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<ul><li><p>EuropassCurriculum Vitae</p><p>Personal information</p><p>Surname(s) / First name(s) Pueyo Mena, Francisco JavierAddress(es) 9 Pickering Way #9, Salem, MA 01970, USA</p><p>Telephone(s) +1 978.979.3047</p><p>Email(s)</p><p>Nationality(-ies) Spanish</p><p>Date of birth November 12, 1966</p><p>Current position</p><p>Dates 1999presentPosition held Tenured Scientist - CSIC [Leave of Absence (Excedencia) from January 2009]</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Research and teaching in the areas of Hispanic Linguistics (linguistic change, i.e. sociolinguistics andhistorical linguistics), Medieval and Sephardic Language and Literature (critical editions and study of Me-dieval and Sephardic texts), and Computers and Humanities (linguistic corpora including lexical lemma-tization, graphical normalization, linguistic tagging, digital storage, cataloging, and indexing of Sephardictexts as well as development of computer tools for their philological and linguistic analysis). I am cur-rently working on a critical edition of the most famous 15th century Spanish Bible (the Arragel or AlbaBible); the edition is supported by an ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies) grant and it is beingcarried out within a multidisciplinar group of scholars, coordinated by Prof. Luis Girn-Negrn - HarvardUniversity.</p><p>Institution Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mediterrneo y Oriente Prximo (ILC)Spanish Council for Scientific Research (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientficas) (CSIC)</p><p>Research experience(UNESCO code 5701.07)</p><p>Dates 2009presentPosition Researcher</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Member of the Biblia Medieval research group. Development and exploitation of diachronic linguisticcorpora, mainly focused on the Biblia Medieval corpus.</p><p>Institution Departamento de Filologa Espaola - Universidad de las Islas Baleares (UIB)</p><p>Dates 20092010Position Researcher</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Member of the GSyC/Libresoft research group. Main line of research focused on the development,implementation and exploitation of linguistic corpora, using information sources generated from the de-velopment proccess of Free/Open Source Software Projects.</p><p>Institution Departamento de Sistemas Telemticos y Computacin - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC)</p><p>Dates 19992009Position Researcher</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Member of the Sephardic and Medieval-Spanish Judaism (Grupo de Judasmo Hispano Medieval ySefard ) research group. Our main line of investigation is focused on the critical edition and study ofSephardic and Medieval literary texts</p><p>Institution Departamento de Estudios Hebraicos y Sefardes - Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)</p><p>Page 1 / 7 - Curriculum vit ofF. Javier Pueyo</p>mailto:javier.pueyo@gmail.com</li><li><p>Dates 20042006Position Researcher</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Member of the Science, Technology and Society (STS) research group. Research focused on the FreeSoftware / Free Culture movements and communities as successful examples of social participation inscience and technology</p><p>Institution Spanish Science and Technology Foundation (Fundacin Espaola para la Ciencia y la Tecnologa)(FECYT) / Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)</p><p>Dates September 1997March 1999Position Visiting Scholar</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Member of Dr. Moshe Lazars Sephardic Studies research group in Los Angeles, USA. Participation inthe The Henry J. Leir Library of Sephardica and the Diccionario histrico-etimolgico del judeo-espaolresearch projects. Transcription, transliteration, correction and philological study of Medieval and Judeo-Spanish texts. Design and development of an electronic index card application for the dictionary</p><p>Institution