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1 COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF BUSIA COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF BUSIA OFFICE OF THE CLERK PRE-QUALIFICATION FOR SUPPLLIERS 2015/2016 TO 2016/2017 PREQUALIFICATION DOCUMENT FOR PROVISION OF WORKS UNDER CATEGORY D TENDER NO ITEM DESCRIPTION... CLOSING DATE:MONDAY 4TH JANUARY 2016 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION A - Instructions for Prequalification 3 SECTION B - Tender Notice 3 SECTION C - Pre-qualification Criteria ...7 SECTION D - Supplier Application Form.8 SECTION E - Confidential/Business Questionnaire .9 SECTION F - Compliance with Statutory Requirements 11 SECTION G - Financial Position, Terms and Trade 12 SECTION H - Litigation/Arbitration history 12 SECTION I - Past Experience and Performances.12 SECTION J Man-power and expertise.....12 SECTION KEquipment Capabilities13 SECTION L -Declaration ..........14 3 SECTION A: INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Invitation for pre-qualification 1. The County Assembly of Busia intends to pre-qualify contractors under category D. 2. Pre-qualification is open for all eligible suppliers. However preference and reservation regulations apply in certain categories that will be determined by the County Assembly of Busia. 3. Eligible candidates are requested to strictly adhere to submission procedures as outlined in the advertisement whose copy is copied below. 4. All candidates whose applications will have been received before the closing date and time will be advised in due course, of the results of their application. Only candidates prequalified under this pre-qualification process will be invited to tender. 5. All the information for pre-qualification shall be provided in the English language. 6. Failure to provide information that is essential for effective evaluation of the applicants qualifications or to provide timely clarification may result in the applicants disqualification. 7. In assessing suitability the eligibility criteria set out below will be used. 8. Pre-qualification will be based on meeting the minimum requirements to pass in the criteria outlined below. SECTION B TENDER NOTICE PRE- QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS 2015-2017 The County Assembly of Busia invites interested and competent potential suppliers of goods contractors, and consultants for pre-qualification in the categories outlined below .The successful firms may be invited to bid in the course of the 2015/2016 to2016/2017 financial years as and when the goods will be required. The categories are as follows:- 4 COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF BUSIA COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF BUSIA PRE-QUALIFICATIONNOTICE 2015/2017 The County Assembly of Busia invites eligible Contractors/Suppliers for pre-qualification of Goods/Services for the F/Y 2015/2016 and 2016/2017. CATEGORY A: SUPPLY OF GOODS TENDER NO. DESCRIPTION PREFERENCE BSA/CA/04/2015/2016 Fuel and Lubricants Open BSA/CA/05/2015/2016 Motor Vehicle Restricted BSA/CA/06/2015/2017 Newspapers and magazines Reserved for persons with disability BSA/CA/07/2015/2017 Mineral Water Reserved for youth BSA/CA/08/2015/2017 Airtime/Calling Cards Reserved for persons with disability BSA/CA/09/2015/2017 Stationery Reserved for youth and women BSA/CA/10/2015/2017 Cleaning Materials and Detergents Reserved for women BSA/CA/11/2015/2017 Electrical Materials, Aircon and Installation Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/12/2015/2017 Tyres, Tubes and Batteries Open BSA/CA/13/2015/2017 Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers Open BSA/CA/14/2015/2017 Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Dictaphones, Hardware, Software and Video Camera. Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/15/2015/2017 Education and Library Books Reserved for youth BSA/CA/16/2015/2017 Accountable Documents Reserved for youth BSA/CA/17/2015/2017 Building Materials Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/18/2015/2017 Uniforms and Protective Devices Open BSA/CA/19/2015/2017 Supply, Training and Servicing of Fire Extinguishers Reserved for youth BSA/CA/20/2015/2017 Sanitary Bins Open BSA/CA/21/2015/2017 Water Dispensers Reserved for youth BSA/CA/22/2015/2017 Computer Accessories, tonners and Cartridges Reserved for youth BSA/CA/23/2015/2017 Office furniture and fittings Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/24/2015/2017 Elevated Steel Water Tank Open 5 BSA/CA/25/2015/2017 Air Conditioners Reserved for Local preference CATEGORY B: PROVISION OF SERVICES TENDER NO. DESCRIPTION PREFERENCE BSA/CA/26/2015/2017 Air Ticketing Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/27/2015/2017 Outside