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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>1</p> <p>Influence of Climate Change on DiplomacyWe Have Indeed Created Man In The Best Of MouldsThen Do We Abuse Him (to be) The Lowest Of The Low ?</p> <p>HOLY QURANMan therefore is a representative of Allah Almighty. Man is a steward and a trustee entrusted with the responsibility to establish and maintain justice and peace on earth (Q. 33:72). </p> <p>Islamic PerceptionMan in short must serve his Creator by taking good care of what the Creator has entrusted him with which includes himself, other live forms and the environment. Mans failure to properly observe this function of trusteeship could very well lead to dire consequences in this life and the Hereafter.(Ebraima Kebba Saidy, Imam Daru Salaam Islamic Centre and Member: Imam Committee Islamic Council of Norway)</p> <p>Increase in Temperature</p> <p>Climate Change &amp; Diplomacy</p> <p>Effects on Diplomacy</p> <p>It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct ofinternational relations through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to issues of peace-making, trade,war,economics,culture,environment, andhuman rights. Internationaltreatiesare usually negotiated by diplomats prior to endorsement by nationalpoliticians. In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to gainstrategic advantageor to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge, one set of tools being the phrasing of statements in a non-confrontational, or polite manner.Diplomacy</p> <p>Temperature is likely to increase up to 4.8 Degree C by end of this Century</p> <p>Depleting at rate of 4% per decade</p> <p>Increase in Temp will melt the snow down to the depth of 4 Feet</p> <p>Increase in temp and meting of snow will increase the water level</p> <p>Climate Change will be influencing all spheres of life leading to Global Security &amp; Blue Diplomacy</p> <p>Melting of snow in North Oceans will influence the interest (SLOCs)of naval powers in Indio-Pacific Region that will influence Blue Diplomacy</p> <p>Melting of ice in Wakhjir Pass (Wakhan Corridor) as part of Silk Route will keep the regional trade open through out the year</p> <p>Silk Route</p> <p>Wakhan Corridor</p> <p>hh</p> <p>Highest Conflict Zone-Siachen</p> <p>Arctic Ocean and its ports are mainly navigable form October to June thus are not the Ice Free Ports </p> <p>Ice Free are the ports whereShipping activity can be carried outThrough out the year</p> <p>As snow is melting in Northern HemisphereSo like Russia all Blue water Navies willTry to enhance their influence thus effecting the International Relations</p> <p>Melting of snow in Siberia Will cause Exploration and industrial Activities which will Affect the environments</p> <p>SLOCs in Bering Strait</p> <p>In Indian ocean Rising of water level in Sir Creek will make it navigable thus influencing the stance of two arch Nuclear rivals </p> <p>Availability of Marine Resources will strengthen trade that will lead to formulation of new global alliances with a view to enhance diplomacy for global security</p> <p>Arctic Provides 10% of Fish Catch which is likely to increase due to warmer environments</p> <p>In Himalayan mountains lies the ancientSilk route</p> <p>220 km long and 64 km wide Wakhan Corridor in North of Pakistan connects China and Europe. Its opening through out the year will have various regional and global implications on diplomacy</p> <p>Apart from affording the opportunity to use the open passes as trade routes in the highlands increase in temperature will also have influence on the conflict zones like Siachen Glacier where the glaciers are melting so snow is causing multiple effects on the mountainous conflict zone. On one side the melting of ice is making the movement easy. However on the other side it will make the deployed troops more vulnerable to enemy observation and action. Increase in temperature is causing hazardous slides and avalanches. Our memories about unfortunate Gayari Incidence of 12 April 2012 are still fresh where 138 soldiers and civilians were buried alive under the snow.</p> <p>Reduced Agriculture Yield</p> <p>African Draught Conditions </p> <p>Due to Polio UN has imposed Conditions for International Travel over Pakistan due to which its diplomacy is being affected in such a critical global scenario</p> <p>Due to increasing temp UAE has planned to shift 5000 camels to R.Y. Khan for milk farming. This venture will Further enhance the relations between two countries in the regional context.</p> <p>Migration to North for exploration and Industrialisationwill serious environmental and settlement issues.</p> <p>Colonial era-1769 to 1947 witnessed many issues of rights to land and sea</p> <p>RecommendationsUNCLOS mainly works on codes and conventions those have been evolved to regulate the maritime activities although it provides set of rules for further maritime security cooperation. However it can work more efficiently if the conventions are transformed in to rules and principles.Although High Seas are a common heritage but their utilisation should be pragmatic and more disciplined. History has witnessed the involvement of United Nation Peace Keeping Force to make and maintain peace in Balkans and many countries in African Peninsula so why not UN Peace Keeping should try to resolve all the maritime issues. </p> <p>RecommendationsIt is imperative to resolve the land issue as soon as possible so that threat of any possible nuclear conflict in Indian Ocean or in Nord Baltic is averted. As such conflicts can have far reaching and devastating impact on global diplomacy.There is a need to form equal policies at UN level to extricate resources with a view to formulate rights on the people who have migrated to explore the possible locations like Siberia and Alaska. Moreover such people should provide with modern technologies so as to facilitate the migration or shifting that will be helpful to distribute the human and human resources equally across the globe. </p>