Endangered Animals Language Competence: enlarging vocabulary on the topic, revising grammar Speech Competence: talking about endangered species and the

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  • Endangered AnimalsLanguage Competence: enlarging vocabulary on the topic, revising grammarSpeech Competence: talking about endangered species and the ways of saving themSociocultural Competence: getting to know about animals natural habitats

  • Warm upHe never speaks English in his English class.He never speaks English at night.He never says Good morning in English.He never says Oh, thats right.He never says Good evening in English.He never says Have a nice day.He never says Hi, how are you?He never says Im OK.He doesnt speak English in the classroom.He doesnt speak English in the hall.He never speaks English in his English class.He never speaks English at all.

  • When the last tree is cut down and the last fish killed, the last river poisoned, then you will see that you cannot eat money.Greenpeace message

  • Vocabulary Practiceextinct a plant or animal gone foreverdodoTasmanian wolf

  • natural habitat place where an animal or plat normally found

  • a herd a group of animals

  • endangered species groups of plants or animals that are in danger of becoming extinct

  • a tusk

  • a horn

  • Fill in the wordsLearn about prehistoric and recently __________ species of animals, and some of their stories.___________________ will survive with YOUR help!____________ refers to a social grouping of certain animals of the same species, either wild or domestic.Jungle is a _____________________ for lots of animals and plants.Goats, rhinos, deer, elks have got_________.Elephants are hunted for their ____________.Endangered speciesHerdextinctnatural habitattuskshorns

  • Listening practiceUK Wildlife SOSWhat is wildlife?What are habitats?How many species of plants and animals are there in the UK?How many of them have completely disappeared over the last 100 years?What is the main reason of the extinction?

  • Reading StrategyDecide what kind of information youre looking for (e.g. dates, numbers, times, names, percentage).Read the text quickly to get the general idea.Then read the text again carefully and find the information you need.

  • Mind MapJoin any environmental organization and make your voice heard.If you just care, you could change the world.

  • Grammar Practiceby/with

  • Passive VoiceSIMPLE PRESENTCars burn fuel.Fuel is burned by cars.SIMPLE PASTPRESENT PERFECTFUTUREThe raise thrilled Ben.Ben was thrilled by the raise.Al has printed the photo.The photo has been printed by Al.New cars will save fuel.Fuel will be saved by cars.

  • The nuts were gathered by the squirrel.ACTIVE

    PASSIVEThe squirrel gathered the nuts.

  • The wall was painted byMatthew.ACTIVE

    PASSIVEMatthew painted the wall.

  • The election results will be determined by the voters.ACTIVE

    PASSIVEThe voters will determine the election results.


    PASSIVEShakespeare wrote Hamlet.Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.


    PASSIVEMany students use computers.Computers are used by many students.

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