Degree of Comparison

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<p>(Degree of Comparison of Adjectives)</p> <p>The World of animals is very rich. Do you know what is the biggest, the fastest, the tallest, animal in the world?</p> <p>Degree of Comparison of Adjectives</p> <p>Big - bigger the biggest </p> <p> , 1-2 , :</p> <p>-er , -est .Long longer - the longest Lazy lazier- the laziest</p> <p>Beautiful - more beautiful - the most beautiful </p> <p> : more () ,</p> <p>most (, ) Dangerous more dangerous- the most dangerous</p> <p> , , . : little- less- the least, good-better- the best, bad-worse- the worst, many (much)-more-the most. !</p> <p> 1. Make up degrees of comparison. Big, nice, beautiful, bad, good, funny, clever, short, angry, kind.</p> <p>2. What do you think. Answer the questions: a) Who is stronger? (a lion or a cow) b) Who is bigger? ( a elephant or a rabbit) c) Who is funnier? (a chimpanzee or a zebra)</p>