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Technology that keeps the world moving. KSBs Eta sets standards.



Successful and versatile: the Eta from KSB.It is not really our way to blow our own trumpet about our achievements. But with our Eta pumps we are happy to make an exception: Today, more than 1.5 million Eta pumps are in successful operation around the world. We are thus setting crucial standards in the various elds of application. And we are rightly proud of this. Like the biggest-selling pump Etanorm (EN 733) all the other pumps in the Eta family stand for utmost safety and reliability: Once they have been installed, they can be condently forgotten about. The resulting trust in Eta enables us to keep improving it. In this way, we have substantially widened the Eta product range. Today, it includes not only our wide choice of Eta construction options with conventional shaft seals but also sealless designs such as Etaseco and Etamagno SY pumps for difcult or hot uids. We offer the best individual Eta, the best individual solution, for every eld of application.

Industrial process and cooling water circuits Industrial heat recovery systems Cooling lubricants for machine tools Paint shops and surface treatment systems Industrial washing and cleaning systems Filtration and water treatment systems Bottle rinsing and crate washing systems Breweries Heat transfer systems handling hot oil and hot water District heating Sprinkler systems Water transport and water supply General irrigation and spray irrigation Heating and air-conditioning of buildings and plants and many more ...


Energy Efciency

Energy: we spend all ours to save lots of yours.The key criterion for energy efciency measures is making your plant run more economically. Put more simply: we help you save money. We look at all the costs over the entire life cycle. Energy accounts for almost one-third of total costs, and offers the greatest opportunity for savings. Maximising overall energy efciency means your system runs better, longer and more cheaply which speeds up your return on investment.

Life cycle costs Example: Industrial pumpInitial investment ~30 %9 % Installation 7 % Environment 14 % Pump

Energy ~ 32 %

Availability ~38 %9 % Operation 9 % Downtime 20 % Maintenance

SYSTEM ANALYSISOur experts analyse your system and show where you can save energy with SES System Efciency Services or PumpMeter.

SELECTIONYour KSB partner or KSB EasySelect will help you nd exactly the right pumps and valves.

To run a system efciently, Our selection turns planning you must know it inside out. into partnership.Improvements in energy efciency come from lots of small details, but the focus always has to be on analysis of the overall system. Careful examination of the pumps load prole is required both under current operating conditions and with a view to future demands. It takes years of experience and expertise to identify and make the most of savings potential. KSB has both and brings you the benets through its highly qualied consultants, top-class products and specialised service offers. Our KSB consultants all have one aim: to nd the ideal technical solution for long-term cost savings. That means working in close partnership with you, the customer. And it means taking a comprehensive approach that will stand the test of time. We use a wide range of professional instruments, or put them at your direct disposal. You can access KSB EasySelect, for example. Our well-known pump and valve selection program lets you make the choice, and reduce your long-term costs.

SES System Efciency ServicesAs part of the tried and tested SES System Efciency Services, process and vibration values are recorded at the site with a data logger. Those enable us to identify the pumps current load prole and compare it with the specications.

Professional consultationFor us, strategic partnerships are about our customers requirements. Together with each customer we analyse the transport task in question, and check exactly what is needed. That way, we meet all the process requirements economically and sustainably. Then, its time for realisation. Thats where the detail engineering comes in.

PumpMeter: a true measure of innovationPumpMeter helps you identify where energy can be saved. The monitoring unit measures key data, provides a detailed overview of the current operating point and creates an exact load prole history.

KSB EasySelectKSB EasySelect has proved its worth, time and again. It is the only program on the market that lets you choose both pumps and valves. Step by step, the program takes you through the KSB product range and nds the right product for every requirement.

SES System Efficiency Service data logger

Etabloc with PumpMeter

HIGH-EFFICIENCY HYDRAULIC COMPONENTSTop pump and valve performance with minimum loss all thanks to 140 years of innovation and expertise.

