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<ul><li><p> BREAKFAST </p><p> EGGS290,00</p><p>omelette, scrambled eggs, sunny side up, with ham and cheese, with bacon, fresh peppers, vegetables</p><p>EGGS BENEDICT290,00</p><p>toast, ham, mayonnaise, spinach, white cheese, tomato</p><p>VOULEZ-VOUS OMELETTE360,00</p><p>prosciutto, ricotta cheese, mushrooms</p><p>ENGLISH BREAKFAST360,00</p><p>eggs, sausages, crispy bacon, toasted tomato, baked beans</p><p>PORRIDGE290,00</p><p>oats, minced linseed, blueberry, cinnamon, honey, almond</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> BREAKFAST </p><p>HOMEMADE FRENCHTOAST SANDWICH490,00</p><p>white cheese, bacon, baked with eggs and cheese</p><p>SPRING ROLLS290,00</p><p>with vegetables, sweet chili sauce</p><p>STUFFED BREADED PANCAKES320,00</p><p>ham, cheese and mushrooms, jogurt</p><p>ANTIAGING BREAKFAST360,00</p><p>green tea, blueberries and blackberries, antiaging salad (avocado, carrot, ginger, walnuts, mixed green salad, brown rice)</p><p>BREAKFAST IS SERVED TILL 13h</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> SANDWICHES &amp; BRUSCHETTE </p><p>CLUB SANDWICH490,00</p><p>chicken breast, eggs, crispy bacon, tomato</p><p>BRUSCHETTE WITH TOMATO SALSA290,00</p><p>tomato, olive oil, parsley, parmesan</p><p>BRUSCHETTE WITH MOZZARELLA CHEESE290,00</p><p>roasted peppers, roasted tomatoes, pesto genoveseprosciutto on bruschette 170,00</p><p>anchovies on bruschhette 170,00</p><p>CHICKEN TORTILLA WITH VEGETABLES AND SESAME</p><p>490,00sweet chili sauce</p><p>WINTER ROLLS590,00</p><p>filled with smoked cheese, prosciutto and slices of chicken breastsweet chili sauce, american sauce</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p><p> SOUPS </p><p>CHUNKY TOMATO SOUP240,00</p><p>served with dried tomatoes and croutons</p><p>TRADITIONAL BEEF &amp; VEGETABLE SOUP240,00</p><p>sour cream</p><p>BROCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER POTAGE240,00</p></li><li><p> STARTERS </p><p>MEZZE PLATE790,00</p><p>emmentaler, parmesan, proscuitto crudo, kalamata olives, bruschette with tomato salsa, peppers stuffed with cheese</p><p>CHICKEN SALAD WITH RANCH DRESSING690,00</p><p>grilled chicken breast, mixed green salad, rocket salad, radicchio, grilled zucchini, tomato, smoked cheese, hazelnut</p><p>SICHUAN SALAD690,00</p><p>marinated chicken, mixed green salad, mushrooms, cucumber, corncob, dressing, sesame, sweet chili sauce</p><p>COBB CHICKEN SALAD690,00</p><p>marinated chicken breast in lemon and mustard, avocado, crispy bacon, mixed green salad, almond flakes, pineapple</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> STARTERS </p><p>SALMON AND CALAMARI SALAD WITH SESAM SEED</p><p>690,00mixed green salad, cucumber, celeriac, ginger, lime dressing</p><p>CAESAR SALAD690,00</p><p>iceberg salad, grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, parmesan, anchovies</p><p>BISTECCA SALAD690,00</p><p>Sauted beef fillet tossed with wurtz, mixed green salad, cherry tomato, fresh peppers and mushrooms</p><p>THOUSAND ISLAND SALAD 690,00</p><p>chicken breast marinated with orange and mustard, green salad mix, tortilla, cherry tomatoes, baby mozzarella, sunflower seeds </p><p>and flax, parmesan</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> PASTA &amp; RISOTTO </p><p>TAGLIATELLE WITH CHICKEN BREAST, PESTO GENOVESE, PISTACHIO AND PINE NUTS</p><p>690,00marinated chicken breast, pesto genovese</p><p>SPICY