Computer Graphics ( 4190.410 Course Introduction ) Jehee Lee Seoul National University

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  • Computer Graphics(4190.410 Course Introduction)Jehee LeeSeoul National University

  • SyllabusInstructor: jehee (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) krOffice: 302-325Phone: 880-1845

    Teaching assistant: noy (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) krOffice: 302-312-1Phone: 880-1864

  • SyllabusTextbooksD. Hearn and M.P. Baker,Computer Graphics with OpenGL, 3rd edition, Prentice HallOpenGL Programming Guide, Addison Wesley. This book is available online at

    Pre-requisitesA good knowledge on C or C++ programming

  • SyllabusGrading policyHomework: 10%Programming assignments: 50%Exams: 40%

  • What is Computer Graphics ?Narrow definitionThe pictorial representation and manipulation of data by a computerThe research field of visual computing, where one utilizes computers both to generate visual images synthetically and to integrate or alter visual and spatial information.

  • What is Computer Graphics ?Broader definition: Interactive Computer GraphicsMan-machine graphical communicationIvan Sutherlands Sketchpad

    Interactivity is as important as visual output

    Nowadays, the term computer graphics includes almost everything on computers that is not text

  • Sketchpad (Ivan Sutherland 1963)The first program ever to utilize a complete graphical user interface using CRT and light penIn 1963, most computers ran jobs in batch job mode only using punch cards or magnetic tapesA major breakthrough in the development of computer graphicsThe ancestor of modern CAD(computer-aided design) and HCI(human-computer interaction)video

  • A Brief History of Computer Graphics1885: CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)1960: William F. Boeing coins Computer Graphics1961: John Whitney, Intro to Alfred Hitchcocks Vertigo [vertigo1.avi]1961: Spacewars, 1st video game1963: Ivan Sutherland, Sketchpad1963: Douglas Engelbart, The first computer mouse

  • A Brief History of Computer Graphics1974: z-buffer, Ed Catmull1975: Phong shading1980: Tron, 1st feature film by CG (tronBike.avi)(tronTransfer.avi)Mid 1980s: Emergence of graphical user interfaces1986: Luxo Jr. nominated for Oscar ( Toy Story, 1st full CG feature film1999: Cheap consumer 3D graphicsShort films of Pixar :

  • What is Computer Graphics About?Replicate the real world in computers

  • What is Computer Graphics About?Visualize your imagination in computers

    Computer graphics = reality + imagination

  • Example Final FantasyFinalFantasySiggraph.avi

  • Uncanny ValleyHuman psycological reaction to animationCoined by Japanese roboticist Masahiro MoriEmotional response against similarity to human appearance and movement