Clothes and Your Appearance Chapter 1 Your Clothes Speak for You

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  • Clothes and Your Appearance Chapter 1 Your Clothes Speak for You
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  • What do these outfits say to you?
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  • Why People Wear Clothes Need Maslows Hierarchy of needs Physical Needs Protection from weather Safety & Security Needs Knee pads & helmets Love & Acceptance Peer Pressure Attraction Self Esteem Confidence Self Actualization Individuality
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  • Physical Needs Protection from weather.
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  • Safety and Security Need Clothing is worn to keep you safe from harm Safety equipment is required for some occupations
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  • Love & Acceptance We always want to feel accepted by our peers and family.
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  • Love & Acceptance Modesty covering the body according to what is considered proper by the society in which you live Conformity following or obeying some set standard or authority Peer pressure the force that makes you want to dress like your friends Attraction desire to attract attention from someone you would like to date
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  • Esteem Feeling good about yourself Self Adornment, Status and Prestige, and Identification.
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  • Esteem Self-adornment decorating the body according to the customs of the culture Status/Prestige wearing clothing to express status, prestige or importance Status symbol Used to imply a higher status Identification tell the group affiliation, occupation, religion by the clothing worn
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  • Identification
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  • Status
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  • Self -Actualization Last level of need Success in personal achievement and expressions of personal creativity Individuality what sets one person apart from others Love yourself, and others will love you!
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  • Review Why People Wear Clothes * Give an example of each reason Physical Safety & Security Acceptance Esteem Self-Actualization
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  • Discussion Questions Why do desert nomads wear long flowing robes and headdresses? What occupations require special clothing for safely? Sanitation? Protection from the weather? Why do you think the standards of modesty are so different in some parts of the world?
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  • Discussion Questions .. Are there different standards of modesty for teenagers and adults? What would be the disadvantage of not wearing a uniform for police officers? Doctors? Athletic teams? Would you trust a lawyer wearing jeans and a t-shirt? Would you prefer a lawyer dressed in a suit and tie?
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  • Discussion Questions .. What status symbols are currently popular with teens at PHS? Are these items worth the additional expense than items that perform the same function?


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