PENE WITH BEEF FILLET AND MOZZARELLA CHEESE</p><p>790,00tomato sauce, chili paste, rocket salad, olives</p><p>HOMEMADE GNOCCHI WITH BEEF FILLET, PROSCIUTTO AND MUSHROOMS</p><p>790,00pine nuts, parmesan, basil</p><p>HOMEMADE GNOCCHI WITH QUATTRO FORMAGGI SAUCE TOSSED WITH CRISPY PARMESAN</p><p>690,00gorgonzola, emmentaler, gouda, parmesan</p><p>RISOTTO WITH CHICKEN, MOZARELLA AND CHERRY TOMATO</p><p>690,00parmesan, rocket salad</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> MAIN COURSES </p><p>GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST720,00</p><p>spiced potato wedges</p><p>CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN WITH SESAME (400g)720,00</p><p>cocktail sauce</p><p>CHICKEN MONTEVIDEO780,00</p><p>grilled chicken fillet with almond and oregano sauce, breaded zucchini with flax and sunflower seeds, stuffed with ham and feta cheese</p><p>GRILLED CHICKEN FILLET IN SAUCE WITH ALMOND, MOZZARELLA AND PEPPERS</p><p>780,00fried zucchini with rosemary</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> MAIN COURSES </p><p>CHICKEN CAPRESE780,00</p><p>grilled chicken fillet with mozzarella, tomato and pesto Genovese, potato rolled in crispy bacon, white wine sauce, green salad mix</p><p>GRILLED MARINATED CHICKEN BREAST SERVED ON GRATINATED GNOCCHI</p><p>780,00rocket salad, parmesan, sun dried cherry tomato</p><p>GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST WITH SMOKED CHEESE AND PROCIUTTO SAUCE</p><p>780,00spicy potato puree</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> MAIN COURSES </p><p>VOULEZ-VOUS KARAORES STEAK780,00</p><p>breaded chicken rolled with cream cheese, spiced potato wedges, tartar sauce</p><p>XXXL SPECIALY SERVED DISH1.490,00</p><p>roast beef, summer rolls, voulez vous karaores steak, tortilla with chicken, vegetables and sesame, skewers with chicken and vegetables, </p><p>spicy potato wedges, american dip</p><p>GRILLED TURKEY BREAST TAGLIATA860,00</p><p>buttered pasta-mlinci, sour cream, chanterelle mushrooms, parmesan</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> MAIN COURSES </p><p>ROAST BEEF (500g)1.090,00</p><p>traditionally marinated roast beef</p><p>ROAST BEEF (300g) WRAPPED IN CRISPY PARMESAN AND PORCINI MUSHROOMS CRUST </p><p>980,00potatoes, green salad mix, blue cheese and prosciutto sauce</p><p>ROAST BEEF (300g) WITH GOAT OR COW CHEESE AND SUN DRIED TOMATOES</p><p>980,00caramelised red onion, rocket salad, mashed potatoes</p><p>COWBOY STEAK (300g)980,00</p><p>spicy roast beef tagliata with sun dried tomatoes, chili and mozzarella, spicy mashed potatoes with crispy bacon, mixed green salad</p><p>BLUE CHEESE STEAK (300g)980,00</p><p>roast beef with sesame seed and parmesan, gorgonzola sauce, pancakes with spinach, almonds and goat cheese</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> MAIN COURSES </p><p>GRILLED BEEF STEAK (270g)1.390,00</p><p>spiced potato wedges</p><p>PEPPER STEAK (270g)1.390,00</p><p>beef fillet, black pepper sauce, grilled vegetables</p><p>BEEF STEAK PORTO CRUZ (270g)1.390,00</p><p>beef steak in porto cruz red wine sauce, fried gnocchi</p><p>BEEF STEAK (270g) WITH BALSAMIC VINEGAR, AROMATIC SPICES AND OLIVE OIL</p><p>1.390,00beetroot cooked in red wine</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> MAIN COURSES </p><p>BEEF FILLET TAGLIATA (270g)1.390,00</p><p>beef fillet, grilled tomatoes, parmesan, rocket salad</p><p>SAIKORO BEEF980,00</p><p>steak cut