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Course Introduction. Programming Language(Using Java). Course personnel:. lecturer : Contact email: bbsid: daiky msn: Education background 1992-1996 Shanghai jiaotong University bachelor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Course IntroductionProgramming Language(Using Java)

  • Course personnel: lecturer: Contact email: bbsid: daiky msn: Education background1992-1996 Shanghai jiaotong University bachelor1996-1999 Shanghai jiaotong University master1999-2003 Shanghai jiaotong University phD

  • Course personnel:Teaching Assistants: email: bbsid: pings

    : email: bbsid: watertap

    :email: bbsid:txfree

  • Lets Intro ourselvesWhere you are?I have never used computer

    I know some basic operations of computers, and be familiar with some common softwares, including office softwares, email, web systems or gamesI know DOS interface and has a moderate mastering of the computer, such as configuring computer system

    I have ever learned some basic programming knowledge in high school, like VB, C, etc.I master a programming language, or even attended some kind of competition.

  • Course InformationTime and Place: Attendance is mandatory.Lectures: Tuesday 34 Thursday 56;Lab Thursday 78 (Computing Center first floor, room A110 )Practicing on the course contents

  • Course InformationCourse goals.Master the core concepts and basics of programming language (Using Java programming Language) Master struct programing such as control statementBe familiar with Object oriented programmingKnow common Java class library Master the basic concept of computer and software design..Be familiar with basic operation and usage of common softwaresCultivate the thinking approach expressed by computerCultivate the interest to computer and software designMake the basis for the following courses,Cultivate the studying approaches for Professional coursesA guide to other aspect and a bridge between you and our schoolThe details of java language is not the focus

  • Learning ApproachesStudying TextbookLectures & pptPreview and reviewPracticingJust do it! Lab &ProjectAccomplish homeworkmaterials on webThe ability to learn by yourself

    Requirements of the courseearnest Honesty communication & coorpativeStanford Honor Code

  • Course Orgnization LecturesLabsProjectsExamsMid(Maybe)FinalClass websiteftp:// B/Some Demos

  • Course OrgnizationGrading (Ref. Not fixed yet)Project 40% Lab 10% Homework 10% exam 40%

  • TextbookIntroduction to Java Programming(Fifth Edition) by Y. Daniel LiangPart I Fundamentals of ProgrammingChapter 1 Introduction to Computers, Programming, and JavaChapter 2 Primitive Data Types and OperationsChapter 3 Control StatementsChapter 4 MethodsChapter 5 ArraysPart II Object-Oriented ProgrammingChapter 6 Objects and ClassesChapter 7 StringsChapter 8 Inheritance and PolymorphismChapter 9 Abstract Classes and InterfacesChapter 10 Object-Oriented Modeling

  • TextbookSixth editionPart III GUI ProgrammingChapter 11 Getting Started with GUI ProgrammingChapter 12 Event-Driven ProgrammingChapter 13 Creating User InterfacesChapter 14 Applets, Images, and AudioPart IV Exception Handling and IOChapter 15 Exceptions and AssertionsChapter 16 Simple Input and Output

  • Former Textbook(in Chinese) InternetWebJava Application Java Application//Java Applet //Java AppletJava Java Chapter 7 Java Chapter 10 JavaStringStringBuffer

  • Former TextbookJava Chapter 89 JavaJavaJavaJavaJava

    Chapter 11 12 13 JavaJava2D

    Chapter 14 15 Java

  • Advanced readings(not required)Classic Java booksThinking in JavaCore java