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Madanapalle institute of technology and science (MITS) Project report on recruitment and selection done in SONATA SOFTWARE, BANGLORE Submitted by S.Rihana 09691E0038 Contents: Executive summary Introduction Recruitment process flow chart Sources of external recruitment Interview process Benefits Choice of recruitment model Need for the study Literature review Scope of the study Objectives Company profile Conclusion EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Recruiting the human resource (HR) processes is the latest practice being followed by middle and large sized organizations. It is being witnessed across all the industries. In India , the HR processes are being recruited from nearly a decade now. Recruiting industry is growing at a high rate. The study is therefore is being done to identify the scope for Recruitment Process. The following are the objectives of the study. To identify the benefits of recruitment and understanding the recruitment process. The Project contains details about the various criteria of recruitment. The project highlights the reasons why companies indulge in recruitment and the merits and advantages of recruitment to direct hiring. It also enumerates various factors to be considered before recruitment. Identify the various practices of recruitment existing in the industry. The project should have a detailed understanding of the methods adopted by recruitment agencies to make the hiring process quicker. The information necessary for this survey is collected by tapping primary & secondary source: Primary sources: Personal interaction

Secondary sources: Related information from Internet. Company Website and Booklet . INTRODUCTION Nowadays, many businesses have started taking recruitment into consideration for the completion of various tasks. Every possible task can be completed with the help of recruitment, it may be human resources, technical support, billing, or management etc. Carrying out all the tasks be a possibility but certain departments can utilize the help of recruitment in doing so. Mainly the department of the recruitment activities needs assistance in appropriate talent acquisitions. Recruitment Process is basically when a business hire and external service provider for recruitment activities of its own and these vendors take over all or part of the firms responsibilities. This may include preparing job descriptions, evaluating resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews of the eligible candidates. Recruitment Process also provides additional benefits to the business. If a company comes to terms with a seemingly appropriate RP provider, the advantages that it can gain may include speed and convenience in the recruitment process of new and potential employees; access to a large number of applicants with the possibility of acquiring the most potential and qualified among them. The best advantage of all is that the RP provides the firm with improved reports, savings on the budgets spent on recruitment processes and easier to comply with various government standards. Some companys consider the option of hiring the RP vendors on temporary basis to outsource in part of the recruitment process however this actually means that the company is not literally outsources but only assist it to fulfil the staff needs. Whereas the process of the RP is totally different, that is the vendor takes over the Ownership of the recruitment activity. The Recruitment Process has gained favor among companies over time. The HR department analyzed the benefits recruitment brought to the business by reducing the overhead costs and raising business standards. It became more acceptable when companys realized that recruitment brought additional benefits in various tasks in terms of time and resource application in things like taxes and payroll etc. So overall a Recruitment Process Outsource provider benefit the establishment in terms of saving of money, improving and speeding up the hiring process and provide a wide range of access of experienced, potential and the most qualified pool of applicants to the employers. Recruitment Process Companys only focus and take responsibility over the recruitment processes allotted by the company who hired them and allow them to keep track and stay updated with the latest recruitment methodologies and procedures regarding the recruitment activities. The business world has experienced a phenomenal growth in recent past and companies are getting more concerned about the recruitment process of their employees including freshers and other positions available. It is indeed a time consuming task to select a pool of best candidates out of thousands of applicants. Of course, the entire process constitutes a series of steps which also incurs lot of additional expenses on a huge amount. It becomes a more difficult task for amateur

investors, who face lot of hurdles in selecting the best employees for the progress. This is when RP Companys come to the rescue. There are many noteworthy benefits with availing RP process. It enables companies to secure best talent among the candidates. The quality of human resource that a company hires plays a major role in its betterment. RP solutions have a set of experienced HR persons who make sure to select the most suitable candidates. The most attractive RP recruitment advantage lies in the fact that it stems out major expense troubles during the recruitment process otherwise. This is a smart way to save huge sum of money and save it on other developmental purpses of the company. There are instances when recruiters of companys require onsite support in the recruitment process. When a company hires another company for providing recruitment it gains access to the latest technology very easily. The firms are well equipped with newest trends in technology and make the best use of it. Whilst a set of your company members were previously engaged in the recruitment Activity all the time, with the introduction of RP, you can use the man power in some other activity as it now becomes the responsibility of the agency to carry it further. This will ensure that you provide high quality service to your clients. Experts who have a higher experience in the field of recruitment process have discovered that the turnaround time of the company improves considerably. The efficiency of the company shoots up which adds to the advantages. Moreover, the RP services are a way to avail international expert guidance in the recruitment process as the agency provides offshoring services. Thus once you select the right recruitment company you can rest assured about the smooth recruitment process throughout and make the best use of man power. Recruitment Process Flow Chart

Requirement in a project

Project manager raises the requirement

Specification: Role Experience Skills etc.,

System analyst

Recruitment team

Required candidates in bench

External recruitment

If candidates in bench are having the required specifications recruit him

Sources of external recruitment: Job portals Consultancies Employee referrals

Job portals: The specifications for the jobs are posted and the resumes are evaluated based on the specifications and the selected candidates are called for the interview. Consultancies: Consultancies are the external source of recruitment where the outsiders provide the details about the required candidates and from that he resumes era selected and are called for the interview. The company pay sum of money for the consultants. Employee referrals: In this the recruitment process is through web sources like facebook,orkut, linkedin etc., The candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria; Communication Reason for change Location preferred Skills Ctc (salary) This is the criteria for selection of experienced candidates. Freshers are selected based on, Communications Skills Percentages Backlogs etc., Generally the freshers are recruited through campus interviews.campus interviews are conducted when there is huge requirement in the company. Walk in are conducted when there is urgent requirement in the company. Interview process: Generally the interview consists of 3 rounds. Online test Gd Hr interview The candidates qualified in all these 3 rounds are provided an offer letter which consists of the ctc, incentives etc., The ctc is designed based on the experience, education and previous salary. He/she is given 3 days time and after that he/she may or may not join the company. If not the job is provided to someother person. BENEFITS 1. Traditional recruiting methods can be expensive and are often unproductive and Unpredictable: Whether you employ your own internal recruiters or utilize the services of staffing agencies, most companys, at the expense of large commissions or placement fees, do not obtain the results they expect from their recruiting function. RP Services eliminate the aforementioned inconsistencies by offering a simple, effective, and alternative solution to recruiting needs. 2. Reduced Recruiter Costs

Spend approximately $25,000 (including $100 commissions/placement) for and experienced, dedicate recruiter VS. $50,000 + commissions, payroll costs, medical and dental insurance, administrative costs, and paid vacation (which can add up to more than $65,000) for an internal recruiter. The decision to utilize external recruiters is obvious Save more than 60% on Recruiter costs by utilizing RP services and enjoy numerous other benefits that will help the companys to grow. 3. No Infrastructure Costs Utilizing external recruiters allows to free up capital that can be better allocated towards higher valued consulting activities. The RP has their own state of the art offices which are equipped with everything a recruiter would need to perform his/her daily duties meaning a company dont have to pay a single rupee towards providing a c