Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. Moscow, 12/2015 Sugon HPC: Workstation

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Moscow, 12/2015Sugon HPC: WorkstationDawning Information Industry Co., Ltd.Workstation Family

High Performance/Price Entry Level WorkstationStarters of Graphic procedureW320-G10W560-G20Dual-Processor WorkstationTop performance and extreme extention

W760-G20Professional Graphic Cloud WorkstationManagement & High Securtiy#CPU2W560-G20

PerformanceNew Intel E5-2600V3, DDR4 Memory, Nvidia Maxwell Graphic CardUp to 3 Graphic cards/GPU


Special workstation motherboard, onboard audioNo onboard graphic card, No onboard SAS controllerNo onboard BMCLow Noise42dB on full workloadHigh Quality

Mold proportion reached 95%Effect light enhancementAdd extension card holder#3

Atalas128G Memory3.0GHz Processor 20 cores/40 Threads 2TB Storage8*SASRAID10Xen Server4*1536 CUDA coreWindowsServer2008Windows7Windows7Windows7HardwareXMMOS

Next Generation Workstation W760-G20#4

Virtual Machine

vGPU Solutions#5

How to select the model of workstation?Maximus






K420/NVS315W320-G10W560-G10 1-Way E5W560-G10 2-Way E5Production layoutGraphic designCircuit designTools, Parts designFluid analysisSimulationMeteorological analysisAutomobile, aircraft, shipAnalysis, 3D renderMechanical design3D animationCAEFinite elementGISMayaSiemens NXCatia3D MaxDassaultProEInventorSolidworks AUTOCADPhotoshopCadence


Application: OTT Transcoding & Online GamesApplication 1: Transcoding OTT and broadcast video services, the need to use video transcoding H.264 compression, storage / transmission.

2 * E5-2697 able to handle: 4* 1080P video (30) 1* Atlas with 2*E5-2650 and 2 * K1 can handle: 64*1080P videoApplication 2:Online games: CPU and GPU general reached 1: 1 relationship

Use GRID, reduce the CPU transcoding pressure 2U, 2CPU, 2GPU constitute a perfect match#ADDRESSSugon Building, No. 36 Zhongguancun Software Park,No.8 Dongbeiwang West RoadHaidian District, 100094, Beijing, P.R.China

TELEPHONE86-10-56308000 Weibohttp://weibo.com/zksugon WWWhttp://www.sugon.comTHANKS