China research report on hemodialysis industry 2014 2018 market size, shares, trend, growth, researc

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Hemodialysis (also HD) is one of the replace therapy for patients with acute and chronic renal failure. There are globally 2.2 million uremia patients (end stage renal disease, ESRD) receiving dialysis treatment, including over 89% of them receiving hemodialysis. As the cost of hemodialysis is high, most dialysis patients are concentrated in developed regions like Europe and the U.S. The dialysis patients are fewer in developing countries but increases rapidly. In recent years, the growth rate of dialysis patients in China, India and Brazil remains above 15%, much higher than 3%-5% in Europe and the U.S. Meanwhile, the proportion of ESRD patients that receive dialysis treatment is only 10%-20% in developing countries, much lower than 80% in Europe and the U.S.A. To Brows a Full Report with Toc:


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