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16/06/2016Friend Mapper On Android Mobile

Friend Mapper On Andriod Mobile

Aneela Khan ( Group Leader) Muhammad Waqas ( AGL ) Ghulam Mustafa Baber Mehmood Zahoor Ahmed

Supervised By

Dr. Shahzad Ahmed Nizamani (Assistant Professor )

Friend Mapper Team

Introduction Friend Mapper will change the way you connect with your friends. The Friend Mapper application shall be used to locate nearby friends..

Features of Friend Mapper

Communicate with GPS Device.Friend Mapper works on Wireless internet connection.Easy acess to Friend Location.

Need for Friend Mapper on Andriod Mobile Beneficial for parents or family members to remain up to date where his / her child is ? Allows you and Your friends to keep maps on each other.See the location of Friend.Locates the Different places .

Scope of ProjectHave you ever wished that u would get to know which friend is just kilometers away from you?

Allow users to maintain friend list.

Aims & Objectives

To share live location with your friends.

Adds or remove friends as often as you like .

You can turn off your location for any personal and privacy reasons.

Find out friends locations as well as the distance from users location.

Tools & Technologies


SLIENT SIDEHardware Requirements

Android Phone: Q Mobile Noir A900 Q Mobile A50 Samsung Grand

Android SDK 4.2 , Java

Tools: Eclipse IDE, Android SDK 4.2

Technologies used: Java , PHP.

Database: MySQL

Server: WAMP Server

Easily optimize a single binary for phones, tablets, and other devices.Tools & Technologies

PHP is a powerful language and the interpreterThe configuration flexibility of PHP is equally rivaled by the code flexibility.PHPMyAdmin PhpMyAdmin is a free software tool written inPHP, intended to handle the administration ofMySQLover the Web. PhpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations on MySQL. PHP MYSQWith PHP, you can connect to and manipulate databases.JSONJSON (Java Script object notation) is lightweight data-interchange format.Google Maps Google Maps is a Google service offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information-including business locations, contact information, and Driving directions .

Analysis is followed by the system architecture and design. Android Framework, Implementation, Testing .

Requirement Analysis

The android version had to be chosen so that it is compatible with most of the Android devices .

4.2 Jellybean version was chosen.

Runs on andriod version 4.2 < Friend Mapper


Requirement Specification .


Functional Requirement

User RegistrationUser LoginFriend listLocation FindingRole of GPSWi-Fi or cellular network.

Non-Functional Requirements

UsabilityOperabilityReliabilityAvailability Security Response timeQuality Performance


Our System Architecture


System Architecture Components

Client function

User RegistrationUser LoginAdd memberGPS ConnectorCoordinates Retriever and UpdateGet Member Location2. Server Functions

Registration ProcessesLogin ProcessesMember Addition ProcessesUpdating Location ProcessesGetting Location Processes

3. Database FunctionsUsers tableUsers friends lists tableLocations table

Friend Mapper Entity Relationship Diagram

Design Of System

Object Oriented Analysis & Design with UMLIn Friend Mapper :

Helps at the software architecture and design stage .

Helps in object oriented implementation.

Gives light on different problematic stages .

Activity Diagrams

when user interact after Login to System

ImplementationImplementationis the realization of an application, or execution of aplan, idea,model,design,specification,standard,algorithm, orpolicy.IMPLEMENTATION USING FRIEND MAPPERSplash screenA dialog box (asking about GPS)Login screen Register screenFriendlistTwo views option when clicking the friend Id (Google map and Earth)Map operation starts Marker with picture of user showing the location by combination of Lat/Long provided by Server on Map

Workflow Of Friend Mapper1






Implementation Detail Implementation is on Demo

The Communication

The communication take place as the client send HTTP request to and server gives its responses via HTTP responseWhen android application will execute, it will connect android device to PHP Script.

PHP Script will fetch data from the database. It will encode it into JSON format and send it to the device.

Now, android application will get these encoded data. It will parse the data and display it on android device.

Usability Testing in Friend Mapper16/06/2016Best way to understand how real users experience your application .

It involves targeting the audiences .

Conducted at various times throughout the iterative design process .

Friend Mapper Usability is a combination of factors including:

Intuitive designEfficiency of useSecurity Simple GUI to access .

Testing Friend Mapper 16/06/2016Starting the Application Turning on the GPS login window opens


Interface Testing Of Friend Mapper