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Daisy Rothschild. By Betty Leslie-Melville. Genre: Nonfiction. Summary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
Daisy Rothschild Daisy Rothschild By Betty Leslie-Melville Genre: Nonfiction Summary This book is mostly about a girl giraffe that was caught by a man that gave it to a small family so that family can raise it. They named her Daisy. The reason why they raised a giraffe was that poachers were killing those giraffes at the wild life park illegally for there tails and skin. This type of giraffe was a Rothschild which was a endangered species. So the family raised it were there are no poachers. A while later they got a boy giraffe and named it Marlon. At first they kicked each other but later loved each other! This book even tells facts about what giraffes like to eat. QUESTIONS What was your favorite part? Why? My favored part was when Daisy played with Marlon and when they both sucked their owner's thumb. What would you ask the main character or author if you had a chance? I would ask the author what did you feel when you raised Daisy. I will also ask Daisy why did she kick Marlon. Recommendation I recommend this book to any one that wants to learn more about what giraffes like to eat and endangered giraffe species. I also recommend this book to any one that likes giraffes and wants to know how you can help.