Catering Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/28/2015/2017 Hotel Accommodation and Conference Facilities Open BSA/CA/29/2015/2017 Printing and Publishing Services Reserved for Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities BSA/CA/30/2015/2017 Repair and Maintenance of Computers, Printers, Photocopiers and Local Area Network Reserved for youth and women BSA/CA/31/2015/2017 Support and Maintenance of Website Services Reserved for youth and women BSA/CA/32/2015/2017 Repair and Maintenance of Hansard System Open BSA/CA/33/2015/2017 Repair and Maintenance of Generator and Other Equipment Reserved for youth BSA/CA/34/2015/2017 Public Participation Services Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/35/2015/2017 Security Guarding Services Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/36/2015/2017 Repair and Servicing of Motor Vehicles Open BSA/CA/37/2015/2017 Travel and Benchmarking Studies Open BSA/CA/38/2015/2017 Courier and Postal Services Open BSA/CA/39/2015/2017 Car Hire Services Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/40/2015/2017 Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Materials and Installation Reserved for Local preference BSA/CA/41/2015/2017 Car Wash Services Reserved for Youth BSA/CA/42/2015/2017 Automation of Library Open BSA/CA/43/2015/2017 Fumigation and Sanitary services Open BSA/CA/44/2015/2017 E-Book Software/Accounting Software Open CATEGORY C: PROVISION OF CONSULTANCY SERVICES TENDER NO. DESCRIPTION PREFERENCE BSA/CA/45/2015/2017 Legislative Development Open BSA/CA/46/2015/2017 Legal services Open BSA/CA/47/2015/2017 Civil works, Architectural work and Quantity surveying Open BSA/CA/48/2015/2017 Training and Development Open BSA/CA/49/2015/2017 Valuation of Assets Open BSA/CA/50/2015/2017 General Consultancy Services Open CATEGORY D: PROVISION OF WORKS TENDER NO. DESCRIPTION PREFERENCE 6 BSA/CA/51/2015/2017 Building, Construction and Structural Works Open BSA/CA/52/2015/2017 Small Works Including Repair and Maintenance of Buildings, Equipment and Furniture. Reserved for youth Interested bidders shall download detailed Pre-qualification documents from the County Assembly Website Completed pre-qualification documents should be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked County Assembly of Busia pre-qualification 2015/2016 to 2016/2017 indicating Category No, Tender No and the item description and addressed to:- OFFICE OF THE CLERK COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF BUSIA P.O BOX 1018-50400, BUSIA-KENYA The documents should be deposited in the tender box situated at the entrance of the County Assembly reception desk so as to be received on or before Monday 4th January 2016 at 10.00 am The prequalification documents will be opened soon after at the County Assembly precincts in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to attend. NOTE: Preference and reservation regulations will apply for small, micro-enterprises, youth, people with disabilities and women of Busia County. Special groups must attach certified copies of certificates from Access to Government Procurement Opportunities. (AGPO).The special interest groups may well participate competitively in other categories. EVALUATION CRITERIA 1. Mandatory requirements as per Tender documents. 2. Information supplied as per the tender document. Required information Maximum scores Actual score 1 Registration documentation: Certificate of Incorporation/Registration Business Permit/trade license Valid VAT Certificate NCA Certificate Current certificate of good conduct of the directors 5 5 5 5 10 2 Financial capacity: Audited reports for the last 1 year & bank statements. 10 3 Past Experience & Performance 10 4 Manpower and expertise 10 5 Equipment Capabilities 10 6 Confidential business questionnaires : Duly filled Fixed premises with telephone facilities (may be inspected/verified by a team from Board officers if need be).indicate location, address, building, telephone etc. 5 7 Declaration and Company stamp 5 8 Preference for special groups youth, women, and persons with disabilities (provide proof certificate of registration as per the appropriate group from Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities) 20 Total 100 8 NOTE: CANDIDATES MUST MEET THE MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS AND SCORE A MINIMUM OF 70 MARKS OUT OF 100 TO BE PRE-QUALIFIED. SECTION D: APPLICATION FORM REGISTRATION OF SUPPLIERS APPLICATION FORM I/We (Firm Name) hereby apply for registration as a Contractor under Category D Tender Nos .. Description of items Postal Address .. Telephone Number (fixed line) .. Mobile E-mail Address ... Fax . Town Street . Building Floor. Room/office Other Branches/locations . .. Full name of authorized signatory