Department of Comparative Literature University of Southern California, Los Angeles, (USA)</p><p>Dates April 1996July 1997Occupation Philologist</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Software development (scripting) for the CREA project (ref. APC96-0140). Correction, conversion andcodification of the linguistic/literary CREA and CORDE corpora. Parsing and automatization of SGMLtagging</p><p>Institution Instituto de Lexicografa Real Academia Espaola, Madrid, Spain</p><p>Dates September 1993March 1996Position held Researcher</p><p>Main activities and responsibilities Member of Dr. Moshe Lazars Sephardic Studies research group in Los Angeles, USA. Participation inthe The Sephardic Classic Library and The Spanish-Jewish Series of the Hispanic Seminary of MedievalStudies research projects. Transcription, transliteration (from Hebrew script), correction and philologicalstudy of Judeo-Spanish texts. Digital processing, tagging, and storage of literary and historical docu-ments</p><p>Institution Fund for Higher Education / University of Southern California, Los Angeles, (USA)</p><p>Teaching experience</p><p>Dates 20072008Position held Visiting Assistant Professor</p><p>Courses taught Seminar in Latino-American Culture / Hispanic Literatures I, II / Spanish Language I, IIInstitution Department of Foreign Languages Salem State University, Massachusetts, (USA)</p><p>Dates 2006Position held Visiting Professor</p><p>Courses taught Sephardic Language and LiteratureInstitution Department of Hebrew Universidad Complutense, Madrid, (Spain)</p><p>Dates 2006Position held Professor (Master in Hispanic Philology)</p><p>Courses taught Sephardic and Medieval BiblesInstitution Instituto de la Lengua Espaola Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)</p><p>Dates 19901993Position held Assistant Lecturer</p><p>Courses taught Spanish Language I, II, IIIInstitution Spanish Department University of Southern California, Los Angeles, (USA)</p><p>Page 2 / 7 - Curriculum vit ofF. Javier Pueyo</p></li><li><p>Education and training</p><p>Dates 19951996Title of qualification awarded PhD (Hispanic Language and Literature)</p><p>Dissertation Edicin crtica y anlisis filolgico de la Biblia Medieval Romanceada 10228 de la Biblioteca NacionalOrganization Universidad de Deusto Bilbao (Spain)</p><p>Dates 19921994Title of qualification awarded PhD courses (Hispanic Linguistics)</p><p>Principal subjects Sociolinguistics, Language Change, Psycholinguistics, Grammar TheoryOrganization University of Southern California, Los Angeles, (USA)</p><p>Dates 19901992Title of qualification awarded Master of Arts (Hispanic Linguistics)</p><p>Principal subjects Spanish Sociolinguistics and Language Change, Bilingualism, Grammar TheoryOrganization University of Southern California, Los Angeles, (USA)</p><p>Dates 19851990Title of qualification awarded Bachelor of Arts (Hispanic Language and Literature)</p><p>Principal subjects Spanish Language (history, dialectology, grammar) and Literature (history, textual analysis)Organization Universidad de Deusto Bilbao (Spain)</p><p>Personal skillsand competences</p><p>Mother tongue(s) SpanishOther language(s) English, Hebrew (only instrumental)</p><p>Self-assessmentEuropean level (*)</p><p>Understanding Speaking WritingListening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production</p><p>English B2 Independentuser C1 Proficient userB2 Independent</p><p>userB2 Independent</p><p>user C1 Proficient user</p><p>(*)Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level</p><p>Social skills and competences Deeply adapted to multicultural environments both personally and professionally: extensive field re-search among US Latino and Sephardic Jewish communities; experience teaching, tutoring, and workingwith extremely diverseethnically, geographically, and socio-economicallyteachers and students.</p><p>Good teamwork habits achieved by working in multidisciplinary research groups, being challenged tointegrate traditional humanistic scholars and Information Technology (IT) backgrounds.