Cover Picture: Chem. Eur. J. 21/2002

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<ul><li><p>Cover Picture</p><p>Rico E. Del Sesto, Joel S. Miller, Pilar Lafuente, and Juan J. Novoa</p><p>The cover picture shows the b2g HOMO for [TCNE] , the structure (top, middle) andbonding of the -[TCNE]22 dimer and its b2u HOMO and b1g LUMO. At the bottom ofthe picture solutions of [Et4N]2[TCNE]2 in dichloromethane solution at room temper-ature, which is yellow due to the presence of [TCNE] , and at 90 C, which is red dueto shifting of the 2 [TCNE] [TCNE]22 equilibrium to the right, thus forming[TCNE]22 in solution. For more details see the article by J. S. Miller et al. on p. 4894 ff.</p></li></ul>