Creative Writing Skill CLS 1323 Mdm. Hamidah

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Creative Writing Skill CLS 1323 Mdm. Hamidah. Presentation 2. Members: Khayaetiry Mani Nasuha Mohamed Amin Jasween Kaur Ram Singh Nafilah Nafsiah Mohamed Ali. Imagery normally make up a picture in the readers mind refer to a descriptive language that evokes sensory experience. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Creative Writing SkillCLS 1323Mdm. Hamidah

Presentation 2


Khayaetiry ManiNasuha Mohamed AminJasween Kaur Ram SinghNafilah Nafsiah Mohamed Ali

Imagerynormally make up a picture in the readers mindrefer to a descriptive language that evokes sensory experience.

Patterns of imageryTactile imagery-sense of touchLooking for a Rain GodEg: the air was so dry,burned the skin.Aural imagery-sense of hearing/soundLooking for a Godhigh-pitched wailing,Insect singingVisual imagery-sense of sight Looking for a Rain GodEg: Soft green moss

The Lake Isle of Innisfree by William Butler Yeats

Visual Imagery (veils of the morning, midnights all a glimmer, noon a purple glow, evening full of the linnets wings) Aural Imagery (bee-loud glade, cricket sings, lake water lapping)

Gustatory imagery-sense of taste E.g. The sweet marinara sauce makes up for the bland sea-shall pasta beneath. Olfactory imagery-sense of smellE.g. His socks, still soaked with sweat from Tuesday's P.E. class, filled the classroom with an aroma skin to that of salty, week-old, rotting fish.

Importanceis used to makes the poets meaning strong, clear and sure.present his subject as it is: as it looks, smell, tastes, feels and sounds.


Simile and Metaphor

use comparison to show the relationship between different things, or to picture something in a unique way.

Simile a type of figure of speech that compares two unlike things, using the words like or as. EG: The house was as large as a castle.He fought like a lion in battle

Metaphora metaphor says that ONE thing is ANOTHER thing.compares without using like and asEg: Life is a brief candle.The girls were tigers on the playing field, devouring the competition.

SimileMetaphor1. like a small house lizard wall(p. 27, para.7)2. as silent as a tree-stump (p. 27, para.9)3. as short as the hair in his nose(p. 29, para.13)4. as fast as a wild stallion (p. 31, para.16)1. youve turned into a little monster (p. 33, para.3)2. kind words melting a persons heart (p. 39, para.2)Short story The Pencil by Ali Majod

Symbol It is an object, person, situation or action that has a number of meanings.Eg: Of Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes by Che Husna Azhari How Dalat Got Its Name by Heidi Munan.

Allusion is a reference to a specific person, place, or thing.commonly made to the Bible, nursery rhymes, myths, famous fictional or historical characters or events, and an be used in prose and poetry.

Eg:Get off the roof!Who do you think you are,Spiderman?

Here's one more Biblical allusion:"Like the prodigal son, he returned to his home town and was welcomed by all who knew him".

personificationthe act of attributing human characteristics to abstract idea.EgIn the necklace by Henry Lawson, the necklace was feeling proud to be worn in the queens neck.

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