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<p> UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DEL ALTIPLANO FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS JURIDICAS Y POLITICAS Carrera Profesional de Derecho</p> <p> INGLES </p> <p> DOCENTE: Ing. Jorge Durant PRESENTADO POR: </p> <p> Sheyla Regina Luna Mardini Maribel Vargas Flores</p> <p> Gary Liseth Charaja Vargas Elizabet Maquera Atencio </p> <p>Semestre: XIPuno Per</p> <p>2014</p> <p>DIALOGO SOBRE LA VIDA EN EL FUTURO PROFESORA: Good morning students. This is the first day of school, and today we'll talk about the changes that will be in the future, for which each of you will present and tell us what you think about the future. Begin. You, what's your name and how do you think life will be in the future? SHEYLA: Hi, my name is Sheyla, I think that families live in homes where robots replace service personnel, and they will do the housework., which will be given instructions as cleaning rooms, preparing food and answer the phone and they the meet. </p> <p> MARIBEL: Im Maribel, I also think that in the future there will be robots and we can have them at home to help with the cleanup or even the education of our children. I will also work on farms; harvesting. In factories, a robot with these physical and intellectual qualities will be much more efficient than the ones we use today, for example, riding cars. They will be more flexible and able to work in three shifts, 24 hours a day. </p> <p> ELIZABETH: Im Elizabeth, and I think that by 2020 robots will be as "smart" and its interaction with humans will be so great that there will be a huge technological gap between those who possess or not these tools. LISTEH: Im Liseth, and I think that there will be robots that occupy the housework; wash dishes, prepare food and clean up. Its functions will sort, sweeping, cooking and other household chores. They will also have robots to help the environment to clean waste from both land and water. PROFESORA: Okay, now as you tell me who will be the future cars imagine. MARIBEL: I think that future vehicles will benefit environmental conditions and decrease the rate of cars in circulation. SHEYLA: I think the cars will drive themselves. Citizens will use robotic taxis when they need to come and take them to the sites more efficiently. LISETH: I think that there will be roads in aerial flying vehicles, all under the command of computers. ELIZABET: I think the car will float in the air and will be handled with a single lever. SHEYLA: Miss, I also think the trees in the future will be bright and could be the way to save energy in future cities. LISETH: There will also be ufos, and be normal that they are among us, learn to live with them. PROFESORA: Okay, after hearing their ideology. Now you make a drawing on their ideology about the future. DILOGO</p> <p>SALON DE CLASES </p> <p>PROFESORA</p> <p>MARIBEL</p> <p>SHEYLA</p> <p>LISETH</p> <p>ELIZABETH</p>