p><p>smell: Slightly smell of Herbs and Spices </p><p> once cut</p><p>Herbs: Suitable amount</p><p>taste: Herb and Spices are distinctive</p><p>Meat: Pork and HYPERLINK minced pork </p><p>Price: 35 baht/gram. 320 baht/Kilogram</p><p>incandescent light harness: Grill till crispy.</p><p>outside: Grill till crispy</p><p>Dont miss: Sai-Aour with soft bone.</p><p>Thai Northern Sausage (Sai-Aour)</p></li><li><p>- P 26 2012.07 -</p><p>Kirimaya , </p><p> 2555 044 426 000</p><p>Kirimaya is a high-end nature retreat just two hours from Bangkok and will be the fi rst boutique luxury resort in Khao Yai, the UNESCO World Heritage. Nestled at the edge of the Revered Khao Yai National Park, the Kirimaya Experience Includes the discovery of natures gifts wellness spas and the Exhilarating challenge of a pristine championship golf course Designed by Jack Nicklaus. </p><p>For more information please contact tel. 044 426 000 or</p><p>GREAT ESCAPES</p><p>Pimalai Resort &amp; Spa</p><p> 12 60 1,000 .. </p><p>Rain Shower : +66 2 3205500 E-Mail :</p><p>The Resort is located on 12 hectares of lush tropical vegetation, some 60 metres above sea level and offers unrivaled views of Ba Kan Tiang pristine sandy beach and bay of Lanta island.The villa built on a piece of hilly land 1,000 sq.m Spacious, elegant and unpretentious in their architectural design. The villa consists of a master bedroom facing the bay, bathroom with rain-shower a larch bathtub with view overlooking the bay, sundeck featuring a private. tel : +66 2 3205500 website :</p><p>Twinpalms Phuket</p><p> 5 97 </p><p> Martin Palleros . 076 316 500</p><p>Phukets Most Exciting and Stylish Contemporary Resort. A culmination of a passion aimed to highlight the joy of life. Deliciously comfortable it features sleek yet sensual minimalist interiors. Exquisite food orchestrated by talented, creative chefs and presented in vibrant restaurants. A fashionable beach club, the ultimate in intimate seaside sophistication. Enormous swimming pools. Lushly landscaped tropical water gardens. A world class spa. Original art collections and a well equipped. For more info. contact 076 316 500 or</p><p>The Sanctuary Resort</p><p> Tea Temple </p><p> </p><p>The Sanctuary is a laid-back, rustic beach resort set in the lush jungle of Koh Pha Ngan. Perfect for a healthy break, our Wellness Center will help you choose the right detox for you meanwhile, treat yourself to a massage in our Spa, enjoy a choice of daily yoga classes, and feast on fabulous vegetarian / RAW and seafood in our beachfront restaurant. If thats not enough for you, visit our relaxing Tea Temple and check out our range of workshops and alternative therapies.For more info. Contact</p></li><li><p>- 2012.07 P 27 -</p><p> , , , </p><p>, ,, </p><p> 2 ,,</p><p> 2</p><p> ( - ) </p><p> (-) </p><p> (-) </p><p> (Youth Hostel)</p><p> 3,500 4,500 </p><p></p><p> (MINSHUKU) 6,500 9,000 </p><p> (</p><p>) </p><p> (SHUKUBO) </p><p>EXPLORER</p><p> (Peoples lodge)</p><p> 6,500 </p><p> ()</p><p> 2010 </p><p> JVAC (Japan Visa Ap-</p><p>plication Center)</p><p> 8:30 ~ 17:30 .</p><p> 8:30 ~ 12:30 . </p><p>() </p><p> 177 10330</p><p>:</p><p> : 02-261-3525-6 :</p><p> 4 </p><p> High Season </p><p> Low Season </p><p> Low Season </p><p> () </p></li><li><p>NEWS</p><p> list 25 </p><p> ORANJESTAD 20 </p><p> ( 17) </p><p>...</p><p> . . Ask Men 29 . . . No. 25 </p><p>Life is for living and nothing makes a man </p><p>feel more alive than experiencing what the world has to offer. Hell, even if you have a bad trip, you still have memories, lessons and insights you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Thankfully, Ask-Mens annual guide to the 25 cities you need to visit this year eliminates the risk of a bad trip with all the info you need for you, your partner...</p></li></ul>