Signature Designation Official Rubber Stamp 9 SECTION E CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS QUESTIONNAIRE You are requested to give the particulars indicated in part 1 and either part 2(a), 2(b) or 2(c) whichever applies to your type of business YOU ARE ADVISED THAT IT IS A SERIOUS OFFENCE TO GIVE FALSE INFORMATION ON THIS FORM Part 1: General Business Name .. Location of Business premises .. Plot No. . Postal Address ... Nature of Business Current trade License Expiring date . Maximum value of business which you can handle at any one time Kshs Name of your bankers Branch ... Part 2(a) Sole Proprietor Your name in full Age Nationality Country of Origin .. Citizenship details . Part 2 (b) Partnership Give details of partners as follows: Name Nationality Citizenship details No. of Share 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10 Part 2(c) Registered Company Private or Public State the nominal and issued capital of the company Nominal Kshs. Issued Kshs. Give details of all directors as follows: Name Nationality Citizenship details Share 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I/WE CERTIY THAT THE INFORMATION ABOVE IS CORRECT Date Signature of supplier: Official R/Stamp If Kenyan citizen, indicate citizenship details whether by Birth, Naturalization or Registration. (You may attach a separate sheet if space is required. The attachment must be duly signed and stamped) 11 SECTION F STATUS OF COMPLIANCE WITH STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS 1. Certificate of Registration/Incorporation (Attach copy) 2. Valid Trade License . (Attach copy) 3. State VAT Registration No. . (Attach copy) 4. Valid Business Permit.. (Attach copy) 5. State if the company is a subject of debarment proceedings with the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board , receivership, or any other form of liquidation as defined by the applicable law .. . 6. State whether you are a Manufacturer, Dealer or Appointed Distributor (Agent), Wholesaler, Retailer etc 7. State any technological innovations or specific attributes which distinguishes you from your competitors . 8. Tax Compliance Certificate (attach copy) 9. Other important certificates e.g. KEBS, registration with MOPW, Professional bodies certification (IATA a must for Air Travel Agent.) Please attach proof of relevant certificates in your area of expertise other than those mentioned. 12 SECTION G FINANCIAL POSITION & TERMS OF TRADE PART 1 AUDITED REPORTS Attach copies of audited reports and bank statements for the last 1 year. Briefly give a general statement on the companys total assets, current assets, total liabilities, current liabilities and sources of funds PART II TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRADE (PAYMENT TERMS) County Assembly of Busia would wish to accept deliveries after issuance of a Local Purchase Order to suppliers and effect payments after deliveries are made. Confirm acceptance of this: Acceptable/Not Acceptable SECTION H LITIGATION/ARBITRATION INCIDENCES Litigation and Arbitration incidences a) Enumerate any past litigation and arbitration incidences encountered by the firm. State the year of the incidence, name of client, cause of litigation and matter of dispute and/or disputed amount. b) State if the company is/was a subject of bankruptcy proceedings, in receivership, administration receivership, or any other form of liquidation as defined by the applicable law. SECTION I Past Experience and Performances State any previous clients and attach evidence of recommendation letters, local service order or letters of award to show past experience. SECTION J Manpower and Expertise Attach company profile. 13 SECTION K EQUIPMENT CAPABILITIES Name of Applicant Item of equipment Equipment information 1. Name of manufacturer 3. Capacity 2. Model and power rating 4. Year of manufacturer Current status 5. Current location 6. Details of current commitments .. Source 7. Indicate source of the equipment * Owned * Rented * Leased * Specially manufactured Omit the following information for equipment owned by the Applicant or partner Owner 8. Name 9. Address of owner .. Telephone Contact name and title Fax Email Agreements Details or rental/lease/manufacture agreements specific to the project . .. 14 SECTION L DECLARATION I/We have completed these forms accurately at the time of the application and it is agreed that all responses can be substantiated if requested to do so. Any inaccuracy in the information provided herein may be used as grounds for disqualification from further proceedings. Name Authorized Signature.. Position in the firm Official Rubber Stamp. Position in the Company Date: .. ANY OTHER DECLARATION Name:.. Signature.


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