ePortfolios Pedagogy, Practice and Mahara

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Speaker : Mr Lue Wing Yuen, Max David M. Kennedy, PhD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Speaker : Mr Lue Wing Yuen, Max David M. Kennedy, PhD </p><p>Project Technical Officer, TLC Director, TLC , Mahara </p></li><li><p>Take five minutes </p><p>Discuss with a neighbour Write down as many types of files you would like your students to use in a portfolio of their work (portfolio) </p></li><li><p>How do you think a portfolio can be used? ? </p><p>Who should have control of the space T or S??</p></li><li><p>What makes an ePortfolio different from print? ?</p><p>What things can you do differently if your students can use text, audio and video??</p></li><li><p>e-portfolios benefit learning most effectively when considered as part of an integrated teaching and learning approach, rather than as a discrete entity. </p><p>Impact of e-portfolios on learning, BECTA I </p></li><li><p>opportunities for both students and teachers to draw out and present e-portfolios at particular times and for particular purposes.</p><p>Impact of e-portfolios on learning, BECTA I </p></li><li><p>e-portfolios make progress and attainment more obvious to both teachers and students, because viewing and revisiting the repository of work reveals development, achievements, strengths and weaknesses Impact of e-portfolios on learning, BECTA II </p></li><li><p>e-portfolio processes and tools for organisation and communication support the learning outcomes of students with a wide range of abilitiesImpact of e-portfolios on learning, BECTA III </p></li><li><p> then likely to be substantial impact on both learning processes and learning outcomes.</p><p>Impact of e-portfolios on learning, BECTA III </p></li><li><p>Evidence </p><p>Persistence </p><p>Engagement </p><p>History </p><p>Sharing </p><p>Artifacts </p><p>Media </p><p>Formal </p><p>Informal </p><p>Collaborating </p></li><li><p>Learning Assessment Tangible outcomes The student experience Professional development Competencies Employment Presentation </p><p>Are there others we should consider? ?http://scottish-rscs.org.uk/newsfeed/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/e-conf-jigsaw.png</p></li><li><p>Motivation Learning Graduate outcomes 21st Century skills 21 Reflection Assessment Higher-order thinking Metacognition Audience, e.g. CV () </p><p>http://www.jvims.org/images/pedagogy.jpg</p></li><li><p>Attwell, G. 2005. Recognising learning: Educational and pedagogic issues in ePortfolios / </p></li><li><p>Open source (NZ) (New Zealand ) Integrates with Single sign-on (SSO) with Moodle MoodleSizable community Standards MaHoodle (Mahara+Moodle) </p></li><li><p>Student-centred and controlled Blogs Forums Artifacts text, audio and video possible Groups teacher and student controlled Wall for public and private feedback Feedback Teacher and student Public or private </p></li><li><p>Simple file management Multiple forms of media Internal (e.g., stored locally) () External (e.g. You Tube) (You Tube) Drag-and-drop editing (Views) (Views) Permissions control Open source community </p></li><li><p>Single sign-on (SSO) with Moodle MoodleOR Stand alone </p></li><li><p>OBA evidence writing the blog and/ or views / views speaking Audacity, PowerPoint, mp3 recording Audacity, PowerPoint, mp3 listening audio files (mp3) (mp3) reading interactions with content presenting video capture, YouTube YouTube </p></li><li><p>Management the wall or forums using the skills of students </p></li><li><p>Dont forget the PDF files of procedures? PDF?You can control the grading and tasks Your students will learn very quickly </p></li><li><p>The curriculum and assessment need to be considered carefully before you use a portfolio with studentsYou DO NOT have to be an expert with Mahara!Mahara!The TLC will help </p></li></ul>