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<p>ElmConfig for Ford vehicle</p> <p>ElmConfig for Ford Focus II/ C-Max / Kuga vehiclehttp://www.focus-sport.club.tw/viewthread.php?tid=322736&amp;extra=&amp;page=1ELMConfig (ELM327 USB/) 0509PS.ROMELM327 USBsilicon labUSBUSB/RS232ELM327()ELM327(MCU+)bugUSBCANUSBELM327HS-CANROMcanROMChanges:</p> <p>- Instead of using the command AT SP AT TP, which in theory should extend the life of EEPROM adapter (thanks for the idea ittrium)</p> <p>- Added ability to change the speed ELM327, to the maximum 500 000 bps, with preliminary testing of the possible rate</p> <p>- Added the ability to record in the log file</p> <p>- Added ability to flash module restyling HEC ROM to version 509 (big and small screen)</p> <p>Notes:</p> <p>- Read all information messages that appear during the flashing procedure</p> <p>- Sewn ONLY restaylovye tidy. The type is determined automatically, other types of sewing priborok not give</p> <p>- For speed (thanks quickie):</p> <p>1) The adapter should have USB-COM interface chip based FTDI. You can check this: Device Manager =&gt; Ports =&gt; USB Serial Port =&gt; Properties. The \"manufacturer\" should be \"FTDI\"</p> <p>2) Go to Device Manager =&gt; Ports =&gt; USB Serial Port =&gt; Properties =&gt; Port Settings. We put here the maximum available speed (top list). Then go to Advanced, and change the value of \"Latency Timer (msec)\" to \"1\" (originally there is \"16\"). OK, OK, close the Device Manager</p> <p>3) Run ELMConfig. Put the current speed (typically 38400, if before that did not do anything.) Click \"Set speed\". There, click \"Start a test speed test.\" If all goes well, in the right list set to the maximum speed, which is contrary to the log of the test is \"OK\", click \"Install\". Closing ELMConfig. We pull out the adapter from the USB connector and diiagnosticheskogo, then stick the back. After that, when run ELMConfig, in rates should always choose the one which set up the adapter. If you are lucky, and the adapter works by 500,000, it is already the defaultELMConfig </p> <p>MS-CANmedium speed CANHS-CANhigh speed CAN</p> <p>GEMGeneral Electronic ModuleBCMBrake Control Module</p> <p>RCMRestraints Control ModulePCMPowertrain Control Module</p> <p>EATCElectronic Automatic Temperature ControlTCMTransmission Control Module</p> <p>DDMDriver Door ModuleHECHybrid Electronic Cluster</p> <p>PDMPassenger Door ModuleEHPASElectro Hydralic Power Assisted Steering</p> <p>RDDMRear Driver Door ModuleHCMHeadlamp Control Module</p> <p>RPDMRear Passenger Door Module</p> <p>AHCMAuxiliary Heater Control Module</p> <p>PAMParking Assistance Module</p> <p>ACUAudio Control Unit</p> <p>SRMSpeech Recognition Module</p> <p>ELM327 USB/Bluetooth hardware pin rewire diagram:0. -</p> <p>(ELMConfig [Setup ELM327 for MS-CAN bus]) ELM3279600, , ELM327, terminalELM327 USB, BT, COM port.puttyCOM port/9600ELM327, at pp 2a sv 38 (2A38)at pp 2a on (2A)at pp 2c sv 81 (2C81)at pp 2c on (2C)at pp 2d sv 04 (2D04)at pp 2d on (2D)1. ELMConfig (, ELM-FF2)ELMConfig['mscomm32.ocx':], . mscomm32.ocxhttp://www.ocxdump.com/download-ocx-files_new.php/ocxfiles/M/MSCOMM32.OCX/6.00.81694/download.html/Win 7 32c:\windows\system32\regsvr32 mscomm32.ocxWin 7 64mscomm32.ocx Windows directory\SysWOW64Command PromptSysWOW64regsvr32 mscomm32.ocx2.ELMConfig3. Win XP [Com &amp; LPT](ComX)Com 1~15Data rate 38400.4. ElmConfigEnglish,ComELM327 port[Open port][Modules]: 1. HEC HS-CAN,GEMMS-CANELM 3272. ROM03035. </p> <p>&gt; MS-SAN &gt; GEM &gt; Configuration &gt; Page2 &gt; Alarm System (2009~2012), DCUokELMconfig.Modules &gt; GEM &gt; Configuration &gt; Page 2 &gt; Windows heating auto switch on</p> <p>Modules &gt; GEM &gt; Configuration &gt; Page 2 &gt; Autolocking </p> <p>Cruse ControlHECHECConfigrution. Modules &gt; HEC &gt; Configuration &gt; Page 1</p> <p>[Read from HEC][Write to HEC]reset: Modules &gt; HEC &gt; Configuration &gt; Page 1 &gt; Shift Up</p> <p>ELMConfig DDS1. HS-CAN-&gt;HEC-&gt;Configuration-&gt;Page1-&gt;EPB/DDS ()2. HS-CAN-&gt;BCM-&gt;Configuration-&gt;DDS ()</p> <p>ELM-FF2 DDS1. IPC-&gt;DDS ()2. ABS-&gt;DDS ()</p> <p> HEC &gt; Trip computer - IFE()(Km/L): HEC &gt; Trip computer IFE() HEC Level 2/3 &gt; Measure unit menu08Ford Focus4s4sEd09elm327</p> <p>MS-CAN -&gt; GEM -&gt;Page3 -&gt; Approach light in outside mirrorsMS-CAN -&gt; DDM -&gt; Approach light presentMS-CAN -&gt; PDM -&gt; Approach light present, DDM D Driver()PDM P Passenger():ESP, 2009:</p> <p>5.2011foucs TDCI------7kmDDS km/l----------------------------------------------radio info ----------- EHPAS ----------- Eco mod ------------ l (http://www.fordownersclub.com/fo ... e-and-ff2-program/)( 3, 6, 11, 14 L-CAN,H-CAN)614614614(614)3 11 311(311)6H-can14L-CANON-OFF-ON 3--------H-CAN------------611------L-CAN-------------14ELM327PUTTY(http://www.fordownersclub.com/fo ... e-and-ff2-program/)</p> <p> serialcom port com1speed 38400OPEN</p> <p>,,,ENTER,&gt;K ,,,,,OBD2at pp 2a sv 38at pp 2a onat pp 2c sv 81at pp 2c onat pp 2d sv 04at pp 2d on</p> <p>FF2IPC,ONIPCBCMQ.putty MS-CAN.</p> <p>.ELMConfig(offline)km/lELM-FF2 Elmconfig HEC Trip Computer IFEhttp://www.focus-sport.club.tw/redirect.php?tid=322725&amp;goto=lastpost#lastpostInstall ElmConfig:1. If message appears [Component 'mscomm32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid]Please quit and install mscomm32.ocx first.If Win 7 32bitRun as administratorRun Command PromptType c:\windows\system32\regsvr32 mscomm32.ocxPress EnterIf Win 7 64bit,Run as administratorCopy mscomm32.ocx to Windows directory\SysWOW64Run Command Prompt,Change directory to \SysWOW64Type regsvr32 mscomm32.ocxPress Enter2. Reinstall ELMConfig3. In control panel &gt; hardware manager &gt; Com &amp; Printer &gt; Com port set between Com 1 to 15. and data rate set to 38400.Example (2011 Ford Focus TDCI):Success: </p> <p>1. </p> <p>2. DDS3. Oil consumption in KM/L4. Safety belt beep cancellFail:1. Radio info (no info displayed)2. EHPAS (option not found)3. ECO mod (no option1 not found)</p>


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