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  • GCC Transport & Railways Conference Urs Mosimann, Strategy & Performance Director, Etihad Rail

    October 19, 2011

  • Part of the GCC railway network

    GCC Network

    Etihad Rail

    Existing Lines

    North-South Line (built)


  • Key Facts and Network Phasing





    Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Key Facts

    1200 km Network Length

    Mainly double Track

    6 Tunnels and around 300 Structures

    Design Speed

    up to 120 km/h (freight)

    up to 200 km/h (passenger)

    Designed and built to mix of standards (AREMA / AAR, UIC)

    Diesel traction with option to electrify

  • Status of the Project

    Preliminary Engineering Stage 1 completed

    Stage 1 Design & Build and Rolling Stock contracts awarded

    Safety & Security Consultants and Independent Safety Assessor retained

    Locomotives awarded to U.S.-based Electromotive Diesel

    Wagons Awarded to China- based CSR

    Sleeper Factory: PCM Strescon Ventures

    Start of Construction expected before the end of 2011

    Start of Operations of first service from Habshan to Ruwais in 2013

    Preliminary Engineering for Stages 2 & 3 has started including surveys

  • Issues around interoperability

    Questions from 7 areas need to be addressed to ensure successful GCC-interoperability.So far, we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg!


    Mechanical parameters

    Track gauge

    Loading gauge

    Right or left hand running

    Systems Signalling (ETCS Level 2)

    Communications (GSM-R)

    Operation Safety Rules

    Operating rulebook harmonization

    Vehicle acceptance

    Customs & immigration

    Border control processes

    Customs-bonded traffic

    Systems for goods declaration and duty collection

    Operational planning

    Planning of international service

    Network path allocation

    Commercial agreements

    Resource pooling and revenue sharing

    Agreed access charges

    Cabotage rules (return trip)

    Ancillary items

    Rolling stock maintenance abroad

    Passenger reservation, ticketing and pricing

    Insurance, liabilities, incident investigation

    Platform interface

    Train lengths

    Axle load

    Train driver certification

    Operating language

  • Summary

    A modern, safe, efficient and value adding railway network

    Freight network - part of a seamless logistics network

    Passenger network - open up new journey opportunities and support continued growth and development

    Incorporate good international practices as well as solutions relevant for local context

    A new industry

    new employment, training and development opportunities for UAE nationals

    opportunities for partners around the world to participate in this exciting new venture

    The project is now well underway!