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All you need to know for Freshers 2011


<ul><li><p>SCOLIN OFFLER3 1 2 3 4 5</p><p>UWESU DISCOUNT &amp; MEMBERSHIP </p><p>CARD</p><p>UWESU Sports Clubs, Societies &amp; Networks</p><p>Student Discount Directory</p><p>Whats On Newsletters</p><p>Part-Time Work Vacancies</p><p>Special Offers</p><p>And Much More</p><p>MEMBERSH</p><p>IP </p><p>ACCESS TO</p><p>:</p><p>WWW.UWESU.ORG/REGISTER</p><p>THEN</p><p>REGISTE</p><p>R</p><p>AT</p><p>BUY</p><p>ONLINE</p><p>AT</p><p>MASSIVEFOR</p><p>SAVINGS</p><p>WWW.UWESU.ORG/UWESHOP</p><p>ONLY 3!</p></li><li><p>Welcome! Im Colin, your Students Union President and chair of the UWESU Executive Committee for 2011/12. Its a privilege to have been elected to represent the 30,000 students here at UWE. Its my job to ensure that your views, opinions and experiences are represented to the University to guarantee a great student experience.</p><p>As your representative voice for UWE students Ill be seeking your feedback on issues throughout the year, fighting to ensure that students get the best deal possible at UWE and making certain that your student experience is catered to you. Equality, diversity, honesty, respect, trust and ambition are all of great importance to our Students Union and thats why we strive to be accessible, inclusive and offer something for everyone.</p><p>This booklet is your guide to getting involved. You can be part of a community, sport or society to meet new people, volunteer, become a student rep or just chill out in Escape or Red Bar. UWESU is run by students, for students, so if a network, sport, society or social group doesnt already exist that you are interested in, you can start one! University life is more than achieving a degree. Its an experience.</p><p>May I be the first to say welcome to the University of the West of England and to UWE Students Union. Enjoy Freshers Week and I look forward to meeting you in September. Freshers Event Tickets - p.27</p><p>Freshers Week Pullout - p.17</p><p>Buy a UWESU Card now</p><p>Meet The Presidents - p.6</p><p> 33</p><p></p><p>A welcome from colinUweSU PreSident</p><p>S</p></li><li><p>40 eVentSThis year UWESU celebrates its 40th year of enhancing the student experience. Since 1971 UWESU has been serving and representing its members. UWESU has listened to its members and worked hard to implement many changes and developments throughout these 40 years and therefore is very proud to celebrate its 40th Anniversary with its current members!</p><p>To celebrate, UWESU is putting on 40 EVENTS! These diverse events will be spread across the year, showcasing all that UWESU has to offer. Its a chance to get involved, have fun and enhance your student experience with UWESU.</p><p>40 diScoUntSAlso watch out for the 40 discounts that we will be giving away on our products and services throughout the year. Well contact you with all the details, so that you dont miss out!</p></li><li><p>the 40 eVentSHartpury Freshers Fair-14/09/11Bower Freshers Fair-19/09/11Glenside and St Matts Freshers Fair-21/09/11Glenside Pyjama PubcrawlFrenchay Freshers Fair-22/09/11Allstars Party-24/09/11</p><p>NUS DelegationFrolics Festival-06/10/11Black History Month - Love Music Hate Racism Gig-27/10/11Halloween Lock In- 31/10/11</p><p>Woolly Hat Day-04/11/2011The Village People- Evening between 14-18/11/11MovemberAGM-24/11/11</p><p>Last Orders-09/12/11Dear Steve</p><p>Elections NominationsFeedback Week-starting 16/01/11</p><p>Body Beautiful-whole monthRe-Freshers Fair-2/02/12UWESU Through The AgesRAG Week-18-26/02/11</p><p>Village People-Take 2Elections-Voting WeekNational Student Volunteering Week-20-26/03/11Last Orders-29/03/12Varsity DayRugby Union VarsityFootball VarsityRep Awards</p><p>Inspire-athonSociety Awards</p><p>UWESU Beer and Cider Festival-04/05/11Sports Awards DinnerOlympic Torch Celebration-22/05/11Last Orders-25/05/12Canoe Polo VarsityBoat Varsity</p><p>Cricket VarsityBower Ashton Degree Show</p><p>September</p><p>October</p><p>November</p><p>December</p><p>january</p><p>February</p><p>March</p><p>April</p><p>May</p><p>june</p></li><li><p>Olly ReidVP Education</p><p></p><p>Terri HammondEducation Officer </p><p></p><p>Safiyyah HendersonVP Societies and Communication </p><p></p><p>Chris HolgateSocieties and Communication Officer UWESUSocsandCommsOfficer@</p><p></p><p>Catherine ReeveFrenchay Campus Officer</p><p>Louise Goux-Wirth VP Community and Welfare </p><p></p><p>Meenal Odedra Community and Welfare Officer </p><p></p><p>Sarah HickieBower Ashton Campus Officer</p><p>Ariana A SefreVP Sports </p><p></p><p>Daniel HincheySt Matthias Campus Officer</p><p>Colin OfflerStudents Union President</p><p>Christopher Palmer &amp; Hollie Glover</p><p>Glenside Campus Officers</p><p>Rachel KentHartpury Campus Officer</p><p>rePreSentinGYoU</p><p>For further info about Campus Officers see pages 30 &amp; 31</p></li><li><p></p><p>gosujbo phieunest</p><p> 37</p><p>Student Representative Committee</p><p>democrAcY</p><p>electionSMembers of the Students Union annually elect an Executive to