in slices with teryaki and sweet chili sauce and shitake mushrooms, leeks chips, basmati rice</p><p>BEEF BURGER790,00</p><p>two burgers with cheddar cheese, tomato, iceberg salad; pepper rings; three sauce-tzatziki, sweet chili, barbecue</p><p>RIBS (glazed)(650g) 790,00</p><p>(1.350g) 1.490,00barbecue sauce</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> FISH </p><p>TUNA STEAK1.490,00</p><p>tuna in sesame seeds, julienne vegetables (carrots, zuchinni, celery) aceto balsamico sauce</p><p>GRILLED SALMON1.090,00</p><p>fried potato with olives and tomatoes, mixed green salad </p><p>GROUPER BAKED IN PARCHMENT PAPER WITH VEGETABLES</p><p>760,00potato, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach</p><p>FRIED CALAMARI980,00</p><p>spinach, quinoa, tomato salsa</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> SIDE DISHES </p><p>POTATO PUREE240,00</p><p>SPICED POTATO WEDGES240,00</p><p>BASMATI RICE WITH WASABI BUTTER240,00</p><p>GRILLED VEGETABLES240,00</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> SIDE SALADS </p><p>ROCKET AND CHERRY TOMATO SALAD WITH PARMESAN</p><p>290,00</p><p>TOMATO SALAD WITH WHITE CHEESE290,00</p><p>tomato, cherry tomato, dried tomato, feta cheese</p><p>GREEN SALADS MIX240,00</p><p>olives, cherry tomato, linseed, sunflower seeds</p><p>VITAMINS &amp; MINERALS SALAD240,00</p><p>green salads mix, peppers, celeriac, beetroot, corn</p><p>BIG OPSKA SALAD490,00</p><p>* * *BREAD IS FREE OF CHARGE* * *</p></li><li><p> DESSERTS </p><p>CREPES260,00</p><p>walnuts, honey, nutella, plazma biscuit, marmelade, sour cherry</p><p>CREPES VOULEZ-VOUS320,00</p><p>filled with aromatic apples, raisins, cranberries and cinnamon ragout</p><p>WHITE LADY490,00</p><p>white chocolate mousse stuffed raspberries, pistachio, forest fruit ice cream</p><p>TORTA FREDDA ALLA CREMA E NUTELLA340,00</p><p>plazma cake, fresh filling, nutella</p><p>BANOFFEE 340,00</p><p>golden caramel, banana, whipped cream</p></li><li><p> DESSERTS </p><p>OUR SPECIAL-XXXL DESERT490,00</p><p>sour cherry, caramel sauce, plazma biscuit, white chocolate mousse</p><p>CHELSEA CAKE340,00</p><p>belgian chocolate and hazelnuts, ice cream vanilla without flour and butter</p><p>CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE WITH SOUR CHERRY SAUCE</p><p>340,00vanilla ice cream</p></li><li><p> DESSERTS </p><p>BOMBE GLACE340,00</p><p>refreshing ice chocolate bomb with vanilla ice cream and fruitserved with hot caramel sauce</p><p>COSMOPOLITAN390,00</p><p>belgian milk chocolate mousse, chatilly cream and fresh raspberries</p><p>FRUIT PLATE390,00</p><p>kiwi, pineapple, grapes, melon, bananas, apples, pears, orange, seasonal fruit, served with raspberry sauce in chocolate basket</p></li><li><p> DIET MENU </p><p> BREAKFAST </p><p>* SPELT PORRIDGE WITH ARONIA AND APPLES * (225,50 Cal) </p><p>290,00</p><p> SANDWICH </p><p>* WHOLE GRAIN BREAD SANDWICH WITH TURKEY BREAST * (355,40 Cal) </p><p>390,00 low fat turkey breast with reduced % of salt, low fat cheese, </p><p>whole grain bread, lettuce, tomato</p><p> LOW FAT BEVERAGES </p><p>* YOGHURT * 1% fat 60,00</p><p>* MILK * 0,5% fat 60,00</p><p>* SOY MILK * 90,00</p><p>* HOT CHOCOLATE ERACLEA LIGHT * (87cal) 270,00</p></li><li><p> MEAT </p><p>* GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST * (565,00 Cal)760,00</p><p>* ROAST BEEF * (910,00 Cal)890,00</p><p>* BEEF STEAK * (709,20 Cal)1.190,00</p><p>Meat is served with 100g whole grain bread</p><p>Side