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<ul><li><p>For immediate release: </p><p>Yole Dveloppement Le Quartz 75 cours Emile Zola 69100 Lyon-Villeurbanne - France </p><p>GaN Power Electronics will top one billion dollar in revenue in a couple of years thanks to a cross-fertilization with the LED industry , </p><p>announces Yole Dveloppement Power GaN 2012 edition, a report from Yole Dveloppement </p><p> Lyon, France March 7, 2012 Yole Dveloppement announces its report Power GaN 2012 </p><p>edition. In this report, Yole Dveloppement provides a complete analysis of the GaN device and </p><p>substrate industry in the power electronics field market forecasts, company involvements, etc. </p><p>Slow ramp-up but huge expectations. </p><p>The GaN power device industry has probably generated less than $2.5M revenues in 2011, as only 2 </p><p>companies (IRF &amp; EPC Corp.) are selling products on the open market. However, the overall GaN </p><p>activity has seen extra revenues as R&amp;D contracts, qualification tests and sampling for qualified </p><p>customers was extremely buoyant. </p><p>At very short term, IRF and EPC will likely remain the two main vendors of GaN power devices on the </p><p>open market in early 2012. This market is likely to stay below $10M for devices, with the rest being </p><p>made through R&amp;D sales. </p><p>2013 should signal the transition from qualification to production ramp-up for several new entrants. </p><p>The device market could reach the $50M threshold. In 2014, most of these new entrants will ramp-</p><p>up their capacity, and by 2015 the availability and adoption of qualified 600V+ GaN devices should </p><p>see the market grow very quickly, and open doors to non-consumer applications. In 2015, 12-15 </p><p>players will share the consumption of more than 100,000 x 6 (equiv.) epiwafers. </p><p>Beyond that, if GaN is qualified in the EV/HEV sector, GaN device business could top the billion dollar </p><p>line and the GaN-on-Si substrate market could exceed $300M revenues by 2019, explains Dr Philippe </p><p>Roussel, Business Unit Manager, Power Electronics at Yole Dveloppement. However, it is still </p><p>unclear how car makers will choose between SiC, GaN or the current Silicon technology. </p><p>At the substrate end, R&amp;D activities are still quite fragmented between several options involving </p><p>GaN-on-Sapphire, GaN-on-SiC, GaN-on-GaN, GaN-on-AlN and GaN-on-Silicon. Nevertheless, GaN-on-</p><p>Si is likely to take a dominant position as 6 is now available with more than 7m thick GaN epi and </p><p>8 is under qualification. 8 diameter availability is probably the parameter that will make this </p><p>technology choice obvious. </p><p>It is now obvious that the GaN power world attracts numerous newcomers. Yole Dveloppements </p><p>team has screened 5 companies positioned on the epiwafer business side and more than 6 GaN </p><p>device pure-players, aside to another 15 Si-based power firms developing GaN technology. </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>GaN power electronics cross-fertilizes with LED industry </p><p>A new trend is LED players now starting looking at this new business opportunity and wondering how </p><p>to put in place a strategy of diversification to convert their existing extra LED capacity into power. </p><p>That represents an epsilon today, but Yole Dveloppement assumes it may create some </p><p>disturbances in the natural and organic expected growth </p><p>GaN power electronics past, present and future business is inseparable to the LED industry. Both are </p><p>linked in technology and market dynamics: </p><p> In the past, the premises of GaN epi technology came from the LED industry that has brought </p><p>this technology from the labs to mass production. </p><p> Today, the extensive developments of GaN-on-Si epiwafers fertilized both the LED and the </p><p>Power industry. Most of the epiwafer vendors are targeting these 2 segments with dedicated </p><p>products and offers. </p><p> Tomorrow, it is likely some incumbent LED pure-players will enter in the Power industry </p><p>world, using their extra-capacity and existing tool-sets to make, at least epiwafers, or even </p><p>power devices. </p><p>Thus, at the end of the day, Yole Dveloppement will not talk about LED or Power sectors anymore, </p><p>but