Daily routine

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  • 1. Daily routine

2. Words get upfelkel have a shower zuhanyzik get dressed felltzik wash my facearcot mos have breakfastreggelizik eat a sandwichszendvicset eszik drink tea or cocoa tet vagy kakat iszik clean my teethfogat mos go to school on foot/by car/by bike iskolba megy 3. learn at school tanul have a breaksznetet tart have lunchebdel do homework hzit kszt fromto/from 2 to 4 tlig play computer games szmtgppel jtszik watch TVTV-t nz listen to music zent hallgat 4. have dinnervacsorzik read a bookknyvet olvas have a shower/have a bath zuhanyzik/frdik sleepalszik afterutna before eltte then azutn 5. In/on/at in 1982at 9 oclock in March at night in the afternoon at midday in the evening at Easter in the morning at Christmas on Monday on Tuesday on my birthday 6. I get up at 6 oclock. 7. I get dressed. 8. I wash my face. 9. I have breakfast at 6.30. 10. After breakfast I clean my teeth. 11. Then I go to school. 12. I learn at school. 13. I have lunch at 12. 30. 14. I do my homework from 2 to 4. 15. Then I play computer games. 16. I play football at 5 oclock. 17. I have dinner at 6. 18. Then I have a shower. 19. I watch TV from 7 to 8. 20. Before I go to bed I read a book. 21. I sleep at night.