Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 8/2012

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<ul><li><p>European Journalof Lipid Science and Technology</p><p>ContentsVolume 114, No. 8, August 2012</p><p>Editorial</p><p>865 How to choose a statistical test</p><p>Jean-Francois Martin</p><p>Short Communications</p><p>869 Differences in lipid parameters among statins treated patients with coronary arteriosclerosis a pilot study</p><p>Pawe Burchardt, Jakub Zurawski, Tomasz Kubacki, Bartosz Zuchowski, Henryk Wysocki</p><p>875 Lipase-catalyzed transesterification to remove saturated MAG from biodiesel</p><p>Santosh Kumar Padhi, Michael Haas, Uwe T. Bornscheuer</p><p>Research Articles</p><p>880 Trans fatty acids influence the oxidation of LDL in ECV304 cells</p><p>Tan Zhi, Liu Yanhong, Liang Rui, Song Jian, Liu Jinping, Wu Junzhu</p><p>889 Synthesis of triheptanoin and formulation as a solid diet for rodents</p><p>Vladislav Semak, Jana Semakova, Lyda Halbaut, Ester Aso, Isidro Ferrer, Ana Calpena, Carmen Escolano,</p><p>Jose Carlos Perales</p><p>896 An efficient and expeditious synthesis of phytostanyl esters in a solvent-free system</p><p>Yang Zhou, Chengsheng Jia, Rui Li, Xiaoming Zhang, Wensen He, Jingjing Li, Biao Feng, Qiuyu Xia</p><p>905 An efficient reaction protocol for the ruthenium-catalysed epoxidation of methyl oleate</p><p>Arno Behr, Nils Tenhumberg, Andreas Wintzer</p><p>911 Renewable linear alpha olefins by selective ethenolysis of decarboxylated unsaturated fatty acids</p><p>Frits van der Klis, Jerome Le Notre, Rolf Blaauw, Jacco van Haveren, Daan S. van Es</p><p>919 Study of the porous structure of white chocolate by confocal Raman microscopy</p><p>Hanna Dahlenborg, Anna Millqvist-Fureby, Birgit D. Brandner, Bjorn Bergenstahl</p><p>927 Extraction of a-tocopherolquinone from vegetable oil deodorizer distillate wasteBayala Isso, David Ryan</p><p>933 Enrichment of frying oils with plant phenolic extracts to extend the usage life</p><p>Buket Aydeniz, Emin Yilmaz</p><p>942 Understanding degradation of phenolic compounds during olive oil processing by inhibitor addition</p><p>Marzia Migliorini, Lorenzo Cecchi, Chiara Cherubini, Serena Trapani, Enrico Cini,</p><p>Bruno Zanoni</p><p>951 A polyphenol extract of tara pods (Caesalpinia spinosa) as a potential antioxidant in oils</p><p>Nalda Romero, Arturo Fernandez, Paz Robert</p><p>958 Phenolic composition and antioxidant activity of Southern Italian monovarietal virgin olive oils</p><p>Giuseppe Gambacorta, Michele Faccia, Antonio Trani, Carmela Lamacchia, Tommaso Gomes</p><p> 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH &amp; Co. KGaA, Weinheim</p></li><li><p>968 Fatty acids, 4-desmethylsterols, and triterpene alcohols from Tunisian lentisc (Pistacia lentiscus)</p><p>fruits</p><p>Hajer Trabelsi, Faouzi Sakouhi, Justin Renaud, Pierre Villeneuve, Mohamed L. Khouja, Paul Mayer,</p><p>Sadok Boukhchina</p><p>974 Lipid characterization and antioxidant status of the seeds and meals of Camelina sativa and flax</p><p>Nathalie Quezada, Gita Cherian</p><p>Issue 6, Sterols cover illustration</p><p>The cover illustration of the June special issue on Sterols was provided by Anne Galea and Andrew Brown, University</p><p>of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The image represents the complexity of cellular (chole)sterol trafficking and</p><p>metabolism as a maze and alludes to the ancient Greek legend of Theseus using a ball of thread to find his way out of</p><p>King Minos labyrinth.</p><p> 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH &amp; Co. KGaA, Weinheim</p></li></ul>


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