</p><p>Good communication skills developed through years of teaching practice and speaking at academicconferences.</p><p>Organizational skills andcompetences</p><p>Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Sefarad (20002010).Editorial Secretary of the scientific journal Sefarad (2006).Elected staff representative of the Instituto de Filologa CSIC (20002006).</p><p>Page 3 / 7 - Curriculum vit ofF. Javier Pueyo</p></li><li><p>Technical skills andcompetences</p><p>Digital Typography. Proficient in TEX and LATEX, particularly for typesetting complex critical editions requir-ing several critical apparatus, marginal notes, special fonts, Hebrew and Latin scripts, multicolumn andmultilanguage environments, etc. Advanced user of Desktop Publishing Applications (Adobe InDesign,QuarkXPress, Scribus).</p><p>Programming Languages. Experience in text processing, GUI application development and databasemanipulation. Familiar with Perl, Python, C#, and PHP. Glade and GTK Toolkit bingdings: Gtk2-Perl,PyGTK, Gtk#. Development of graphical (Gtk#/Windows.Forms) cross-platform (GNU/Linux, UNIX,Win32 and MacOSX) applications with Mono, a Free Software implementation of the Microsoft .NETdevelopment infraestructure (IDE: Monodevelop). Familiar with SVN, CVS, and Bugzilla for softwaredevelopment and maintenance.</p><p>GNU/Linux system administration. Basic knowledge of Debian system administration: Apache,ProFTPd, Bind, and Postfix.</p><p>Customized GNU/Linux distribution creation. Use of anaconda and picax to create Debian/Linex baseddistros. Familiar with Debian packages creation tools.</p><p>Database design and administration. Experience in design and administration of PostgreSQL, MySQL,SQLite. Access and manipulation programmatically using PHP, Perl DBI and C# (ADO.NET Mono).Familiar with SQL.</p><p>Web development. Familiar with HTML, PHP, XML, CSS. Mediawiki (wiki) and Drupal (CMS) administra-tion and customization.</p><p>Internationalization and Localization. Familiar with the Unicode standard, as well as bidirectional writingsystems (Hebrew script specifically). Familiar with i18n (internationalization) and l10n (localization) infree software projects (GNU gettext library and related tools).</p><p>Artistic skills and competences Recording and phonetic transcription of songs and oral testimonies among the Sephardic community ofLos Angeles, USA. A selection of songs were performed (classic guitar and voice) along with Nabil Az-zam (oud) and Suheil Kaspar (percussion) during the Maurice Amado Colloquium in Sephardic Studies,University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA), Korn Convocation Hall. May 24, 1998.</p><p>Other skills and competences Good knowledge of Free Software and Free Culture philosophy, communities, licences, and history.Familiar with the open standards, open access, open science movements and concepts.</p><p>Additional information</p><p>Selected Publications (Spanish Language and Literaure)</p><p>PUEYO MENA, F. Javier (to appear, 2012): El corpus bblico del espaol sefard: de la planificacin ala edicin crtica in ngel BERENGUER AMADOR (ed.) Homenaje a Iacob M. Hassn. El Jardn de laVoz, Centro de Estudios Cervantinos: Instituto de Investigaciones Filolgicas de la UNAM.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, F. Javier (2012): Le corpus biblique judo-espagnol: la mthode traditionnelle de latraduction et lalignement automatique des sources in ANA STULIC-ETCHEVERS / Soufiane ROUISSI(eds.) Corpus numrique judo-espagnol: ltude et lanalyse des sources judo-espagnoles. Bor-deaux: Presses Universitaires Bordeaux.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, F. Javier (2012): Tu pueblo mi pueblo y tu Dio mi Dio: el libro de Rut en la Biblia deAbraham As, eHumanista, Spring 2012.