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<ul><li><p>Curriculum Vitae </p><p>Name Narayan Prasad Dhakal E-mail: </p><p>Phone No: Mob. +977- 056-6072611 (Dubai), UAE </p><p>KEY STRENGTHS/ CAREER OBJECTIVE </p><p>Personal and professional qualities </p><p> Good Experience to keep clear and accurate records </p><p> Ability to prioritize work </p><p> Ability to organize work load and manage the work </p><p> To seek a challenging and dynamic career which would utilize my skills and experience with in progressive and reputable organizations in order to achieve professional growth </p><p> Good Knowledge of Account Payable/ Receivable. </p><p> Good Knowledge of Updating DOFA </p><p> Good Knowledge of Bank and Suppliers Reconciliation </p><p>Language skills English Good </p><p>Hindi Good </p><p>Nepali Excellent </p><p>EDUCATION </p><p>EXAMINATION THE BOARD OF PASS YEAR </p><p> Master of Business Studies (MBS) </p><p> Bachelor of Business Study (BBS) </p><p> Intermediate Commerce (I Come) </p><p> School Leaving Certificate (SLC) </p><p>Tribhuwan University, Nepal </p><p>Tribhuwan University, Nepal </p><p>Tribhuwan University, Nepal </p><p>The Board of Nepal </p><p>2008 </p><p>2002 </p><p>1998 </p><p>1995 </p><p>TRAININGS ATTENDED </p><p>Accounting Package: Tally- 05th July 2006 to 4</p><p>th August 2006 </p><p> Design: Graphics 20th Sep 2004 to 20</p><p>th Dec 2004 </p><p>Computer Basic Course:- 13th Feb 2002 to 17</p><p>th Aug 2002 </p></li><li><p>IT SKILLS </p><p> Basic Course:- Computer Introduction, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, E-</p><p>mail &amp; Internet and Ms Outlook . </p><p> Graphic Design:- Adobe PageMaker 7, Adobe Photoshop 7, Macromedia Freehand 10, Adobe </p><p>Illustrator, Coral draw 12. </p><p> Accounting Package:- Tally 9, Fact, Tata Ex, E-Promise, Oracle. </p><p> Web Page Design:- HTML, DHTML, Macromedia Dream over. </p><p> Hardware &amp; Net Working:- Three Month Computer Hardware &amp; Net Working. </p><p>PERSONAL INFORMATION </p><p> Marital Status Married </p><p> Nationality Nepali </p><p> Date of Birth 08-09-1978 </p><p> Place of Birth Panchthar, Nepal </p><p> Passport No. - 07211511 </p><p>I hereby state that above-mentioned Qualifications and statements are true to best of my knowledge. </p><p>Thank You! Yours Faithfully, Narayan Prasad Dhakal </p><p>CAREER SUMMARY </p><p>COMPANY/ORGANIZATION POST PERIOD </p><p>Depa Industrial Group in Dubai Asst. Accountant 13 Dec 2011 to Present </p><p>Depa Industrial Group in Dubai Time Keeper 24 Oct 2011 to 12 Dec 2011 </p><p>Newton Educational Institute Computer Instructor 1 Feb 2005 to 15 Oct 2011 </p><p>Help Nepal in Nepal Asst Accountant 01 Nov 2002 to 31 Oct 2003 </p></li></ul>