dishes on your choice:- grilled vegetables (231,00 Cal)- basmati rice (418,60 Cal)- quinoa with spinach and tomato (267,50 Cal)</p><p> SALAD </p><p>* QUINOA SALAD WITH COOKED CHICKEN BREAST * (590,50 Cal) </p><p>690,00 green salad mix, peppers, sprouts, celery, dressing with lemon, baked </p><p>apples, tahina and olive oil, served with whole grain bread</p></li><li><p> PASTA </p><p>* NETTLE AND SOYBEAN PASTA WITH VEGETABLES AND OLIVE OIL * (667,60 Cal)</p><p>690,00</p><p>* WHOLE GRAIN PENNE WITH CHICKEN, TOMATO AND LOW FAT CHEESE * (835,30 Cal)</p><p>690,00</p><p> DESSERT </p><p>* CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WITH FOREST FRUIT * (283,20 Cal)</p><p>340,00sweetened with stevia or fructose</p></li><li><p>CAL PROTEINS (G) FATS (G) CARBS (G)</p><p>Tota</p><p>l</p><p>Tota</p><p>l</p><p>Plan</p><p>t pro</p><p>tein</p><p>s</p><p>Anim</p><p>a pr</p><p>otei</p><p>ns</p><p>Tota</p><p>l</p><p>Satu</p><p>rate</p><p>d</p><p>Mon</p><p>ouns</p><p>atur</p><p>ated</p><p>Poly</p><p>unsa</p><p>tura</p><p>ted</p><p>Cho</p><p>lest</p><p>erol</p><p>Tota</p><p>l</p><p>Mon</p><p>osac</p><p>char</p><p>ides</p><p>Dis</p><p>acch</p><p>arid</p><p>es</p><p>Poly</p><p>sacc</p><p>hari</p><p>des</p><p>Fibe</p><p>rs</p><p>Basmati rice 418.6 5.08 5.08 0 21.4 3.5 15.6 2.3 0 51.4 1.74 49.7 5.8</p><p>Grilled vegetables 231 3.4 3.4 0 20.5 2.8 15.6 2.1 0 8.3 7.7 0.53 5.5</p><p>Quionoa, spinach, tomatoes</p><p>267.5 3.6 3.6 0 21.2 2.9 15.9 2.3 0 15.07 1.70 0.3 3.08</p><p>Roast beef 910 52.4 5.4 47 55.1 19.25 25.9 9.4 170 51 0 51 3.5</p><p>Grilled chicken breast</p><p>665 59.9 5.4 54.5 24.6 5 10.5 9.2 172.5 51 0 51 3.5</p><p>Beef steak 709.2 42.07 5.4 36.7 37.4 9.9 18.06 8.7 130.6 51 0 51 3.5</p><p>Chocolate mousse, </p><p>forest fuits283.2 5.71 2.46 3.25 22.85 17.5 4.55 0.55 130 17.9 17.9 0 4.27</p><p>Turkey breast </p><p>sandwich355.4 28.4 9.2 19.2 14.2 8.4 2.4 1.4 36.8 70.1 15.3 54.8 14.4</p><p>Quiona salad, </p><p>chicken breast</p><p>590.5 31.6 5.5 26.2 30.6 6.06 21.5 3.5 82.8 45.7 8.4 38.9 8.3</p><p>Nettle and soybean </p><p>pasta, veg-etables</p><p>667.6 18.6 18.6 0 23.07 3.5 16.2 3.4 0 96.4 13.3 83.1 8.4</p><p>Whole grain </p><p>penne, chicken, tomatoes</p><p>835.5 56.4 14.8 41.6 35 10.5 17.9 6.6 100.1 141.7 20.03 121.6 8.5</p><p>Spelt porridge 225.6 11.8 4.8 7 4.24 3.04 1 0.2 6 37.3 16.5 20.8 4.6</p></li><li><p>COFFE &amp; HOT BEVERAGES</p><p>Espresso 135,00Espresso with milk 145,00 Espresso decaffeinated155,00Cappuccino 155,00 Macchiato 145,00 Caffe latte 165,00 Coffe with sream150,00 Nescafe 185,00Nescafe with cream210,00 Milk 0,20 60,00Hot chocolate185,00Hot chocolate with cream210,00 Tea-selected170,00 Mulled wine 0.20 190,00 Plazma shake 0.25 250,00 </p><p>SPARKLING&amp;NON SPARKLING WATER</p><p>Voda Vrnjci non sparkling 0,25 135,00Voda Vrnjci non sparkling 1,00 220,00Voda Vrnjci sparkling 0,25 135,00Voda Vrnjci sparkling 1,00 220,00 Element-non sparkling Voda Vrnjci 0,33170,00Element-non sparkling Voda Vrnjci 0,75420,00Jana 0,33135,00Jana 0,75220,00Perrier 0,20230,00 San Pellegrino 0,25170,00San Pellegrino 0,75290,00Acqua Panna 0,25170,00Acqua Panna 0,75290,00</p><p>*JUICES 0,20</p><p>Apple Rauch180,00Peach Rauch 180,00Black Currant Rauch 180,00Orange Rauch 180,00Multivitamin Rauch 180,00Ananas Rauch 180,00Blueberry Nectar 180,00Strawberry Nectar 180,00Cedevita60,00Rauch ice tea 0,33peach/lemon199,00</p><p>*SOFT DRINKS 0.25Coca Cola180,00 Bitter lemon180,00 Tonic water180,00 