rather about GaN device industry as main players could be the same. </p><p>A question of business model </p><p>Power device makers usually buy polished Silicon wafers, conduct the epi (or buy Si epi-wafers) if </p><p>needed (FZ thin wafer doesnt require epitaxy) then process the devices. This model is roughly the </p><p>same for SiC technology. </p><p>For those who plan to enter in the GaN field, 2 scenarios could occur: </p><p> Some may not integrate MOCVD GaN epitaxy. They will buy GaN epiwafers and process it in </p><p>the existing CMOS Front-End lines, as they use to do with Silicon substrates (or SiC) </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p> Some will try to fully integrate the GaN process, from the bare silicon, the GaN epi and the </p><p>Front-End </p><p>Yole Dveloppements report provides a complete analysis of the GaN device and substrate industry </p><p>in the power electronics field along with key market metrics. It provides company involvement as </p><p>well as technology state-of-the-art. In addition, an extensive review of the possible substrates for </p><p>GaN is provided, offering the most complete view of the Power GaN industry available to date. </p><p>About Power GaN report, 2012 edition: </p><p> Author : </p><p>Philippe ROUSSEL, Ph.D holds a Ph-D in Integrated Electronics Systems from the National Institute of Applied </p><p>Sciences (INSA) in LYON. He joined Yole Dveloppement in 1998 and is leading the Compound Semiconductors, </p><p>LED,Power Electronics and Photovoltaic department. </p><p> Catalogue price: Euros 3,990.00 (single user license) - Publication date: March 2012. For special offers </p><p>and the price in dollars, please contact David Jourdan ( or +33 472 83 01 90). </p><p> Companies cited in the report: </p><p>Aixtron, AZZURRO, BeMiTec, Bridgelux, CamGaN Ltd, Diotec, Dow Corning, Dowa Electronics Materials, </p><p>Enphase , EPC Corp., EpiGaN, Episil, Fairchild, FBH, Freescale, Fuji Electric, Furukawa, GaN Systems, GLO AB, </p><p>Global foundries, HelioDEL, Hitachi, III-V Lab, IMEC, Infineon, International Rectifier, Intersil, IQE, Kyma, Lattice </p><p>Semiconductor, LG Electronics, LG Siltron, Lumileds, MicroGaN, Microsemi, Mitsubishi Electric, Nitek Inc., </p><p>Nitronex, NTT, NXP, OnSemi, Osram, Oxford Instruments, Panasonic, Plessey Semiconductors, Powdec, Power </p><p>Integrations, Renesas, Rose Street Lab, Samsung, Sanken Electric, Shimei Semiconductor, Shindengen, Siltronic, </p><p>Soitec, STMicro, Sumitomo SEI, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Transluscent, Transphorm, TSMC, Tyndall National </p><p>Institute, Veeco, Velox, Vishay </p><p>About Yole Dveloppement </p><p>Beginning in 1998 with Yole Dveloppement, we have grown to become a group of companies providing market research, </p><p>technology analysis, strategy consulting, media in addition to finance services. With a solid focus on emerging applications </p><p>using silicon and/or micro manufacturing Yole Dveloppement group has expanded to include more than 50 associates </p><p>worldwide covering MEMS, MedTech, Advanced Packaging, Compound Semiconductors, Power Electronics, LED, and </p><p>Photovoltaics. The group supports companies, investors and R&amp;D organizations worldwide to help them understand </p><p>markets and follow technology trends to develop their business. </p><p>CUSTOM STUDIES </p><p> Market data, market research and marketing analysis </p><p> Technology analysis </p><p> Reverse engineering and reverse costing </p><p> Strategy consulting </p><p> Corporate Finance Advisory (M&amp;A and fund raising) </p><p>TECHNOLOGY &amp; MARKET REPORTS </p><p> Collection of reports </p><p> Players &amp; market databases </p><p> Manufacturing cost simulation tools </p><p> Component reverse engineering &amp; costing analysis </p><p>More information on </p><p>MEDIA </p><p> Critical news, Bi-weekly: Micronews, the magazine </p><p> In-depth analysis &amp; Quarterly Technology Magazines: </p><p>MEMS Trends 3D Packaging iLED Power Dev' </p><p> Online disruptive technologies website: www.i-</p><p> </p><p> Exclusive Webcasts </p><p> Live event with Market Briefings </p><p>CONTACTS </p><p>For more information about : </p><p> Services : Jean-Christophe Eloy ( </p><p> Reports: David Jourdan ( </p><p> Media : Sandrine Leroy ( </p><p>### </p>mailto:jourdan@yole.fr</li></ul>