Fall 10 vs Summer 12

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Match 6: Fall10 VS Summer12After a breathtaking semifinal match between Spring12 and Fall12 everyone looked impatient to know about the next finalist of this prestigious inter-semester tournament. Being the dark horses, Fall10 and Summer12 gave a teeth clenching reply to all the contenders and fought for going a step ahead to the coveted trophy. Right from the blow of the whistleFall10 were showing up immensely boosted up attitude after knocking out the defending champion mighty Spring11. Fall10 pressed the game and created some possible chances to take the lead in the first quarter. Shahed (Fall10) ran down the left flank passing some defenders but couldnt break the final barrier. Meanwhile, Summer12 took the possession and coped with the game. The Sahron-Rumi (Summer12) combination relentlessly threatened the Fall10 team and made some superb counters. Danger alarm ranged for Summer12 when Sharon (Summer12) got severely injured in a collision with Raju (Fall10) while attempting a possible shot produced by Rumi. Sharon earned a yellow card for high boot during the incident which turns out as an irony of fate. 2nd half started and summer12 looked under pressure because of the absence of Sharon. . Saikat, AKA Gabur the captain of Fall10 made an attempt which went over the crossbar. Summer12 made some attempts which were saved excellently by the man in form Sami (Fall10 GK). Box to box play and physical playing were shown during the 2nd half. Overall it was a hackneyed and fatigued semifinal which ended as draw

The tension arose when the tie breaking situation took place. Both the team looked nervous as they had the glorious opportunity to become a finalist. Summer12 took the first shot which was saved by Sami. The maiden shot of Fall10 was netted by Shahed. Missing their first shot summer12 looked anxious which made sami impenetrable and made him save two shots. Finally , it was a score to win situation for the fall which was beautifully done by them. Being cheerfully unconcerned about the future Fall10 reached in the final which made them THE HAPPY GO LUCKY FELLOWS.


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