Coca Cola Zero180,00Fanta180,00Sprite 180,00 </p></li><li><p>Orangina 200,00Cockta 180,00Red Bull 350,00</p><p>*FRESH JUICES 0,30</p><p>Lemonade 190,00 Orange 299,00Fresh mix 390,00Grapefruit 390,00</p><p>*APERITIFS 0,03</p><p>Ramazzotti 190,00 Sambuka 190,00 Southern comfort 230,00 Jagermeister 220,00Gorki list 180,00Martini Bianco 200,00Martini Rosso 200,00Martini dry 200,00 Campari 210,00Absinthe angel 220,00 </p><p>*VODKA 0,03</p><p>Absolut 200,00Grey goose630,00Belvedere490,00Elyx570,00</p><p>*RUM 0,03</p><p>Havana club 3 y.o. 220,00 Havana dark 7 y.o. 360,00Jainero Cachaca200,00</p><p>*TEQUILA 0.03</p><p>Olmeca silver220,00Olmeca gold220,00Jose Cuervo Silver220,00Jose Cuervo Gold220,00</p><p>*COGNAC 0,03</p><p>Martell V.S. 300,00 Martell V.S.O.P. 450,00Martell X.O. 1.500,00</p><p>*WHISKY 0,03</p><p>Ballantines220,00Ballantines 12 y.o. 370,00Ballantines 17 y.o.800,00Ballantines 21 y.o.1.600,00Four Roses270,00Four Rosessingle barrel400,00Jack Daniels290,00Chivas Regal 12 y.o.390,00Chivas Regal 18 y.o.810,00Chivas Royal salute 21 y.o.1.700,00Jameson 240,00Jameson 12 y.o.390,00Malt W. Glendlivet310,00Malt W. Laphroaig 10 y.o.370,00Malt W. Aberlour320,00Malt W. Longmon990,00Malt W. Strathista450,00</p></li><li><p>*GIN 0,03</p><p>Beefeater 200,00 Beefeater 24240,00</p><p>*LIQUERS 0,03</p><p>Baileys 210,00 Amaretto 210,00Lemoncello 210,00 </p><p>*PREMIUM RAKIA 0,03</p><p>Quince brandy260,00Honey brandy260,00Honey brandy-Meduka 260,00Plum brandy260,00Apricot brandy260,00Pear brandy260,00</p><p>*BEER 0,33</p><p>Lav170,00</p><p>Lav twist lemon 180,00</p><p>Lav dark190,00</p><p>Lav orange190,00</p><p>Lav grape190,00</p><p>Tuborg230,00</p><p>Carlsberg260,00</p><p>Budweiser290,00</p><p>Budweiser (dark)290,00</p><p>Guinness 590,00</p><p>Brooklyn590,00</p><p>Somersby 290,00 </p><p>Corona 390,00 </p><p>Erdinger 320,00 </p><p>Angelo Poreti270,00 </p><p>San Miguel Fresca320,00</p><p>*COCKTAILS</p><p>SEX ON THE BEACH390,00 archers, orange juice, borovnica, vodka</p><p>PINA COLADA 390,00 malibu, havana, ananas, orange juice, cream</p><p>ROLLING STONES 480,00vodka, sour apple, pasoa, apple juice, forest fruit, lime</p><p>DEVILS ICE TEA490,00lemon juice, absolut, beefater, havana, tequila, tripple sec, absinth, black pushkin, sprite</p><p>LONG ISLAND 490,00 tequila, havana, vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, gin, coca cola</p><p>APEROL SPRITZ 430,00 Sparkling water, prosecco, aperol, pomoranda</p><p>COSMOPOLITAN 430,00 lemon, absolut, triple sec, blueberry</p></li><li><p>CAIPIRINHA460,00 lime, cachaca, brown sugar</p><p>BLACK SUNSET590,00vodka, havana blanco, triple sec, creme de banana, black pushkin, red bull</p><p>MADNESS550,00lemon juice, absolut, havana, beefeater, tequila, triple sec, passoa, watermelon, archers, rauch ananas, absinth, black pushkin</p><p>APPLE JACK 590,00lemon juice,jack daniels, southern comfort, amareto, archers, rauch apple </p><p>MOJITO 490,00 fresh mint, brown sugar, lime , havana anejo, sparkling water</p><p>MAI TAI 490,00 bacardi black, havana blanco, amaretto, grenadine, triple sec, ananas juice, orange juice</p><p>MELON MARTINI390,00 vodka melon, ananas juice, lemon juice</p><p>MARGARITA450,00olmeca bianco, triple sec, lime</p><p>BLUE FROG690,00tequila, havana, vodka, gin, blue curacao, absinth, red bull </p><p>OLD FASHIONED 390,00 jim beam, angostura bitters, brown sugar, orange</p><p>BAILEYS BUNHSEE 370,00baileys, cacao...</p></li></ul>