represent the views of UWE students nationally and locally. The Executive is made up of 5 full time positions and 9 voluntary positions. The Executive influence the direction of your Students Union and University and is a great way of being involved in making decisions that impact on your student experience. The elections take place in March when you will see all the candidates out campaigning for your vote. If you want to take up the opportunity to stand in the elections look out for further details in January or contact</p><p>ShAPe YoUr UnionA core principle of UWESU is that it is run by students for students. This is not only achieved by the election of five students as Presidents of UWESU, but by various other means that put UWE students and their views at the heart of the Union. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. No matter what your interest, its really easy to take part and help set the future direction and priorities of your Union.</p><p>StUdent coUncil And AGmStudent Council meets 3 times a year with one of these as the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Annual General Meeting is open to all UWE students to attend and vote on important issues. Student Council is open for all students to attend with voting members drawn from the Students Union Executive and from each committee. </p><p>Sports Officer Needed!Election 18th October</p><p>Sports Committee Societies and CommunicationCommittee</p><p>Community and Welfare Committee</p></li><li><p></p><p>StUdent rePS</p><p>who Are the rePS?Anyone can be a Student Rep! Reps for each course and level will be elected in the first few weeks of term. If you dont know who is arranging this, ask a module or programme leader, or contact us at the email address below.</p><p>If you are interested in becoming a Student Rep you will receive training and support from the Students Union and will be able to get involved with lots of different aspects of the Union. So get in touch and we will tell you all the benefits of being involved!</p><p>Hi Im Olly Reid, your Vice President Education. As VP Education it is my role to support students and take the issues that students are facing as well as your ideas and suggestions to the University. I will be working with Terri Hammond, the Education Officer, to represent students on education issues, but we cant do this without knowing what your issues and ideas are. We use the feedback you give to your Student Reps to influence the decisions the University makes and to shape the projects we take on over the year. If youre interested in getting involved carry on reading!</p><p>whAt do StUdent rePS do? Student Reps are your link to feeding back on your student experience to the University &amp; Students Union. </p><p> There are Student Reps elected for every level to represent your course and discuss issues with the Faculty staff. </p><p> If you have any issues surrounding your course, your Student Reps take them to the University.</p><p> University staff approach your Student Reps with their queries, so they need to know what you think!</p><p></p></li><li><p>VolUnteerinG</p><p>Get involved with volunteering while youre a student at UWE and stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to learn a new skill or share an existing one, meet new people or enhance your employability... there is something just for you. UWESU Volunteering specialises in offering individuals, clubs, societies and networks the opportunity to set up projects, campaigns and events to benefit the local community. As long as it is led by students, we will help you along the way, and even give you the opportunity to apply for up to 100 to kick-start your idea. We also run one-off volunteering days in the local community including the Big Beach Clean and conservation projects. Whatever youre interested in, your Volunteer Support Officer Helen Seacombe can help you find a volunteering project that is right for you.</p><p>Raise and Give (RAG) puts the FUN backinto FUNDRAISING!</p><p>9</p><p>fUndrAiSinG</p><p>If you think youd like to get involved in something fun for a good cause look no further than RAG. It is your opportunity to be part of a national network of students raising thousands of pounds for charity every year.</p><p>RAG is run by students like you and supported by UWESU staff. The RAG committee is looking for new members and your fundraising ideas to raise money! RAG support 4 charities each year but you can raise money for any charity of your choice. Throughout the year RAG holds events such as bar crawls, speed dating, pub quizzes, city centre collections and raffles to raise funds. In 2010-11 students have put on events for St Mungos, Sparks, Teenage Cancer Trust, Terrence Higgins Trust, Heartful Dodgers, Coppafeel, Comic Relief, Read International and more! Sports clubs and society members have been successful in raising funds for their activities through events. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved throughout the year. Be involved in making UWE RAG bigger and better than ever before! Refreshers Fair 2011</p></li><li><p>Hi, Im Louise, your Vice-President Community and Welfare. Working with Meenal, the Community and Welfare Officer, it is my role to support, lobby and campaign on behalf of the student body on issues relating to community, equality and welfare at the University, making sure that your voice is heard on all levels. We cant do this without knowing what your issues and ideas are so it is only through your feedback and involvement with the Students Union can we be sure we are tackling the issues you want us to face.So remember that by getting involved and working together we can all help make our time at University a truly amazing and unforgettable experience.</p><p>Louise and Meenal</p><p>P.s. If you have any questions/queries please dont hesitate to get in touch.</p><p></p><p>commUnitY</p><p>hAllS rePSEvery year the Students Union, in conjunction with the University, facilitates the formal Halls Representative system in the Student Village and various other UWE managed accommodation across the city. These Halls Reps are your link to feeding back on the student experiences in the residences to the University, so whether they are accommodation issues, student campaigns ideas or social/sporting activities dont forget that your Halls Rep is there to help! Halls Reps are recruited at the beginning of the academic year so if you are interested in playing a bigger part in the UWE Community keep your eye out for more information during accomodation talks.</p><p>One University! One Union! One Community!</p><p>UWE is a multicultural and diverse place and with a student population comprised of over 100 nationalities, across all age ranges and academic and social backgrounds studying on 5 seperate campuses. It is no surprise that we have such a rich and vibrant student community. </p></li><li><p>UWESU offers a wide range of different ways for students to get involved with the UWE student community and one good method is through our student networks. So if you want to meet other people who share similar identities and beliefs to yourself via a fun and inclusive social environment then why not consider joining one of our Student Networks listed above.</p><p>OutUWE, Freshers Fair 2010</p><p>networKS 11</p><p>StUdent networKS for 2011/2012:African CaribbeanBelievers LoveworldChristian UnionDisability AwarenessHellenicHinduIslamicLatter-Day Saint Student AssociationMalaysianNigerian International StudentsOutUWERedeemed Christian Church of GodScandinavianSikhSomaliVietnamese</p><p>As a Students Union we embrace our diverse student membership which is why we have made it one of our central goals to make sure that you get the most out of your time at University. So whether that is through getting involved with one of our Student Networks, the Halls Representative system or through one of our campus officers, the Students Union is here to help.</p><p>Refreshers Fair 2011</p></li><li><p>Activities Awards 2011</p><p></p><p>SocietieS</p><p>SocietieS for 2011/2012:All Tacked UpAnimeBristol Architecture (BARK)Bar SchoolDartsDramaEuropean Law Students Association (ELSA)EngineeringForensic ScienceGamingHistory Hub RadioInnovation &amp; EnterpriseLabourLand &amp; Animal Biology (LABsoc)LinguisticsLive MusicMathSocMedical SciencePaintballPeople &amp; PlanetPokerPole FitnessPolitics &amp; International Relations (PAIRS)Psi PfiRoboticsRoleplayScouts and Guides (SAGUWE)Student Action Against Refugees (STAR)Urban Wargames</p><p></p><p>Heya! My name is Safi and I am your Societies and Communications Vice-President for this year. My job is to look after all of the societies by managing their budgets and supporting them in any events, fundraising and ideas that they would like to turn into a reality. Societies at UWESU is a great way to meet people with similar interests and is a perfect way to learn new skills and have fun while you are at it. Get involved with your Students Union, by participating in the activities and if you have any ideas that will improve your union then put them forward and make a change.</p><p>There are a diverse range of societies at UWESU which really do provide something for everyone. All of the societies listed here will be at the Frenchay Freshers Fair so come and see what they get up to. If none of the societies take your fancy then it is very easy to set up your own one.</p></li><li><p></p><p>StUdent mediA</p><p>13</p><p>UWESU Student Media encompasses the student newspaper, Western Eye, Hub Radio Station and the UWESU website. All these forms of media provide a wide range of opportunities for you to get involved. So if you fancy trying something new or have an ambition to work in media then we want to hear from you.</p><p>hUb rAdioThe student radio station is planning big things this coming year! Expect to see Hub DJs throughout Freshers Week and make sure you tune in to find out the latest Freshers Week news. Whatever your music tastes Hub Radio will have a show for you! </p><p> Hub Radio</p><p>weStern eYe newSPAPerWestern Eye is the monthly stude...</p></li></ul>