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  • Gardens of Health

    SPA RESORT SANSSOUCI****U Imperialu 11

    360 01 Karlovy VaryCzech Republic

    Tel.: +420 353 207 113Fax: +420 353 203 250


    GDSPEGASUS CRS #: 044061



    GPSBlue House (Jarn 1, 360 01 Karlovy Vary)

    Loc: 50139.947N, 125329.679EGreen House (U Imperialu 11, 360 21 Karlovy Vary)

    Loc: 50139.472N, 125322.96E

  • Welcome to the Gardens of Health

    When the spa buildings talk

    At a world-famous location

    Comprehensive spa care

    For health and beauty

    Chefs aria in Opera

    In healthy life style

    Coffee house not only for adults

    Magical multipurpose area

    Where the sun never sets

    Sports activities



    Table of Contents

  • 2009 Imperial

    Karlovy Vary Group

    , Villa Mercedes

    Spa Resort Sanssouci ,




    , .

    Blue House, Green House Villa Varna -


    360 Standard,

    Superior, Suite Deluxe Suite. -


    LAN Wi-Fi


    , , , -




    , .


    Spa Resort Sanssouci , , -






    By opening the Gardens of Health in 2009, the Imperial Karlovy Vary

    spa company carried out its ambitious vision to create, from the

    Sanssouci, vcarsk dvr, and Mercedes Villa hotels, the modern

    Spa Resort Sanssouci, with a wide selection of top spa,

    accommodations, gastronomic and congress services under one roof.

    It succeeded after eight years of gradually accomplished

    reconstructions, where the basic part was to build an underground

    corridor under all the buildings.

    The current Blue House, Green House and the Villa Varna provide on

    the area of eight thousand square meters of comfortable

    accommodations in 360 modernly furnished rooms of Standard,

    Superior, Suite and Deluxe Suite categories. The hotel services, in four

    star standards, include, besides others, internet connection LAN in the

    rooms and WiFi in the public and congress areas for free, free evening

    entrance to a pool with water attractions, social, cultural, sport and

    other entertainment, according to the individual guests wishes, which

    are taken care of by the hotel concierge. Children can enjoy great

    attractions and computer equipment in the game rooms, and their

    parents the babysitting services. Upon prior arrangements, the guests

    can also bring their pets with them.

    Depending on the needs, Spa Resort Sanssouci offers conference

    facilities of various sizes. A few representative saloons also provide

    perfect service for business meetings or private celebrations. The

    Thermal Spring, which is the foundation of Karlovy Varys drinking cure,

    has an outlet in all the buildings of the resort. The guests can also take

    a short walk or use the free shuttle service to the nearby colonnades

    with springs.

    Welcometo the Gardens of Health

  • Green House , -

    1835 , , -

    . -


    . 1937 -

    , . 1950

    Imperial, -

    , . -

    1969 -

    , 1999

    Imperial Karlovy Vary Group.

    2009 , ,

    Spa Resort Sanssouci.

    Blue House . -

    1970 ,

    . ,

    sans souci . -


    , , -

    . 1999 Im-

    perial Karlovy Vary Group, -

    Sap Resort Sanssouci,

    Blue House Green House.

    Pursuant to the records from 1835, a half-timbered house and, later,

    an agriculture homestead called Schweitzer Hof used to be located in

    place of the current Green House in the Gardens of Health. With the

    growing visit rate of the city in the second half of the 19th century, it

    became a sought after restaurant and coffee house. Since the

    establishment in 1937, only the vcarsk dvr restaurant existed,

    which served during the war as a hospital. Since 1950, the building

    became a part of the Imperial state sanatorium and received two new

    wings, which accommodated the spa personnel. After the construction

    in 1969, the vcarsk dvr spa sanatorium came to life, which has

    been in the ownership of the Imperial Karlovy Vary Company since

    1999 and, within its long-term plans, it became a part of the modern

    Spa Resort Sanssouci in 2009.

    The story of Blue House is much younger. It was born as the Sanssouci

    sanatorium in 1970, only a few meters higher than vcarsk dvr.

    As often is the case in life, the younger is also the more light-hearted

    sans souci means without worries. It grew, in only 18 months, in

    the generous style of the seaside resorts and served for treating,

    mainly, Czechoslovakian patients. In 1999, Sanssoucis ownership was

    transferred to the Imperial Karlovy Vary Company, and its name

    continues to live in the Spa Resort Sanssouci, which also includes

    Blue House and Green House.

    When the spa buildings talk

  • Spa Resort Sanssouci spreads out in the imminent closeness of thespa center of Karlovy Vary, to which people come from all over theworld, mainly for the famous thermal springs. The town, with itsfamous history, given its name and the privileges of a royal city in1370 by the Bohemian and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, isnowadays an important cultural and famous social center; besides thebalneology, the International Film Festival, Moser brand glassproducts, Becherovka herbal liquor, Mattoni mineral water, Thunporcelain and the golf paradise have contributed to its fame. It is the main city of the Karlovy Vary Region, and an important trafficartery with an international airport.

    Regardless of the season, most visitors stroll along the spacolonnades, with its twelve thermal springs, from which the ThermalSpring is the most potent and warm, with a temperature of 72 C andspringing to a height of 12 meters. The quality of these springs has notchanged for centuries and, besides its temperature, they only varyfrom each other by the content of the trace elements and carbondioxide.

    The town has been, since 1325, surrounded by romantic forests, inwhich the rich patrons built, during the last two centuries, manyoutlook towers, lookout points, pavilions, summer restaurants andpromenade paths bordered with monuments, sculptures and memorialplaques of the important visitors of the spa and personalities fromKarlovy Vary. The majority of these constructions, including an originalJapanese garden, remain preserved nowadays and are connected bymany hiking and biking trails.

    The Committee of Karlovy Varys spa physicians picked 22 trails,recommended to the spa guests within the movement therapy. Besides the physical activity, the strolls also bring mental refreshmentthanks to the picturesque views of the spa center with its manyarchitectural jewels. Only around Spa Resort Sanssouci, there aredozens of kilometers of spa trails suitable for the popular NordicWalking. Even the most demanding visitors can be sure to pick fromthe wide options of sport and cultural entertainment in this world-famous area.

    At a world-famous locationSpa Resort Sanssouci

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  • Spa Resort Sanssouci -

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    Imperial Karlovy Vary Group.


    The main healing product of the Sanssouci Spa Resort is the complex

    spa care, based on the utilization of the local natural resources

    thermo-mineral water, natural gasses and peloids: peat, fen, and

    mud. Karlovy Varys treating method is focused mainly on the digestive

    and kinetic systems and metabolism disorders; the drinking cure and

    using the thermo-mineral water for aqua-therapy procedures are its

    foundation. It is completed with rehabilitation, physical and kinetic

    treatment, health education and dietary nutrition. The entire treatment

    process takes place, ideally, during a 21 to 28 day stay, which then

    brings guaranteed, long-term results.

    Teams of physicians and physiotherapists provide their guests with

    maximum care the guests can use the service of a 24/7 nurse, ask

    for a consultation with specialists, schedule other consultations, and

    get help with a choice of wellness and trend procedures at any time,

    to avoid any health complications during their treatment. A physician

    decides on the number and type of the procedures a guest will have

    within the comprehensive spa care based on the entry checkup, and

    he also recommends the type of recommended diet based on the

    laboratory results. The nutrition therapist then follows this up