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Final Deliverable Re-engineering of lines and electric and gas outlets on sheds 2 & 3 of the mechanical workshop of ANDRITZ HYDRO, S.A. DE C.V.

By:Jos Ral Ortiz Castillo A01064112Claudia Janeth De Jess Bruno A01064244Jess Alberto Labra Andrade A01064603Agustn Arroyo Cuevas A01064612Arturo Villagrana Zamudio A01062775

Final Project of Industrial Engineering and Systems Marco Dasaev Garca Vargas

November 23, 2015

Executive summaryThis document corresponds to the proposal of the re-engineering of lines and electric and gas outlets on the sheds 2 & 3 of the mechanical workshop of Andritz HYDRO, S. A. DE C. V. which has been formulated as part of the project of the field of Project of Industrial and Systems Engineering.Its objective is to establish a solution that help the company to improve its ability to supply products with features established and regulated and also to ensure meeting with international standards as are ISO, OHSAS, among others.The document also describes and establishes the features of the process followed by the components in each of the stages, including the enabled, pailer, welding, polishing, machining, assembly and shipment; as well as the various types of products that are generated as part of the process.In terms of infrastructure and resources, they have established some guidelines about the characteristics of the work environments, machinery and equipment recommended for their production, the provisions of security, protection for workers and the environment, the guidelines about the competence of the staff and the provisions relating to the maintenance of infrastructure, machinery, equipment and auxiliary services of the plant, so our job was to conduct a simulation to observe ideal behavior of production and also the potential improvements in terms of controllable variables.Description of the companyAndritz Hydro S. A. de C. V is a transnational private company which is engaged in the manufacture of components and electromechanical equipment mainly for hydroelectric plants. In addition to this, it offers services of installation and commissioning of the hydraulic units.Its target market includes Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, this due to the closeness that has with the customer, but in recent years has been expanded to the North American market (USA and Canada).Its approach to market includes the manufacture of components for new hydroelectric power stations, or offering a service of maintenance and modernization for existing plants.The company was founded in the year 1981 under the name of TEISA (Turbinas y equipos industrials, S. A. de C. V.)product of the union of business between Nafinsa, Mexico (70 %) and Escher Wyss, Switzerland (30 %). In 1996 Escher Wyss was acquired by Sulzer, Switzerland.Toward the year2000Sulzer was acquired this time by VA Tech, Austria. And finally in 2006 VA Tech Hydro became part of the Group Andritz, since then thecompany is called Andritz HYDRO S. A. DE C. V.

Location of the companyCompany: Andritz Hydro, S. A. de C. V.Country: MexicoStatus: MichoacanMunicipality: MoreliaHome: Av Cd. Industrial, 977C. P. 58200 Morelia, Mich., Mexico (See Image 1)Tel. 01443-323-1530Picture 1.- Location of the plant

Customers and SuppliersDue to the extensive portfolio of customers and suppliers, we will mention only some what we consider are important:CustomersSuppliers

* Federal Electricity Commission* Alstom Power* General Electric*Precision Machining* Andritz Hydro Group World Wide* Enel Green Power* Fundidora Mayran*FundidoraMorelia*FroniusMexico*Lincoln Electric* Frisa Forged* Among others.

Main productsThe product range on offer is very varied due to the hydraulic units are composed of thousands of components. In the image below we can see the major components or larger of which is composed a turbine:

Picture 2.- Major components of a hydraulic turbine.It should be noted that the components can vary depending on the conditions where the plan is going to be located, as well as the type of runner, the power required and some specific specifications of the customer.Based on historical demand, the company has defined 3 key components or products:

Picture 3.- Types of runners

Policies of quality management system, hygiene, safety and environmentOn the basis of their core competencies fully oriented to the satisfaction of the customer, the following is a diagram in which the company involves in a general way how to ensure a successful process through these policies and methodologies of quality, without forgetting the great influence of contributors:

Image 4.- Quality policies of Andritz HydroCurrently the company is certified in standards such as ISO 9001 (quality management system) and 14001 (environmental management system and health) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety).With the reason to reaffirm their commitment to customers, employees and the environment the company has defined security and environment policies through which governs their operations.Environmental Policy"It's our goal to continually reduce the impact on the environment through the responsible consumption of resources and the use of sustainable goods and services.We prefer technologies, processes, materials, and products that help the environment in both comply with the technical and economic conditions; and the requirements of our customers".Health and Safety Policy"Our goal is to prevent personal injuryand prevent damage to property;we give to the health and safety high priorityin all our activities;our goal is to continuously improve our performancein health and safety".

Background (Sources of data or information about the problem we trying to solve)The company currently is facing serious economic problems, and a bad image, due to the low level of productivity, security, order and cleanliness. The conditions of the mechanical workshop of production are not appropriate because it does not meet with certain basic aspects of ergonomics.

Picture 5.- current conditions of the mechanical workshop production, areas of welding and pailer.In the image above we can see the work area that is perceived of the workshop because of the disorganization of the hoses due to the present arrangement of electric and gas outlets. As we know this aspect is of the utmost importance as a company, it can cause the loss of potential customers.Along with this, the disorganization in the use of lines required for the welding process increases the probability of occurs an accident in the work area.Production ProcessThe mechanical process of production for the manufacturing of components for hydroelectric turbines, which is the one that we will focus on in this project, is considered as a pull system because the production is operated with the entry of a new project / order, which in addition may require conditions of design highly specific.The production process consists of 6 main processes, which are a flow already defined:1.- Enabled.- Is the initial process in the manufacture of any component, and is divided into 2 sub-processes: Oxycutting and roll bending machine, depending on the needs of the component to be manufactured.The objective of this phase is to enable the raw material based on the drawings or sketches issued by the department of methods, this in order to facilitate the subsequent process of assembly of the components.2.- Pailer.- After getting the different enabled parts that compose a specific component, it is appropriate to begin with its assembly, this by applying tack weld in order to fix in a specific shape and position. In order to be sure of the quality of the assembly, the personnel use extremely precise instruments order to accomplish with specific tolerances for armed marked on the drawings or sketches.3.- Welding.- After the component has been completely assembly, it is appropriate to apply solder to fix by complete the parts of the component.4.- Polishing.- As its name says, in this process the parts are devastated in specific areas with the reason of complying with certain measures and surface finish specified on the drawings. The importance of this process is vital as there are many points in which the machinery of the machining process cannot reach.5.- Machining.- At this point of the process, the components are usually assembled almost in its entirety, but may still have over-material in some sections, or can be necessary to give a specific finishing on any of them due to the design requirements. That is why it can goes through lathes, milling machines or drill machines.6.- Assembly and shipment.- This is the final process in the manufacture of any product. Here usually are assembled all the components that constitute the hydraulic unit and it are tested working in site conditions to ensure that it meets all the requirements establish on the contract. In addition the parts are prepared adequately to be sent to its destination by avoiding possible damage to the components.Non-destructive testing (NDT)By the fact that the components that are manufactured in the plant are considered as components to pressure, it is necessary that during the manufacturing process it pass through inspections and rigorous testing, following very high standards of quality worldwide.The quality control inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT) are carried out in different parts throughout the manufacturing process, which includes from the arrival of the raw material at plant until the output of the finished product of the same.The main inspections and non-destructive testing that are carried out in Andritz are:Ultrasound Test:The purpose of this test is to determine whether the material has inher