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<p>Application instructions</p> <p> It is your responsibility to know and abide by the contract and conditions in the 2018 EXHIBITOR CONTRACT AND CONDITIONS. This will aid greatly in ensuring a successful presence at the Conference.</p> <p>Timelines</p> <p>25-March Application submission and accompanying payment information must be received;</p> <p>25-March Submit a 50 word max description describing your organizations services and or products. Include organization name, organization web address, and logo to be used. Logo should be both in English and French if application. Logo will be used for print and web and should be in JPG format. Multiple copies of logo may be submitted;</p> <p>27-March Place hotel reservation by this date. Inform hotel you are participating in the OCEA Conference;</p> <p>06-April Delegate bag content must be received;</p> <p>22-April Draw Prizes and Other Prizes hand delivered at start of conference to registration desk;</p> <p>22-April - 1:30 PM Booth setup completed;</p> <p>24-April - 1:30 PM Booth take down commences.</p> <p>SelectING Exhibitor Booth Particulars</p> <p>1. One booth consists of the following:</p> <p>a. One exhibitor representative with one meal plan and one Sunday Banquet ticket;</p> <p>b. Booth area of 2 x 8;</p> <p>c. One table table cloth and skirting;</p> <p>d. One chair per representative / booth staff;</p> <p>e. One electrical outlet 800 watts, 120 volts;</p> <p>f. No power cords and no power bars will be provided;</p> <p>2. The following can be added to the exhibitor booth:</p> <p>a. Additional exhibitor representatives at a cost of $336/individual (includes HST);</p> <p>i. Price includes one meal plan (Sunday to Tuesday) and one Sunday Banquet ticket.</p> <p>Binding Agreement</p> <p>Upon receipt of this form and full payment, you will be notified by email that your exhibitor booth has been reserved. This constitutes a binding agreement, as described in the 2018 Exhibitor Contract and Conditions document, between you, the Exhibitor, and the Ontario Cooperative Education Association (OCEA). The Conference Planning Team operates on a first come, first served basis, with space priority offered to sponsors.</p> <p>ExHIBITOR Information</p> <p>Print using CAPITAL letters. It makes a difference!</p> <p> Exhibitor Organization Name</p> <p> Organization Website</p> <p> Organization Address</p> <p> City</p> <p> Province</p> <p> Postal Code</p> <p> Phone</p> <p> Fax</p> <p> Organization Contact (if applicable)</p> <p> Phone &amp; Email (if applicable)</p> <p>Exhibitor Representative 1</p> <p> Email</p> <p> Title</p> <p> Dietary Needs</p> <p> Exhibitor Representative 2</p> <p> Email</p> <p> Title</p> <p> Dietary Needs</p> <p> Exhibitor Representative 3</p> <p> Email</p> <p> Title</p> <p> Dietary Needs</p> <p>Note: There are charges for additional exhibitors. See below.</p> <p>Conference Exhibitor Selection</p> <p>_____ Full Conference Exhibiting Three Days: April 22, 23, 24, 2018</p> <p>ITEMINVESTMENTHSTENHANCED</p> <p>Booth [$1165]$1026.55$133.45$1160.00</p> <p>Additional Exhibitor Rep [$336]$297.35$38.65$__________</p> <p>Additional Exhibitor Rep [$336]$297.35$38.65$__________</p> <p>________________________$__________$________$__________</p> <p>________________________$__________$________$__________</p> <p>________________________$__________$________$__________</p> <p>Subtotal$__________</p> <p>HST$__________</p> <p>TOTAL$__________</p> <p>Payment Options</p> <p>____Cheque</p> <p>____Request an invoice for payment Send invoice request to Carol Madsen-Tapley by email</p> <p>____Visa Send card information to Carol Madsen-Tapley by email at ocea@rogers.com</p> <p>____MasterCard Send card information to Carol Madsen-Tapley by email at ocea@rogers.com</p> <p>Payment Notes</p> <p>1. Carol Madsen-Tapley can be reached at ocea@rogers.com .</p> <p>2. No other credit cards are accepted. Thank you for your cooperation.</p> <p>Credit Card Details</p> <p>Credit Card Number - __________ - __________ - __________ - __________ </p> <p>EXHIBITOR APPLICATION</p> <p>2018 OCEA Spring Conference</p> <p>Due by March 25, 2018</p> <p>ONTARIO COOPERATIVE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (OCEA)ASSOCIATION DE LDUCATION COOPRATIVE DE LONTARIO (ACO)</p> <p>Expiry Date: MM/YY - _______/_______ __________ - 3 Digit Security Code on back of credit card</p> <p>2018 OCEA Spring ConferencePage 2 | 4Exhibitor Application Form </p> <p>Name on Card - ___________________________________ Signature - _________________________</p> <p>Sending Completed Application</p> <p>1. Completed copy of Exhibitor's Application form with payment made payable to OCEA (Ontario Cooperative Education Association) by March 25, 2018.</p> <p>2. Do not send cover page. </p> <p>3. Add following memo to cheque 2018 OCEA Conference Exhibitor</p> <p>4. Mailing address is:</p> <p>OCEA (Ontario Cooperative Education Association)</p> <p>c/o 35 Reynar Drive</p> <p>QUISPAMSIS, NB E2G 1J9</p> <p>5. Fax: 506-849-8375Email: ocea@rogers.com </p> <p>Exhibitor and Sponsorship Coordinator </p> <p>Conference details are always available online at ocea.on.ca/calendar/conferences.</p> <p>Should you require additional information, please contact:</p> <p>Jenny Garrett</p> <p>Exhibitor &amp; Sponsorship Coordinator</p> <p>jennygarrett.ocea@gmail.com </p> <p>Co-operative Education Teacher </p> <p>St. Gabriel Adult Learning Centre (DPCDSB)</p> <p>3750 Brandon Gate Drive, Mississauga, ON L4T 3M8</p> <p>Delegate Bags | Prizes | Other Items</p> <p>The following are valuable ways to promote your organization and participate further in the Conference. </p> <p>Consider this participation by contributing to one or more of the following</p> <p>1) _____ Delegate Bags Content</p> <p>1. Item(s) to be included in Delegate Bags must be received by April 06, 2018.</p> <p>2. Minimum quantity is 400 items.</p> <p>3. Send delegate bag items to</p> <p>Marie Gabriel</p> <p>OCEA 2018 Conference Planner</p> <p>48 Hinkley Trail, Newcastle, ON L1B 1P3</p> <p>2) _____ Draw Prize</p> <p>Specify item: ______________________________________________________</p> <p>Bring item(s) to the Conference Registration Desk upon arrival at the Conference.</p> <p>3) _____ Other </p> <p>Specify item: _____________________________________________________</p> <p>Bring item(s) to the Conference Registration Desk upon arrival at the Conference.</p>