Really big differences come from really small details.A complex uid transport system puts heavy demands on the interplay of pump, valves and the other components. For energyefcient, problem-free operation, absolute precision is key. A pumps most important performance criterion is that it runs at its actual operating point in its maximum efciency range. Pumps running at their best efciency point are quieter and have a longer operating life.P Head H

Energy efciency made to measure: trimmed impellers

P1 P2

Impeller trimmingImpeller trimming is a cost-effective option of saving energy. This involves reducing the outside diameter until the pump output exactly matches customer needs. Just a small drop in efciency enables a signicant reduction in pump input power. That means average savings of 10 % for your wallet. Example: Lets say that the system requires 46 kW pump power output. The next size up of standardised motors would be a 55 kW motor. KSB trims the impeller until the pump power output matches precisely the required operating point. This translates as a 20 % energy saving.P1: No trimming: impeller input power is determined by motor power P2: Hydraulic power requirement of system P: Energy saved by trimmed impeller Flow rate Q

Trimmed impeller


HIGH-EFFICIENCY DRIVESOur high-efciency motors even exceed todays standards.

DEMAND-DRIVEN OPERATIONOptimised control systems like PumpDrive continuously match pump output to system requirements.

Top performance: we put power in professionally.Pump systems efciency depends heavily on their motors. For dryinstalled pumps, KSB offers innovative synchronous motors that are even more efcient. But we also use IE2 motors as standard.

Optimum operating mode maximum output.We take our responsibility seriously. At KSB we make sure our pumps are not only designed for high efciency. Low energy requirements and a high availability of the pump over its entire service life are equally as important to us. What counts is how we respond to changing requirements over the entire operating life with suitable control concepts. Because analysing actual system requirements in detail is the only way we can ensure your pump runs in its optimum operating mode. Your benet? Your power bill will be reduced by up to 60 %.

KSB SuPremE motorsOur synchronous SuPremE motors are an innovative option for dry-installed pumps up to 45 kW. As well as being highly efcient at rated load, they offer ve big advantages: They are speed-controlled, highly efcient at low ow, and use fewer resources, but are just as robust as variable speed asynchronous motors and lose 15 % less energy than IE3 motors.

PumpDrive: maximum efciencySpeed control pays, especially for uctuating demands. The motor-mounted PumpDrive speed control system continually matches the pump power input to what is actually required. This means your pump will run more energy-efciently, smoothly and reliably. For pump systems with ratings up to 600 kW the Hyamaster control system takes over.

Efciency classes100 %

Rated pump efciency

Etaline PumpDrive90 %

80 %

70 %0,75 1,5 3 5,5 11 18,5 30 45 75 110 160 250 355 375

Rated power (kW)





KSBs modular design system: The best pump for the job. The large Eta modular design system enables us to provide you with the pump that matches your application. And you benet all along the line: For the entire operating range from 1.5 m 3/h to 2,250 m3/h four bearing bracket sizes are sufcient in the Eta modular design. So to be prepared for every service eventuality, you only need four bearing and mechanical seal sizes. Materials With the Eta you can pump not only water, but also many other uids. Apart from the tried and tested grey cast iron, a diverse range of materials is available to you depending on the eld of application and the nature of the uid. If things get really hot, nodular cast iron is the best solution. With chemically aggressive uids, you are best off with bronze or stainless steel.

The following material variants are available:Volute casing and discharge cover Impeller Grey cast iron JL1040 Grey cast iron JL1040 Variant G Etanorm Etabloc Etaline Etaprime Etachrom Grey cast iron JL1040 Cast chrome nickel molybdenum steel 1.4408 Variant G (C) Grey cast iron JL1040 Tin bronze CC480K-GS Variant M Tin bronze CC480K-GS Tin bronze CC480K-GS Variant B Nodular cast iron Cast chrome JS1025 nickel molybdenum steel 1.4408 Grey cast iron JL1040 Variant S Cast chrome nickel molybdenum steel 1.4408 Variant C Chrome nickel molybdenum steel 1.4571 Chrome nickel molybdenum steel 1.4571