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, F. Javier (2011): Sfer Hsec elom: edicin de Gnesis / Bereit (cps. 1-10) inElena ROMERO CASTELL (ed.) Estudios sefardes dedicados a la memoria de Iacob M. Hassn (z"l).Publicaciones de Estudios Sefardes, nm. 13. Madrid: CSIC. pp. 433-478</p><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. y URRUTIA-CRDENAS, Hernn (2010) Captulo 1: Preliminares - Captulo2: El texto en Hernn URRUTIA-CRDENAS y Gema BIZCARRONDO Escribir y editar. Gua prcticapara la redaccin y edicin de textos. Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto, pp. 2761 y pp. 6382</p><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. (2008) Biblias romanceadas y en ladino in Elena ROMERO CASTELL(ed.), Sefardes: Literatura y Lengua de una Nacin Dispersa. Actas del XV Curso de Verano Culturahispano-juda y sefard, organizado por la Univ. de Castilla-La Mancha y la Asociacin de Amigos delMuseo Sefard (Toledo, 5-8 sep. 2005), Univ. de Castilla-La Mancha.pp. 193263.</p><p>Page 4 / 7 - Curriculum vit ofF. Javier Pueyo</p>http://www.eljardindelavoz.comhttp://www.eljardindelavoz.com</li><li><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. (2003) La Biblia de Alba en las Bienandanzas y Fortunas de Don DiegoLope de Salazar in Elena ROMERO CASTELL (ed.) Judaismo Hispano. Estudios en memoria de JosLuis Lacave Riao. Vol. I, pp. 227242, Madrid: CSIC.</p><p>LAZAR, Moshe y Francisco J. PUEYO MENA (2000) Obras completas de Miguel (Daniel Lev) de Barrios(4 vols.). Vol. I: El Teatro. The Henry J. Leir Library of Sephardica. Lancaster (CA): Labyrinthos.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. (1996) Biblia Romanceada. Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid. Ms. 10 288.Estudio, Edicin y Notas. Spanish-Jewish Series 8. Madison-Winconsin: Hispanic Seminary of MedievalStudies.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. (1996) Texto y concordancias de la Biblia Romanceada Ms. BNM 10 288.Spanish-Jewish Series 7. Madison-Winconsin: HSMS.</p><p>URRUTIA-CRDENAS, Hernn, Santiago SEGURA MUNGUA y Francisco J. PUEYO MENA (1995) Co-mentario filolgico-lingstico de textos castellanos. Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. (1995) La partcula SE en espaol: un proceso de gramaticalizacin,Revista de Lingstica Terica y Aplicada, 33, pp. 153194. Universidad de Concepcin, Chile.</p><p>LAZAR, Moshe, Francisco J. PUEYO MENA y Andrs Enrique-Arias (1994) Biblia Romanceada. RealAcademia de la Historia, ms. 87, 15th century. Edition, Introduction and Notes. Spanish-Jewish Series5. Madison-Wisconsin: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies.</p><p>LAZAR, Moshe, Francisco J. PUEYO MENA y Andrs ENRIQUE-ARIAS (1994) Text and Concordance ofthe Biblia Romanceada ms. RAH 87. Spanish-Jewish Series 4. Madison-Winconsin: Hispanic Seminaryof Medieval Studies.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. (1994) La adquisicin del gnero en nios bilinges, Mundaiz, 48, pp.2551.</p><p>PUEYO MENA, Francisco J. (1992) El sistema de clticos en nios bilinges de Los Angeles: trans-ferencia lingstica y motivacin social, en Hernn URRUTIA CRDENAS y Carmen SILVA-CORVALN(eds.) Bilingismo y adquisicin del espaol: estudios en Espaa y EEUU. Bilbao, Instituto Horizonte,pp. 255275.</p><p>Funded Research Projects</p><p>Arragels Bible Research Group. The Old Spanish Bible of Rabbi Moshe Arragel, 15th c. (2011-2013).Research Coordinator: Dr. Luis Girn-Negrn (Harvard University). ACLS. American Council of LearnedSocieties.</p><p>Science, Technology and Society (STS) Research Group. Estudio sobre la sociedad civil y la gober-nanza de la ciencia y la tecnologa en Espaa. Lnea E-PCC. (2004-2005). Research Coordinator: Dr.Antonio Lafuente (GCTS - CH). FECYT. Fundacin Espaola Ciencia y Tecnologa.</p><p>Sephardic Studies Research Group. La Biblia Hispnica (2005-2007). Research Coordinator: Dr. Clau-dio Garca Turza. Fundacin San Milln / Centro Internacional de la Lengua Espaola.</p><p>Sephardic Studies Research Group. Sefarad Siglo XXI: Edicin y estudio filolgico de textos sefardes(20052007) Research Coordinator: Dr. Elena Romero Castell. Plan Nacional de Investigacin Cien-tfica. Desarrollo e Innovacin Tecnolgica [HUM2005-01747/FILO].</p><p>Sephardic Stud...</p></li></ul>