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Mid Term Review


Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez POLS 2312 Mid Term Exam Preparation Questions 40 on test set for Nov. 6, 2014 at class time.

1. The process that involves conflict by groups seeking to influence public policy, is referred to asa.politics.

b.public policy.



2. A public institution that is authorized to allocate values in a society definesa.politics.

b.public policy.



3. According to Karen OConner, the process by which policy decisions are made includesa.legislative actions.

b.court proceedings.

c.lobbying activities.

d.All of the above are true.

4. Which statement defines the concept of public policy?a.It is set in motion by the media.

b.It rarely involves conflict.

c.It is of no importance to most citizens.

d.It often involves governmental and nongovernmental groups.

5.When the Texas legislature increases the tax on cigarettes, it is implementinga.public policy.

b.a federal mandate.


d.regulatory authority.

6. The values, attitudes, traditions, habits, and general behavioral patterns that develop over time and shape the politics of a particular region, is referred to asa.political culture.

b.political socialization.

c.political economics.

d.political geography.

7. According to Professor Daniel Elazar, the political culture of Texas isa.individualistic.

b.individualistic and traditionalistic.

c.moralistic and traditionalistic.

d.moralistic and individualistic.

8. Cotton production in the Texas Panhandle and South Plains is possible because ofa.a substantial increase in rainfall there since 1950.

b.the development of hybrid strains that require minimal water.

c.the Ogallala Aquifer.

d.water brought from the Gulf of Mexico.

9. The origin of the name of the State of Texas comes froma.the Native American Caddo word tejas, which means friendly.

b.the Anglo settler movement.

c.the ideas of manifest destiny.

d.the Comanche word tejas, which means Texas.

10. According to Fortunes 2010 listing, three of the four largest private corporations in Texas werea.energy related.

b.technology related.

c.cotton related.

d.manufacturing related.

11.The collapse of Enron occurred because ofa.a glut of electricity.

b.the fall in grain prices.

c.a major pipeline disaster on its network.

d.improper accounting and business practices.

12.The process of mixing chemicals with sand and water and injecting them into the ground to force out oil and gas from the shale below, is referred to asa.pumping.




13. Which is a true statement regarding agriculture in Texas?a.It is hampered by poor rail, road, and harbor facilities.

b.It sells most of its output in Texas grocery stores.

c.It produces commodities that are largely processed outside the state.

d.It is characterized by an increasing number of farms with small acreages.

14. The service industry in Texasa.pays lower wages and salaries than manufacturing firms.

b.is one of the slowest growing economic sectors in Texas.

c.created genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

d.employs over one-half of all Texas workers.

15. The two sources for the powers of the Texas government to govern are thea.U.S. Bill of Rights and the United Nations Charter.

b.Texas Constitution and Texass membership in the federal Union.

c.Texas Constitution and the United Nations Charter.

d.North American Free Trade Agreement and the U.S. Constitution.

16. Which of the following is a false statement about the Texas Constitution?a.It limits actions of the national government.

b.It outlines the structure of Texass state government.

c.It authorizes the creation of cities and counties.

d.It establishes basic rules for state governance.

17. Understanding the difference between state government and federal government involvesa.knowing that state constitutions are more powerful than the U.S. Constitution.

b.understanding that the federal constitution is weaker than state constitutions.

c.understanding that state constitutions are subject to the U.S. Constitution.

d.understanding that the Supremacy Clause does not apply to most of the states.

18. A system of government in which power is divided between a general government and associated regional governments is a(n)a.unitary system.

b.confederate system.

c.federal system.

d.autocratic system.

19. The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitutiona.denies all powers to the states except for those specifically granted to them.

b.makes no mention of the state governments.

c.grants all undesignated powers to the federal government.

d.reserves to the states those powers not delegated to the federal government.

20. All powers not specifically delegated to the national government, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people. This statement is part ofa.Article IV of the U.S. Constitution.

b.the Declaration of Independence.

c.the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

d.the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

21. The national supremacy clause is found in which article of the U.S. Constitution?a.Article I

b.Article V

c.Article VI

d.Article X

22. According to the national supremacy clause,a.state laws take precedence over federal laws.

b.federal laws enacted under the U.S. Constitution take precedence over state laws.

c.state constitutions are supreme over the national constitution.

d.law passed by Congress take precedence over the U.S. constitution.

23. Powers specifically stated in the U.S. Constitution are referred to asa.delegated powers.

b.implied powers.

c.inherent powers.

d.reserved powers.

24. Governor Rick Perry, in opposing federal stimulus funds from the Obama Administration hinted ata.withdrawing from the Confederacy.

b.having Texas secede from the Union.

c.joining the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

d.the possibility of opposing Obama for president.

25. How many amendments to the Texas Constitution were adopted between 1876 and 2012?a.27




26. The principal historic event surrounding the Texas Constitution of 1869 wasa.joining the southern Confederacy.

b.meeting the demands of Reconstruction.


d.Jacksonian democracy.

27. The Reconstruction governor of Texas who was unpopular with former slave owners wasa.Oran Milo Roberts.

b.Richard Coke.

c.Oxcart John M. Ireland.

d.Edmond J. Davis.

28. According to Patrick G. Williams and Barry A. Crouch, the negativity against E.J. Davis was the resultofa.reactions by former slave owners toward the freedom of black slaves.

b.the defeat of Texicans at the Alamo.

c.T.R. Fehrenbachs negative characterization of slaves.

d.Governor Daviss support of slavery and the Confederacy.

29. In Texas, local government comes in different forms, which includesa.municipal governments, townships, and special districts.

b.county governments, boroughs, and special districts.

c.county government, villages, and cities.

d.special districts, counties, and cities.

30. Approximately how many incorporated municipalities are there in Texas?a.254




31. Which of the following views of local government power dictates that local government should only have those powers expressly granted by the state?a.Dillons Rule

b.Ogdens Rule

c.Cooleys Rule

d.Perrys Rule

32. Texass local governments are like those of other states in that theya.are on the bottom rung of the governmental ladder.

b.make laws that are binding on the state legislature.

c.exist independent of state government authority.

d.have no governmental authority.

33. A typical percentage of voter turnout in a Texas municipal election isa.75 percent.

b.50 percent.

c.never less than 25 percent.

d.10 percent or less.

34. The minimum population requirement in Texas for becoming a city isa.100.




35. In Texas, all of following are unique to home-rule cities, excepta.popular elections.




36. A proposed law arising from a citizen petition is called a(n)a.initiative.




37. Historically, at-large elections in Texas cities have resulted ina.a greater diversity of representation.

b.more voters to participate.

c.less frequent elections.

d.less diversity of representation.

38. Municipal governments in Texas home-rule cities are likely to operatea.parks, police, and education services.

b.roads, welfare, and education services.

c.police, trash collection, and water services.

d.public assistance, education, and police services.

39. The two largest tax sources for Texas municipalities area.sales tax and property tax.

b.income tax and excise tax.

c.tariffs and sales tax.

d.property tax and income tax.

40. Which county official has both administrative and judicial responsibilities?a.County clerk

b.County court of law judge

c.County ju