Chronic β-blockade does not affect 30-day survival after noncardiac surgery

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  • Reactions 861 - 21 Jul 2001

    Chronic -blockade does not affect 30-day survivalafter noncardiac surgery, according to investigatorsfrom the University of Oxford, UK. Their findingfollows a retrospective analysis of data from theOxford Record Linkage Study (an epidemiologicaldatabase). Patients who died from a cardiovascularcause within 30 days of noncardiac, elective or urgent/emergency surgery under general anaesthesia wereidentified and compared with matched controls. Inunivariate analyses, the investigators found thatchronic treatment with -blockers, calcium channelantagonists, ACE-inhibitors, diuretics, digoxin andorganic nitrates, was significantly associated withcardiac death in elective surgical patients, as was theuse of ACE-inhibitors and diuretics in urgent/emergency surgery patients. However, when the datawere adjusted for confounding factors, particularlyheart failure, in all cases except for organic nitrate use,these effects were rendered non-significant, say theinvestigators.Sear JW, et al. Intercurrent drug therapy and perioperative cardiovascularmortality in elective and urgent/emergency surgical patients. British Journal ofAnaesthesia 86: 506-512, Apr 2001 800864023


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